Top 25 Space PowerPoint Templates to Know More About Universe!

What is Space? Is it something that can be measured with a ruler? A very simple answer to this can be, Space means everything what’s between planets, moons, starts, etc. In simple words space is everything beyond the top of Earth’s atmosphere- the satellites, Moon, mars, Milky way, and much more.

To know more about space, the space astronomy, the galaxies, satellites, asteroids, planets and other things in the space it is not possible for every individual to go there and explore the galaxies and the universe. This is why we have created an equivalent tool that will aid you in exploring more about universe and its constituents.

These PowerPoint slides can not only be used for astronomical discoveries but can also be used by the social science teachers to acquaint the students with the movement of the planets, how they affect the weather, and the occurrence of days and nights. So, download these space PowerPoint templates for presentations requiring background of stars and Universe.

Space PowerPoint Templates:

Space Earth PowerPoint Background And Template-1

Get this Space Earth PowerPoint Template

Get this space earth PowerPoint template to share the new discoveries in space. Scientist can display how the Milky Way galaxy launches newly formed stars into the space. Talk about various planets in the universe, different galaxies, asteroids, meteors, etc. using this ready-made space earth PPT slide.

Universe Theme Showing Sunrise From Outer Space-2

Download this Universe Theme Showing Sunrise from Outer Space

Incorporate the above shown professionally designed PowerPoint template to talk about the universe and its stories. Unveil the mechanism of its working. Students can also prepare their physics assignments taking the advantage of this PowerPoint templates. Science teachers can include this PowerPoint slide to teach children about the universe, planets and Sun to clear their concepts.

Planets In Space Earth PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds-3

Download this Planet in Space PowerPoint Template

Explore universe and the planets by employing this planet in space PowerPoint slide. This amazingly curated PowerPoint layout can be used in astrology seminars. Astronomers can also download this pre-developed PowerPoint slide. Not only this, teachers can make the students learn about Earth and various planets with this visually appealing PowerPoint slide.

Man Carrying Rocket Ship On Back-4

Grab this Man Carrying Rocket Ship on Back PowerPoint Slide Show

Talk about some interesting facts of rocket ship. Discuss about the most powerful rocket ever made. Mention the uses and benefits of rockets. Display how NASA uses rockets to launch people and things into the space. Jot down the names of the rockets like Delta II, Taurus, Atlas V that NASA uses. Let the students know about the fastest rocket on Earth which is Juno Space craft.

Rocket With Globe Space And Planets Icons Flat PowerPoint Design-5

Download this Rocket with Globe Space and Planet Icons PowerPoint Slide

Professionals working in the field of aerospace technology can employ this slide to demonstrate the concept related to their industry. Students studying aerospace engineering can use it to prepare their projects and assignments. The template gives you a lot of space to jot down your ideas and talk about rockets and various planets.

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Launch Readiness Rocket Going Up In Space Shuttle-6

Grab this Launch Readiness Rocket PowerPoint Slide

This PPT slide is perfect to talk how does rocket ship fly. Mention all the stages related to rocket launch and share some important facts related to rocket ship. This amazing launch readiness PowerPoint slide can be used for preparing any presentation related to space or rocket. DRDO can use this slide to decide and plan about their next mission.

Space Planets Earth PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds-7

Grab this Space Planets PowerPoint Slide Design

The above shown PowerPoint depicts a solar system. Science teachers can download this PowerPoint slide to guide students about the universe and planets in it. Discuss the big bang theory, galaxies and asteroids with the help of this creatively designed PowerPoint slide. Talk about the satellite each planet has. It can also be used by the astrologers for space astronomy.

Launch Readiness Showing Discovery In The Space Shuttle Launch-8

Click here to Get this Launch Readiness Showing Discovery PowerPoint Layout

Use this professionally designed Launch readiness PowerPoint template to showcase the devised strategies for a successful launch. One can also talk about the rockets and how they send satellite into the orbits. DRDO can explain its next mission by showcasing their plans regarding the launch of this predeveloped PowerPoint slide design.

Earth Globe PowerPoint Backgrounds And Templates-9

Grab this Earth Globe PowerPoint Slide Design

This slide is perfect for showcasing the facts about Earth. Let your viewers know how Earth looks form space. Share the changing view of Earth from space with this professionally designed Earth Globe PowerPoint Slide. Educators can explain the concept of social studies by writing the facts on this PPT slide and can make the students understand the concepts easily. It can serve as a great tool for the space related presentation also.

Space Satellite Icon PowerPoint Shapes-10

Download this Space Satellite Icon PPT Template

Explain the concepts related to satellites using this ready-made space satellite PowerPoint slide design. Make students understand how many types of satellites are there i.e. artificial and natural. Mention the name of the satellites of different planet by incorporating this readily available satellite icon PowerPoint layout.

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Coloured Earth From Space Abstract PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds-11

Click here to Download this Coloured Earth from Space PowerPoint Template

This slide can be used to showcase how Earth looks from space. Display the changing view of the planet earth and talk about some interesting facts of Earth and the other planets. It can be used for the presentations related to general knowledge and education. Incorporate this PowerPoint template for presentation on scientific topics as well.

