Top 5 Big Data Analytics Trends That Will Dominate 2021 — Best Templates Included

The intrinsic nature of technology is to keep evolving and becoming more advanced with time. It has given rise to several tools and techniques that make professional work simpler. One such tool that is highly resourceful for companies is big data analytics. It helps organizations leverage their performance level in every aspect. The advanced approach of big data analytics has made quite an impact in the corporate world. It is one of the essential tech domains that have been incorporated by companies around the globe.

Everyone who deals with business knows the role of big data analytics. It gathers insights from complex data resources, uncovers hidden patterns, simplifies large data sets, etc. Big data analytics is helpful for companies in various ways. One of the most important reasons for using it is to prevent data saturation. Managing too much data often seems daunting. That is why big data analytics comes into the picture to sort complex data and fetch meaningful information. Along with that, organizations reap several benefits from this extraordinary tech approach. We are listing the most prominent ones below.

  • Effective Decision-Making

The benefit of using big data analytics is that it enhances the decision-making process to a certain extent. Now, organizations do not come to a conclusion anonymously. Instead, they use big data analytics to work on their decisions and achieve better results.

  • Rise in Greater Innovations

We all know big data analytics helps in simplifying complex data and extracting meaningful insights. It will let the companies know where the performance is lacking and what they can do to improve. Therefore, this tech approach gives professionals a way to think beyond.

  • Product Price Optimization

By utilizing big data analytics, organizations can easily optimize the product price they charge from their customers. The main agenda behind this is to set the prices that help in maximizing the profit. It will also aid consumers in gaining value from the money they have invested in a product.

Not only in organizations, but big data analytics is a boon for several industries as well. Be it the mobile gaming industry or healthcare, the exceptional technical approach has been continuously leaving a mark with its unmatchable techniques. Factor in the rough ride that the year 2020 was, big data analytics has heady promises to make your 2021 smoother.

5 Top Big Data Analytics Trends for 2021

  • Augmented Analytics

This trend will become more mainstream in 2021. The amount of data created every day in 2020 was approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes. To clear that and fetch valuable data, augmented analytics use ML and AI techniques. With this, you can manage heavy data easily.

  • Knowledge Graphs

The expansion of big data makes it complex to discover which data is valuable. For this, a knowledge graph comes into action. It allows easy analysis, integration, sharing, and unification of large and various data sets. In short, it extracts data that is meaningful and presentable.

  • In-Memory Computing

It is a top-notch trend that will help store the data in a new memory tier, which is located between NAND flash memory and dynamic RAM. It will provide a faster memory that will make the performance workload for data analytics swifter than before.

  • Cloud Technology

Cloud computing is much-advanced technology. The advantage of cloud computing technology is that it allows users to access data from anywhere. So if you align big data with it, you will have no fear of losing your valuable insights and vital information.

  • Hyper Automation

Hyper automation deals with applications of advanced technologies. It helps in automating business operations by creating digital twins that, in a way, replicate system processes. With this trend, companies can easily visualize their work and professional activities.

These top 5 trends will definitely help you speed up your performance in the future. But that is not all this blog has to offer! We have come up with engaging templates with which you can share the benefits of big data analytics and its trends with your employees. It will help them know big data analytics in a broader aspect.

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Top Big Data Analytics Templates To Download And Use

Template 1

In this highly competitive environment, it is vital to keep track of your business growth. For this, big data analytics is the best approach. You can utilize this ready-made template to make your business processes and paths more definitive. This classy deck of 50 editable slides helps you know more about the facts regarding big data.

Download Big Data Analytics PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Template 2

Big data analytics is a vast technique that can’t be studied and implemented overnight. But our template will resolve this problem instantly. It has 20 content-ready slides that will give you a snapshot of the topic. Just tap on this template to download it and learn about various big data approaches that help you grow your business.

Download Big Data Analytics PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

Big data analytics plays a pivotal role in business. It helps in simplifying the data discovery process. With this template, you can showcase the benefits of big data that ease your business activities. The deck comes with relevant content that makes the concept of synchronizing data much clearer.

Download Big Data Analytics Architecture PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 4

Presenting the most apt template that will serve all your business needs. With this, you can provide knowledge to the readers about using big data in their business. The template is fully editable, which means you can convey your thoughts about this topic in an interactive and personalized way.

Download Turning Big Data Analytics To Knowledge PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 5

Take advantage of this appealing template to shed some light on the importance of big data. In this, you can jot down the steps of big data analytics that help in reducing the cost structure of your business. The deck covers a myriad of topics like big data sources, market forecast, data analytics process, and many more. Grab the template and shape the future of your business.

Download Big Data PPT PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 6

Manifesting the big data tech domain in your business will certainly uplift your performance. Want to know how? Just take a glance at this well-researched template that has covered every viewpoint on data structure in the best way possible. If you want to share valuable content with your employees, tap on the deck and download it in less than a minute.

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Download Big Data Information Architecture PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Template 7

Big data analytics covers a wide variety of techniques that can do wonders for your business. You can learn all the secrets of big data from this topic-specific template. The deck comprises a total of 53 slides that let you know about interesting characteristics and facts of big data. You can also apply this template to your presentation and impress your spectators.

Download Big Data Characteristics And Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 8

Take advantage of this eye-catching template to take better business decisions in 2021. With the content given in this deck, you can understand how to attain exponential growth by adopting big data tools and techniques. In these 20 fully-customizable slides, you can list down the pros of streamlining big data analytics into your business.

Download Big Data Tools PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9

Every day an organization is loaded with a bulk of data that big data analytics simplifies and stores. With this template, you can get an insight into where your data is stored and how it is analyzed. The deck includes creative images and graphics that give an engaging look to your subject in every manner.

Download Big Data Sources PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 10

Presenting this slide to captivate your audience’s interest all at once. In this, you can mention different technologies that align with big data to make impeccable changes in the industry. There are a lot of things about this topic that you can demonstrate in this engaging slide. Just download it and start showcasing the use of big data to the viewers.

Download Technologies Used For Big Data Analysis

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The Bottom Line

The pandemic threw a massive spanner in the professional work culture. But the five trends of big data analytics explained in this blog will definitely elevate your business processes. Apply them in our pre-designed templates to make your 2021 successful. Do share your experiences in the comment section given below!

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