Top 40 Data and Statistics PowerPoint Templates Used by Analysts Worldwide!

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.” — W. Edwards Deming

Data, like pictures, tell stories. They can make people pause and think about a problem, rally people for a cause, and convince people with logic and hard facts. A presentation is all about persuasion and for this, you must present data in a visually appealing way.

One of the most popular ways to share your data with your audience is infographics. These make your presentation eye-catching and more engaging.

Creating visual content in marketing is not a piece of cake. This is why, we take all the pain and bring for you high-grade data and statistics templates, be it charts, graphs, and other data visualization, that can help you present your data in a way that can be easily understood by the audience.

Whether it is market trend analysis, company’s performance, summary statistics, social media usage or any other topic, we offer you predesigned, fully editable (excel-linked) data PPT templates to evaluate and analyze data that will further help you in decision making. All you have to do is replace the sample data with your own data and your presentation is ready in just no time.

Here we present the top 40 data and statistics PowerPoint templates that will assist you in interpreting data more easily.

Website Performance Statistics PowerPoint Images-1

Click Here to Download the Amazingly Designed Website Performance Statistics PowerPoint Templates

Know the performance of your company’s website by employing this predesigned website performance PPT slide show. This PPT slide consists of a number of editable charts and graphs including pie charts, flowcharts, bar graphs, dashboards, meter, etc. Explain different processes and average visit time, conversion rate, online transaction, organic branding, etc. conveniently using this template.

Internet and Media Usage Stats PowerPoint Graphics-2

Grab This Customizable Internet and Media Usage Stats PowerPoint Template

Describe the total population and number of active users with the assistance this content ready internet and media usage stats PPT slide design. Display the number of users of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Share your social media marketing strategies, the progress of social media campaign, social demographic and the overall traffic taking the advantage of this readily available PowerPoint template.

Video Marketing Statistics Sample PPT files-3

Get This Pre-Designed Video Marketing Statistics Sample PPT Example

This slide will assist you in preparing business and informational videos on specific topics. Integrate engaging video in your marketing campaign and strengthen your customer’s loyalty taking the assistance of the predesigned PowerPoint layout. Underscore the power of video marketing on YouTube by sharing these facts presented in the infographic layout.

Summary Statistics PPT Samples Download-4

Click Here to Get This Summary Statistics PPT Slide Design

Summarize your organization’s performance analytics through this readily available summary statistics PPT layout. The template consists of staircase visuals displaying five business years. Also, this template consists of a circular format that is divided into four sections depicting market expansion, quality, and growth, profits, and productivity. Come up with problem-solving plans taking the assistance of this content ready PowerPoint slide show.

Statistical Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Slides-5

Grab this Customizable Statistical Analysis PowerPoint Layout

Analyze the business data and its effectiveness through this amazingly curated statistical analysis PowerPoint graphic. This deck consists of 30 slides that let you examine and analyze the data to reach an effective business decision. Showcase the statistical results and predictive analytics benefits. Define various processes and showcase how data is collected, integrated and analyzed using this customizable statistical analysis template.

Online Travelling Stats PowerPoint Guide-6

Download this Easy-To-Use Online Travelling Stats PowerPoint Layout

Prepare your travel plans by comparing various parameters involved in tours and execute the best deal. Conduct a comparative analysis between the deals offered by various websites. Describe your concept and interact with your market for customer acquisition. Group your ideas at one place via this amazingly designed online traveling stats PPT guide.

Social Media Usage Stats PowerPoint Images-7

Click Here to Get This Social Media Usage Stats PowerPoint Slide Show

Expand your market share by boosting up the sales of your product by incorporating this readily available social media PowerPoint slide design. Conduct a proper analysis of the revenue generated from these social media sites. Social media is an essential marketing tool for marketers to promote their brand. Understand the social media behavior of your target audience with this editable doughnut chart template. It can be viewed on a standard screen and a widescreen as well. Click on the download button now and grab this template now.

Improve Statistics Sample Presentation PPT-8

Grab this Editable Improve Statistics Sample Presentation PPT Template

Download this improve statistics template to improve your business value. Analyze your business information using this slide that will enable you to take effective decisions. The slide will help you analyze your business stock market which lets you make a better and informed investment decision. The readymade PPT template can also be used in the areas of finance, marketing, research and development.

