Top 30 Free Sales Plan PowerPoint Templates to Design a Winning Sales Plan!

Writing a sale plan sucks, isn’t it? Here we provide a one-stop solution for your concern. If you are looking for a sales plan that will give direction to your activities, your search ends here. We at SlideTeam offer you professionally designed sales plan templates that will help you ramp up your sales and improve the company’s revenue.

Create a stellar presentation by making use of these 30 free sales plan PowerPoint templates that will provide a roadmap to your sales effort. These templates are sure to change your sales game.

Research has proved that visual slides are more remembered than the text slides. Therefore, we provide you these 30 readymade content ready PowerPoint slides to help you design a winning sales plan.

Speed up your process of writing a sales plan by utilizing these amazingly designed sales PowerPoint templates and achieve your sales target without any hassle.

  1. Agenda Free PowerPoint Template
Agenda PowerPoint Slide
Click Here to Get this Agenda Free PowerPoint Template

The above-shown template can be used for revealing the agenda of the business sales plan meeting. Devise sales strategies and jot down the points to be discussed in the next sales meeting. The PPT slide is completely customizable and can be altered as per your needs. Plan for the completion of your projects by assigning tasks to your employees on daily basis using this readymade agenda-free PowerPoint Template. Characterize the roles and responsibilities of your sales team and layout your objectives.

2. Problem Solutions Free Presentation Template

Problem Solution PPT Template
Download this Problem Solution PowerPoint Slide

Present solutions to sales challenges by incorporating this pre-designed problem solutions PowerPoint slide design. This template can also be used to discuss the challenges and difficulties and for finding out the solutions to the problems. Review and examine your sales team’s work using this readymade PPT slide.

3. Change Management Process Free PPT Template

Change Management Process PPT
Get this readymade Change Management PPT Slide

Mention the steps in an effective change management process and showcase how the sales team can benefit from change management. The professionally designed PPT template can also be used to show different sales targets. Using this slide, you can keep your team members up to date on upcoming changes. Close more deals by clearly understanding the change management process.

4. Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Roadmap PPT Template
Download this Professionally Designed PowerPoint Template

Visualize the sales strategies with this sales roadmap PowerPoint template. This sales roadmap ensures that the team members are aligned to a wider vision. Using this sales roadmap PowerPoint slide, you can also present the hurdles faced in the sales process. Display the sales target that are achieved by your organization using this PPT slide.

5. Features & Highlights Free PPT Template

Key Highlights PPT Template
Grab this predesigned Features and Highlights Free PowerPoint Template

List out all the features of the products and services you are offering in an impactful way taking the assistance of this readymade PowerPoint layout. Highlighting the features of your product using this slide will let you maximize your sales. This slide is professionally curated with high-grade icons that make your presentation more appealing.

6. Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Target Board Presentation Template
Click Here to Download this Target Free PowerPoint Slide Design

Set your sales target using this targets free PowerPoint slide design. Setting up sales targets will help you and your team members stay focused on achieving the set goals. It will help people empower and develop their own skills for reaching the set targets. Set the goals for the sales personnel or the sales team that will be measured in revenue and units and on the basis of which rewards will be given. Provide a direction to your sales team by employing this readymade PPT layout.

7. Timeline Free PowerPoint Template

Timelines PPT Slide
Grab this Readymade Timeline Free PowerPoint Slide Show

Plan and organize your sales projects using this timeline free PPT slide. Using this PPT template, you can illustrate the sales plan on the timeline with clear objectives and deadlines that will help you stay focused on strategic goals. This customizable slide can be used by sales leaders, marketers and account executives. Present your business plan to the sales team, management and other staff members with the help of this free timeline PPT template.

8. Brainstorming and Idea Generation Free PPT Template

Brainstroming PPT Template
Download this Brainstorming Technique PowerPoint Layout

Encourage new ideas for maximizing the sales using this brainstorming and idea generation free PowerPoint template. Create, develop and communicate ideas for making an effective sales plan. Showcase the various techniques and processes of brainstorming taking advantage of this readymade PowerPoint template.