Space Ship In Star Wars Image-12

Get this Space Ship In Star Wars Image PowerPoint Slide

The above shown professionally designed PowerPoint template can be used to demonstrate space shuttle and advance technology of satellite. Engage your viewers in astrology and physics related topics. Customize the template as per your convenience and use it for space and technology programs.

Space Satellite On Moon Icon-13

Get this Space Satellite on Moon Icon PowerPoint Template

You can use this PPT template to list down mission to the Moon. Mention the countries which have satellite on moon. Talk about Chandrayaan 2 and the strategies made during that mission. Display the plans made for the controversial satellites. For educational presentation requiring satellite background this PPT layout can be downloaded.

Alien Creature Travelling In Space Craft Icon-14

Download this Alien Creature Travelling PowerPoint Template

This PPT template can be used for kids in the TV shows and movies. Talk about aliens and their stories with this creatively designed Alien creature travelling in space PowerPoint template. Display the interesting facts and stories about aliens using this PowerPoint template.

Image Depicting American Astronaut Taking Space Challenges-15

Get this Image Depicting American Astronaut PowerPoint Template

The above shown PowerPoint slide can be used to showcase the basic requirements. The examination that NASA astronauts must pass can also be depicted with the help of this professionally designed PowerPoint template. This template can be used in presentation related to general knowledge. Mention the name of the astronaut that was Yuri Gagarin who was the first person to fly in space. This will help in enhancing the knowledge of students.

Satellite Telecom Image-16

Download this Satellite Telecom Image PPT Graphic

The above shown creatively designed PowerPoint template can be used to impart some general knowledge to the viewers on satellite. State the number and the names of various satellite that each planet has. It can also be used to display the space studies and findings. Showcase the elements of satellite communication to give people a better understanding of the topic.

Universe Theme With Satellite Image Of Earth-17

Download this Universe Theme PPT Slide

State some interesting facts about universe and the planets in it. Talk about the satellite of each planet and showcase its working. Display how these satellites are controlled and how it receives signals from earth and re-transmit those signals. One can also present the working of satellite communication from space.

Satellite Icon With Clouds And Frequency-18

Click here to Grab this Satellite Icon with Clouds and Frequency PPT Slide

Display the affect of rain and clouds on satellite. The pre-designed template can also be used to present the influence of clouds and rain on the waveform signature from satellite. Display the space findings and the research done with the assistance of this ready-made Satellite icon PowerPoint template.

Space Satellite Icon With Four Text Holders-19

Download this Space Satellite Icon PPT Slide

Let your audience know about the number of satellites which are there in the space. Also, throw a light on the workings of the satellite in the space using this creative space satellite PowerPoint slide design. Mention the names of the countries which have satellite in the space. This PPT slide is a great tool for making presentation related to education or general knowledge.

Space Sunrise Science PowerPoint Templates-20

Download this Space Sunrise Science PowerPoint Template

The above shown PowerPoint slide will let you convey how sunrise look from space. Talk about the views of scientists on sunset and sunrise. Let your viewers know why astronauts who lived in space avoid looking at the sun because of the harmful aspect of sun rays. Talk about all the interesting facts of sunrise using this professionally designed PowerPoint template.

Space Satellite Icon With Two Planets-21

Download this Space Satellite Icon with Two Planets PowerPoint Slide Design

This PPT slide can be perfectly used to make the students understand the concept of satellites. Talk about the artificial and the natural satellite and educate students in a visually appealing way. The template is apt for presentation on the topic of general knowledge and can also be used by the educators of social studies and science to guide the children.

Universe Theme With Bright Star In Center-22

Incorporate this Professionally Designed Universe Theme PowerPoint Template

Talk about fascinating stories of Universe and how it was created. Let your viewers know about the creators of Universe. Explore universe and discuss about the big bang theory, galaxies, meteors and asteroids. The above shown creatively designed PPT template can be used for space astronomy as well.

Planets In Space Geographical PowerPoint Templates-23

Download this Planets in Space Geographical PPT Template

Here is a perfect PowerPoint template to showcase all the planets in the solar system and talk a little about each planet. This slide can be perfectly used for making the students understand entire solar system and for making the kids learn the names of the planets. Talk about the satellites each planet has and about some of the features of each planet taking the assistance of this ready-made PowerPoint slide.

Universe Theme With Galaxies In Different Colors-24

Download this Readymade Universe PowerPoint Slide

This PowerPoint template can be used to discuss every detail about the galaxy and its types, the number of galaxies, etc. Discuss about Milky way and let them know that this galaxy is a huge collection of gas, dust and billions of stars using this amazing PowerPoint slide. Showcase the most famous galaxies in our universe using this PPT template.

Universe Theme With Earths Image From Moon Surface-25

Click here to Download this Professionally Designed PowerPoint Template

Get this Universe theme PPT template and showcase to the viewers how Earth is a satellite of Sun and Moon is a satellite for Earth. Let people know how Earth looks from the Moon’s surface. Mention a little about “earth rise” which is a picture of Earth and some of the Moon’s surface that was taken by one of the astronauts.

So, incorporate the above shown templates and prepare projects, assignments and educational presentations requiring background with stars and Milky way.

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