Product Usage Facebook Stats PowerPoint Ideas-9

Get this amazingly curated product usage Facebook stats PPT template

This slide consists of a man’s portrait that can be used to showcase various parameters with percentages. The product usage Facebook stats slide can also be used to depict the traffic derived from Facebook for your brand. Also, you can easily segregate the customers based on their buying pattern, consumption pattern, demographic and other factors and present it front of your viewers for better understanding.

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Content Management System With Statistics Documentation DataBase Ideas And Business-10

Click Here to Download this Content Management System PowerPoint Slide Design

The CMS PPT template will let you manage and organize web content. Share entire process of managing content and mention the steps. You can easily plan, develop, manage, preserve and evaluate the content within an organization. This PPT slide will let you create, manage and modify content on the website without any requirement of specialized technical knowledge. Also, taking the assistance of this template one can keep the content updated. Guide your workforce the ways and techniques they should adopt to manage content efficiently.

Limitations of Statistics PPT Design-11

Get this Readily Available limitation of Statistics PPT Slide Show

Showcase the business limitation of statistics using this 8 stage limitations of statistics PPT slide. Display various aspects hindering your outcomes and familiarize your employees and subordinates with different problem-solving techniques. Devise strategies to overcome the limitations and present the plans formulated in front of your viewers.

Population Demographic Statistics Bar Chart-12

Download this Pre-Designed Population Demographic Statistics Bar Chart PowerPoint Example

This PPT template will let you display data set as a breakdown of males and females. Depict the total number of males and females working in your business organization. An increase in the population of a particular area can also be displayed taking advantage of this readily available demography statistics bar chart template.

Demand Statistics PowerPoint Slide Themes-13

Get this Demand Statistics PowerPoint Slide Themes PPT Guide

This demand statistics PowerPoint slide design will let you predict the demand of goods and services. Analyze the demand patterns over the past few years and make production estimates accordingly. A clear estimate will help you in reducing the risks involved in business activity. Make important business decisions by forecasting the demand through this professionally curated demand statistics PPT layout.

Statistics Results PPT Inspiration Gallery-14

Download this Amazingly Designed Statistics Results PPT Guide

The template consists of two windows, one consisting of a bar graph and the other consisting of circular diagram depicting some percentage rates associated with different categories. Complex data can be easily represented via this easy to use PPT slide design. Professionals from various backgrounds can incorporate this slide to deliver impactful presentations.

Retention Acquisition Statistics PowerPoint Images-15

Get this retention acquisition statistics PowerPoint slide show

Improve the customer satisfaction rate and showcase the same using this retention acquisition statistics template. The acquisition statistics PPT slide will let you gain and retain more customers. Define various benefits of customer acquisition via this creatively designed PowerPoint template. Also, the slide helps in building result-oriented business marketing techniques for your company.

Data Driven 3D Pie Chart For Business Statistics PowerPoint Slides-16

Click Here to Get This Data Driven 3d Pie Chart for Business Statistics PPT Slide

Showcase the size of market segments your organization is dealing in. display the company’s performance in different quarters. Present the revenue generated from various segments. This template can also be used for allocating budget and for comparing profit percentages of different products. Provide a clear understanding of various concepts with this statistical tool rather than explanative documents.

Bar Graph For Year Based Chart And Financial Details Flat PowerPoint Design-17

Click Here to Get this Bar Graph for Year Based Chart and Financial Details PPT Template

Incorporate this template for finance and marketing related presentations. Portray business or financial strategy, growth patterns and other financial aspects using this professionally designed growth graph statistics PPT layout. You can also employ this slide to track liquidity, budget, expenses and cash flows. Set valuable financial goals that result in growth and success.

Donut Chart with Icons for Data Driven Statistics-18

Get this Customizable Donut Chart PowerPoint Slide

Represent percentage or numerical proportions of the data with the help of this predesigned donut chart icon for data-driven statistics. Display the relative size of the market segment your organization is dealing with. This slide can also be incorporated to depict the relationship of different parts to the whole. Compare the profit percentage of different products that your organization is selling. Display the data, facts and numerical proportions in an organized way via this amazingly designed customizable donut chart PPT slide show.

Employee Engagement Statistics PowerPoint Slide Rules-19

Click Here to Grab This Employee Engagement Statistics PowerPoint Slide Design

This employee engagement PowerPoint template will let you showcase employee’s satisfaction with data driven approach. Our designers at SlideTeam have created this template to keep you updated of latest market trends. Employ this PowerPoint layout to showcase your employees the significance of their contributions. Incorporate the template to present the ways to improve productivity. Enrich the work experience for employees taking the advantage of this customizable employee engagement statistics PPT slide.