9. Opportunities and Challenges Success Free PPT Template

Opportunities PPT Slide
Get this predeveloped Opportunities and Challenges Success PPT Layout

Showcase the ways one can overcome the challenges in the way of success. Present the challenges that salespersons in your company might encounter. The PPT slide can be used to present the ways one can exploit the opportunities and the ways to face the hurdles.

10. SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Template

SWOT Analysis PPT
Click here to Download this amazing SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Slide Show

Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats using this SWOT analysis free PowerPoint template. Create a powerful sales plan after analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Discover new opportunities and solutions to improve your sales activities strategically with this professionally designed SWOT analysis free PPT slide.

11. Customer Feedback Free PowerPoint Template

Customer Feedback PPT Template
Download this Creative Customer Feedback PowerPoint Graphic

Get feedback from your customers on the products and services you offer. Let your customers know that they are valuable, and their feedback is important for you. Make them feel that their opinion matters. This is a completely editable slide that can be altered as per your convenience. Getting feedback from your customers is very crucial as it helps in running your business efficiently.

12. Comparison Free PPT Template

Comparison PPT Slideshow
Download this Comparison Free PowerPoint Slide Show

Conduct a comparative analysis in the sales plan of two periods and evaluate the two plans. One can also compare their sales plan with the sales plan for the previous year. You can also compare your sales plan with your competitors taking the assistance of this readily available comparison PPT slide.

13. Geographical World Map Free PPT Template

Geographical World Map PPT
Get this Geographical World Map PPT Slide Design

This professionally designed PPT slide can be used to showcase the sales, geographical segmentation and locations across the globe. Display the countries in which you are selling your product. Present the company headquarters and branches in different locations. Keep a tab on the company’s progress across the globe by incorporating this geographical world map free PPT slide.

14. Team Introduction Free PPT Template

Team Introduction PPT
Click here to Grab this Amazingly Designed Team Introduction Free PowerPoint Slide

Introduce your sales team in front of the viewers by taking advantage of this amazing team introduction free PPT template. This is the best way to introduce your team members in front of the clients and stakeholders. Talk about the experience, qualification and job description of the team members using this slide.

15. Business Team with Solutions Free PowerPoint Template

Business Team PPT Slide
Download this Business Team with Solutions PowerPoint Slide Show

Quickly fix your sales problem using this business team with a solution free PowerPoint template by finding out the accurate solutions. One can also illustrate teamwork, unity, group activity and strength using this readymade PPT slide. Devise an effective sales strategy and make a common sales methodology using this slide.

16. Opportunity and Challenges Roadmap Free PPT Template

Opportunities Roadmap PPT Template
Download this Opportunities and Roadmap Free PPT Slide

Present the sales roadmap and depict the challenges that the sales team faces while selling the product in the market. The challenges like long decision time frame, staying motivated, finding more qualified leads, too many competitors and weathering budget cuts can be presented with this free opportunities and challenges roadmap PowerPoint slide. Display how the sales department in the organization has been taking advantage of the opportunities through this creatively designed PowerPoint slide show.

17. Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Idea Generation PPT Template
Download this Idea Generation PowerPoint Slide Design

Generate ideas for a better sales plan and encourage your team members to contribute more in the decision-making process. The slide will help you figure out solutions to a number of problems. Expand your range of ideas by inviting ideas from the employees and other staff members for maximizing the sales of the organization.

18. Gantt Chart Free PowerPoint Template

Project Planning PPT Template
Download this Gantt Chart PowerPoint Slide Show

This template can be used to make structured plans for achieving the sales target. A sales plan is essential for achieving the sales goal and a plan presented using this chart can be easily understood by the audience. This template can be used by sales leaders, marketers and account executives. Track the monthly progress of your organization using this amazing Gantt chart free PPT template.

19. Dos and Don’ts Free PowerPoint Template

Do Don’t PPT Slide
Grab this Readily Available Dos and Don’ts PowerPoint Slide Show

This slide can be used to showcase two sides of any concept. Present the point that the sales personnel should keep in mind while selling the product. Also, the slide can be used to showcase the things that a salesperson should avoid while selling the product. This slide is perfect to elucidate the essential dos and don’ts for a salesperson.

