Types of Product Roadmaps & Roadmap Templates for Successful Launch

Roadmaps are evidence of strategy. Not a list of features. — Steve Johnson

In our last post, we discussed the various types of roadmaps such as product roadmap, technology roadmap, project roadmap, marketing roadmap, and so on. But within each roadmap category, there are several types of roadmaps.

Today, we are going to look into the different types of Product Roadmaps that will help product managers plan, implement, and showcase product releases and timeline in the most effective manner.

Download Product Development Roadmap Template

Broadly, product roadmaps can be categorized on basis of the following criteria:

#1- Based on the Number of Products:

  • Product Portfolio Roadmap / Multiple Product Roadmap
  • Single Product Roadmap
  • Features Roadmap
  • Strategy Roadmap
  • Releases Roadmap

#2- Based on the Time-Frame:

  • Monthly Product Roadmap
  • Quarterly or Half Yearly Product Roadmap
  • Long-term Product Roadmap

#3- Based on the Audience:

  • Internal Product Roadmap
  • External Product Roadmap

Before we start looking into each of these, let us clearly understand what a Product Roadmap is and what it is not:

Understanding Product Roadmaps

Simply put, a Product Roadmap describes the journey of a product as it evolves over different stages.

It is a strategic tool in the hands of a project manager that lets him plan and implement the growth of a product(s) with the purpose to realize the product vision. A Product Roadmap can be summed up in following points:

  • It is a communication tool that helps product managers share their product vision to relevant stakeholders
  • It is a strategic tool that lets you lay out your strategy to achieve the product vision
  • It is a timeline that lets you showcase product releases and tentative delivery date for each release
  • It is a planning document that helps you put on paper how the product will be nurtured stage by stage and fix responsibilities of each team within the organization
  • It is a roadmap that guides you in reaching your destination i.e. deliver a valuable solution or promise to the customer

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Download Product Roadmap Delivery Timeline

“Your product roadmap is the prototype of your strategy. It’s your key to visual alignment. It’s your ever-adaptable communication aid, the one thing your team can coalesce around and use as a North Star guiding light.”- Product Roadmaps Relaunched: How to Set Direction while Embracing Uncertainty by C. Todd Lombardo, Bruce McCarthy, Evan Ryan & Michael Connors

What a Product Roadmap is Not:

  • It is not a static document. It is a breathing living document subject to change with new developments
  • It is not a project plan. A Product Roadmap gives a high-level view of the development of an entire product. There are multiple projects that need to be executed to realize the product vision. The successful management of each of these projects is taken care of by the project plan.

Types of Product Roadmaps Templates & Examples:

#1- Based on the Number of Products

1. Product Portfolio Roadmap Template (Multiple Product Roadmap)

For brands having multiple product lines, a Product Portfolio Roadmap is often needed. It lays out the strategy of development of multiple products in one document. It provides the big picture and helps top executives see how the brand and its multiple products will evolve over time.
2. Single Product Roadmap

A single product roadmap is what we discussed since the beginning — a comprehensive view of product development, upcoming features and delivery dates. It can be presented by product manager in multiple ways. Rather than cramming everything into one document, the product manager can present it as:

(A) Features Roadmap

As the name suggests, this roadmap provides answers to new features that are going to be added to the product. It helps product manager prioritize the features that need to be implemented first and set tentative deadlines for the same. It is quite useful for the sales and marketing team as they become aware in advance of the features that need to be leveraged for sales strategies and ad campaigns.

(B) Strategy Roadmap

What initiatives will you take to develop the most valuable product in the market? How will you ensure that the product development keeps moving ahead without any hiccups? Product manager uses strategy roadmap to communicate to executives and other stakeholders how the product vision will be realized.

© Releases Roadmap

Product managers understand that they need to launch the first version of the product in the market at the earliest. New features can be added in the next release. Releases roadmap lets you specify activities that need to be carried out to ensure a smooth release. This roadmap is also quite useful to internal teams as it sets priorities, removes any scope for doubt and brings everyone together to focus their energies on the release.