Trends Statistics Diagram Sample Presentation PPT-20

Get this Trends Statistics Diagram Sample PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Provide an accurate estimate about costs, demand, sales and price and make a sound decision by incorporating trends statistics diagram PPT template. The slide will help the user make a report on business planning based on the predictions and assumptions. The slide can also be used in the field of science for the purpose of taking sound decisions and for finding out patterns in the given data.

Video Marketing Statistics Template Presentation Layouts-21

Grab this Predesigned Video Marketing Statistics PPT Template

Increase the engagement of your audience on digital and social media channels taking the assistance of this readymade PowerPoint slide design. This PPT slide will let you grab the attention of your viewers and will also assist you in boosting up the conversion rate. Showcase the benefits and service you provide to the customers taking the advantage of this content ready PPT layout.

Data-Driven 3D Bar Chart for Research In Statistics PowerPoint Slides-22

Download Data Driven 3d Bar Chart for Research in Statistics PowerPoint Slide Design

Present your project stats in front of your team members with the help of this editable data driven 3D bar chart for research in statistics template. Highlight various metrics that will assist you in showcasing your improving or dropping stats of the project. Presentations on topics like research and development, research management, technological and product development data can be conveniently delivered.

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Financial Sales Growth Chart -23

Click Here to Download this Statistics Result Shows Financial Growth PPT Guide

Develop a formal record of financial activities of your business organization and make a financial statement with the help of this professionally designed financial sales growth chart PPT template. Add the required details for financial statements in just single slide and present it in front of your audience. Compile the list of financial statements like the balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income statement and present it in a format that can be easily understood by the viewers.

Project Status Kpi Dashboard Showing Portfolio Statistics And Workflow Phase-24

Get this Project Status KPI Dashboard Showing Portfolio PPT Slide Show

Convey your message graphically with this six-stage presentation PPT slide. This project status PPT template can be employed to deal with the topics like project health card, project status, project performance, etc. this template consists of bar chart graphs and pie charts that can be used to depict workflow phases, project planning and execution, initiation of a project, and other similar topics.

Business Strategy Consultant Growth Bar Chart Powerpoint Templates -25

Grab this Readily Available Big Data Icon Set Data Analysis PowerPoint Slide Show

Display the growth patterns of your business organization using this business growth bar chart PowerPoint template. This slide will let you measure change over time. One can also devise a strategy to reach the set targets and goals. Mention various steps one needs to follow to accomplish desired goals. Incorporate the template and provide a clear understanding of the formulated plans to your audience.

Four Staged Pricing Table With Right And Wrong Symbol Flat PowerPoint Design-26

Click Here to Download this Id Four Staged Pricing Table with Right and Wrong Symbol PPT Diagram

Achieve consistency in pricing practices and keep a check on price with the help of this four staged pricing table with right and wrong symbol PowerPoint slide design. Manage your menu strategy and showcase the different product items of your organization and their prices. Present the pricing of various products or service offerings available to customers. Portray the prices at which the product is sold in different market segments using this pricing table PPT template.

Skill Matrix Report Presentation Slide PPT Diagrams-27

Get this Skill Matrix Report Presentation PPT Slide

Manage your organization’s human resource by incorporating this skill matrix report PPT slide. Represent your analysis effectively and convey the message in an organized manner. Display the assessment of a company’s workforce in areas like communication, leadership, self-development, job responsibility, critical thinking, decision making, etc. This nine-stage process template is best tool to analyze skills of employees in various fields.

Business Performance Dashboards With New Customers And Gross Profit-28

Download this Readymade Business Performance Dashboards with New Customers and Gross Profits PPT Template

The template consists of a chart, bar graph, pie chart and map that can be used as the best tool to represent the company’s performance. Explain the techniques of achieving the goals and the timeframe within which these can be achieved. You can also insert your own text in the slide. Analyze and evaluate the areas where you need improvement taking the advantage of this business performance dashboard PowerPoint slide show.

Bar Graph With Business Analysis Icons Flat PowerPoint Design-29

Grab this Bar Graph with Business Analysis Icons PowerPoint Layout

Have a balance report of business performance through this creatively designed bar graph PowerPoint diagram. Evaluate organizational performance in different market segments and devise strategies on the basis of evaluation. Present the profits or revenue earned from different products using this easy-to-use editable PowerPoint slide show.