20. Operations Free PowerPoint Template

Teamwork Strategy PPT
Get this Operations Free PowerPoint Slide Design

Showcase the interrelated parts of your organization using this predesigned PowerPoint template. Display how sales department is dependent on the other departments of the organization. Create an impactful presentation on operational planning and team management. The sales department is based on the purchase, finance and other departments for its proper functioning.

21. Global Challenges and Solutions Free PowerPoint Template

Global Challenges PPT Slide
Grab this Creative Global Challenges Free PPT Slide

The above-shown template can be used to showcase the global business challenges faced by your organization. Formulate plans and strategies to deal with the challenges and overcome them. This beautifully designed template is curated by a team of professional designers that gives you access to alter and modify all the elements of this slide.

22. Challenges Free PowerPoint Template

Business Challenges PPT Slide
Click here to Download this Challenges Free PowerPoint Slide Design

Mention the challenges a person faces while selling the product or while making a sales plan. Jot down the points one must consider while creating an effective sales plan. Display the steps of creating a sales plan and the technique to overcome the sales objections. Devise an impactful sales presentation taking the assistance of this template.

23. Clock for Time Management Free PowerPoint Template

Time Management Presentation
Download this Clock for Time Management PowerPoint Slide

Take care of the deadlines and meeting events with the help of this ready-to-use clock for time management free PowerPoint Slide. Manage your time efficiently and guide your workforce about the ways they can meet the deadlines timely. The PPT slide will help you list and prioritize your sales task.

24. Zigzag Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Learning Roadmap PPT Template
Get this Zigzag Roadmap Free PPT Slide

Give your employees a proper sales training. Train your employees efficiently and help them increase their training. The presenter can showcase the entire sales training process with the help of this zigzag learning roadmap timeline PowerPoint template. This zigzag roadmap free template can also be used to showcase the steps for creating a sales plan. Communicate the sales training program by incorporating this PPT template.

25. Process Free PowerPoint Template

Business Process PPT Slide
Grab this Professionally Created Process Free PowerPoint Slide Show

This template will serve as a step-by-step guide for designing a winning sales process. Showcase the key activities that the representatives must follow to keep the deals moving forward. Present the important sales strategies that are sure to increase productivity using this slide.

26. Product Features PowerPoint Template

Digital Product Features PPT Slide
Click here to Download this Product Features Free PPT Template

Highlight the features of the products and services you are selling by employing this product features PowerPoint slide design. You can create a sales plan taking into consideration the product’s features and characteristics. This creatively designed PPT slide is totally customizable and can be modified as per your needs. Showcase the sales target and the sales policies of the current year using this template.

27. Dashboard Free PowerPoint Template

Business Dashboard PPT Template
Grab this Content Ready Dashboard Free PowerPoint Slide Show

The template will help you measure the key metrics and determine the performance of the sales team. Keep a track of sales quotas and manage the overall performance with this professionally designed PPT layout. One can review the sales activities and can make a regular assessment of the work done by the sales team. This slide will enable you to make an effective sales strategy to help your business grow and expand.

28. Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template

Mission Vission PPT Template
Get this Customizable Mission Vision Goal Free PPT Slide

Share the mission, vision, and goals of the organization with your audience in an engaging way. Meet your sales target by incorporating this completely editable PowerPoint slide show. This slide design will prove to be a resourceful template for you with all the facets like sales target, sales mission, sales vision, and goal. Discuss with your team members about the concept of sales and come up with an interesting strategy.

29. Project Management Free PowerPoint Template

Monthly Project Status PPT Template
Grab this Project Management Free PPT Template

Manage customers and your leads with this amazing project management free PPT slide. The slide will help you track the progress of the projects on the basis of which you can decide which project is to be given more importance. Encourage your sales team to ramp up the sales. Guide them on the ways to manage different projects taking advantage of this free project management PowerPoint slide.

30. Strategy Free PowerPoint Template

Business Strategy PPT Slide
Download this Strategy Free PowerPoint Slide

This template can be employed to communicate a step-by-step plan to sell your products. Devise the best sales strategies that will help you increase your sales and present it in front of the sales team through this professionally designed PowerPoint slide show. Empower your team to deliver their best with this PPT slide.

Get started with these beautifully created sales PPT and devise strategies to ramp up your sales.

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SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection.

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