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#2- Based on the Time-Frame:

(A) Monthly Product Roadmap

A business might be planning to add on a new feature to the product. The add-on has to be released 3–4 months from now. You create a monthly roadmap template in such a scenario. Even if the product release is a big, lengthy affair, you might still need to create a monthly roadmap to guide your day-to-day activities.

(B) Quarterly or Half Yearly Product Roadmap

You can also create a quarterly roadmap or a half-yearly roadmap to plan the development of the product this financial year. This is definitely created by a product manager as the progress has to be tracked over each quarter. Deadlines are set for each quarter and progress is tracked against this deadline. If the product manager is unsure about meeting targets every quarter and wants a loose time frame, he or she may go in for half yearly roadmap.

© Long-term Product Roadmap

To stay ahead in competition, many businesses plan for the next three to four years in advance. Obviously, this is a flexible plan that would see umpteen modifications but it helps you envision a powerful product ion future, anticipate the needs of customers in advance and stay prepared for aggressive expansion.

#3- Based on the Audience:

(A) Internal Product Roadmap

Some product roadmaps are created for the top-level executives to earn their confidence and investment. Some are created for the internal teams to align everyone towards the right direction. You would need to present Sprint Roadmap to your development team to specify tasks and deadlines, fix responsibility and move towards your product goal step by step, sprint by sprint.

(B) External Product Roadmap

Today, all Fortune 500 companies share their roadmap for future with the public to let them know about the new products that are in the pipeline. It generates excitement amongst the users and is a great publicity exercise. It also helps the brand connect with their audience and get feedback and suggestions from them which can help them build a better product.

Editable Product Roadmap Templates & Designs

Product Roadmap Template #1- New Features & Integrations

The below roadmap is in the form of a swimlane letting you easily track the progress on different product features, integrations and infrastructure.

Download this Product Roadmap Editable PPT Slide

Product Roadmap Template #2- Product Launch Swimlane

This roadmap helps you visualize all measures that internal teams need to take before the product launch, during launch and post launch to position the product successfully in the market.

Download Product Launch Swimlane

Product Roadmap Template #3- Product Launch Timeline

Use a half-yearly timeline to mark tentative dates of release of product version. Also show the responsibilities of different teams during different stages of product launch.

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Download Product Launch Timeline Template

Product Roadmap Template #4- Product Development Roadmap

Show the status of development of different projects team wise so that the entire team knows what to expedite and where they are headed so far in product development.

Download this Product Development Roadmap Swimlane

Product Roadmap Template #5- Agile Roadmap

Agile Roadmap helps you focus on your goals instead of particular features. That helps you stay on the track and not lose sight of your product vision.

Download Agile Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap Template #6- Program Roadmap

What is the current state of your product development? How will reach the end state? Plot those initiatives using a program roadmap.

Download Program Roadmap Swimlane Slide

Product Roadmap Template #7- Feature Roadmap Swimlane

The below roadmap template helps you track the progress of product features with regards to different parameters such as consumer growth, enterprise growth, scalability and analysis.

Download Feature Roadmap PPT Template

Product Roadmap Template #8- Feature Roadmap Timeline

You can also use a timeline to fix tentative delivery dates of product features across different categories.

Download this Feature Roadmap Timeline Slide

If you are a product manager, you would already be creating and presenting roadmaps. But you should not be spending hours with PowerPoint or other presentation tools in designing a roadmap. All your efforts and time should be spent in strategising. That is why, we created Product Development Roadmap Templates to make the task easier for you. Edit dates and place your content within placeholders to create a product roadmap in jiffy! Keep updating the roadmap as your product evolves and communicate your strategies with a clear and crisp roadmap design.

Check out our extensive collection of professional Roadmap Templates by clicking the link below:

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SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection. www.slideteam.net

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