Multiple Charts Showcasing Email Marketing Analysis Presentation Slides-30

Download this Multiple Chart Showcasing Email Marketing Analysis Presentation PPT template

Analyze the success of your email marketing by evaluating its performance through this amazingly curated multiple chart PowerPoint layout. Also, the template assists you in analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. The template consists of conversion rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate. This slide will let you improve the ROI of your marketing campaign. Develop effective and result oriented business strategies for your business organization.

Year In Review Business PowerPoint Ideas-31

Click Here to Get This Year in Review Business PowerPoint Ideas

Evaluate the activities of the business organization done in the past years. Have a complete overview of the business and get to know where your business is heading towards. Display the number of assets your organization had in the past years. Remove the sample text and insert your own text in place in this 100% editable PowerPoint slide show. Inform your audience about the total taxes paid and the revenue of your business organization.

Pie Chart And Line Chart Data-Driven Analysis PowerPoint Slides-32

Download this Readymade Pie Chart and Line Chart Data Driven PowerPoint Slide

Deliver impactful PPT presentation on business and marketing related topics with the assistance of this professionally designed PowerPoint slide show. The template consists of a line chart and a pie chart that can be used to present various numerical proportions. Showcase the market trend analysis using this customizable PowerPoint layout. Draw out conclusions for your business requirement with this easy to understand PPT charts.

Business Butterfly Bar Chart PowerPoint Graph-33

Download this Business Butterfly Chart PowerPoint Graph

The template can be used to make comparison in organizational data. Employ the slide to compare different products your organization is dealing in or compare two different market segments. Conducting a proper comparison will help you focus on the key areas that need improvement. Conduct a comparative analysis of your profits of different years and find out the ways you can increase the profits.

Column Chart PowerPoint Layout-34

Get this Column Chart PowerPoint Layout Now

Display change over time by comparing column length via this amazingly designed column chart PPT layout. Incorporate this template to represent categorical data. Demonstrate different categories of sales and the performance of different products over the past few years. This rectangular bar chart PPT slide show can also be utilized for making a comparison in the sales report.

Multiple Charts For Business Growth Presentation Images-35

Click Here to Download Multiple Charts for Business Growth Presentation Template

This is a 2-stage process template consisting of donut charts and bar charts for business growth. Display the growth of your business organization taking the assistance of this visually appealing multiple charts PowerPoint template. Use this process and convey the concept of multiple charts in a way that can be easily understood by the audience. Compare your performance with that of your competitors and devise strategies to overcome the hurdles in your way to success.

Project Activity Gantt Chart Timeline-36

Download this Project Activity Gantt Chart Timeline PPT Slide

Showcase the timeline for your business activities on weekly basis. This is an easy way to schedule your activities and track the progress of your project. Project managers can make use of this project activity PPT layout for keeping the track of business activities. Elucidate the time taken to complete one task and display the milestones that are to be achieved. List down the activities on the basis of their priority and guide your workforce the ways to complete them.

Multiple Charts For Sales Dashboard Presentation Pictures-37

Grab this Multiple Chart for Sales Dashboards Presentation PowerPoint Template

This technically designed multiple charts for sale dashboard PPT template will let you evaluate your sales performance. Analyze how the business entity is performing from past few years. Find out the possible solutions to enhance organizational productivity and company’s sales. Monitors your employees’ performance for achieving the set targets. Identify the high and low performing sales team and employees through this sales metrics dashboard.

Multiple Charts Sample Presentation PPT-38

Grab this Multiple Charts Sample Presentation PowerPoint Layout

Reduce your real business expenses and find out the ways of increasing profits by incorporating this multiple charts PowerPoint slide show. This template consists of charts, graphs, grids and tables, etc. identify the sales prices for different clients and the percentage each one is contributing to overall sales. Display the number of orders by different clients with this engaging charts PPT slide.

Business Sales Stats Sample Of PPT-39

Download this Business Sales Stats Sample of PPT Slide

Present the data related to business sales using this readily available business sales statistics of PPT. data presented using such bar chart template can be analyzed quickly. Get a clear idea of the company’s sales. One can easily analyze how a particular product is performing in various market segments. Evaluate the collected information in a standardized way.

Data-Driven Line Chart Diagram PowerPoint Slides-40

Get this Data Driven Line Chart Diagram PowerPoint Slide

Showcase the conclusion of a project that has been initiated in the past. This line chart PPT template can also be used by the network, marketing, and production companies. Depict the complete information of a project along with the ups and downs. One can also incorporate the template to compare the sales of three different products and can easily find out which product is performing well.

These are the 40 best templates for data and statistics that can assist you in your next project or presentation. Go for the template you like the most!

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