Top 25 Festive PowerPoint Templates to Invite All for a Fun Experience!

No matter where you go across the globe, everyone loves to celebrate and when we talk about celebration, festivals are the first thing that crosses our mind.

Festivals are full of energy, lights, colours, enthusiasm, excitement and whatnot. No one can deny the fact that festivals bring a spirit of joy in all of us. Yes, it does!

It is the occasion which reunites family and friends. It’s an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage and traditions. It’s the most precious and joyful time when friends or family are gathered together.

Therefore, we at SlideTeam have designed amazing festive templates to fill you with enthusiasm so that you can enjoy the festive vibe. Do not miss the below listed popular festivals to create an unforgettable experience.

These templates will aid you in bringing the community together and creating a memorable experience for all gathered.

Whether it’s a rock show, band performance, music concert or a pool party invitation, the below shown PowerPoint slide designs are the best way to invite, encourage people to enjoy and promote your business.

Summer Music Festival Full of Lights-1

Get this readymade Summer Music Festival Full of Lights PPT template

If you are hoping for a chill and rock-inspired weekend, this fest is calling your name. Create a festive vibe and invite people to attend your music concert by displaying the party details on this beautifully designed music festival PowerPoint slide. Talk about the essential tips that one must consider before planning an outdoor music festival. Grab the attention of your audience by designing a fine tuned invitation message for the summer music festival.

Fireworks Festival PowerPoint Background and Template-2

Download this Professionally Designed Fireworks Festival PPT Template

Let your viewers enjoy the range of dishes and snacks at the fireworks festival. Display the details of the festival and invite them for a spectacular and breathtaking experience. Organize a planned event and bring the community together to drink, enjoy and create a memorable experience. The readily available PowerPoint template can be of great use for the event organizers hosting the firework festival.

Crowd At Summer Festival Concert Image-3

Get this amazingly designed Crowd at Summer Festival PowerPoint Slide

Music festivals are a great way to enjoy and promote your business with crowd-pleasing entertainment. Plan all the essential things from hiring the staff to booking the band taking the assistance of this wonderful summer festival concert PPT template. Promise to deliver a seamless and unforgettable experience to the music lovers with this summer festival guide. Celebrate the rock show festival this summer with your loved ones presenting all the details using this slide.

Candles Festival PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Background-4

Download this Candles Festival PowerPoint Templates

Lighten up your home this Diwali with this candles PowerPoint slide show. Incorporate the template to deliver an impactful presentation on the occasion of Diwali. Celebrate the festival and wish your colleagues, friends and family a very happy Diwali using this bright candle festival PPT slide. Invite people for a Diwali party at your home and prepare a wonderful video to wish everyone taking the assistance of this readymade PPT layout.

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Easter Festival PowerPoint Templates PPT Themes And Graphics-5

Get this Readymade Easter Festival PowerPoint Template

Celebrate the season of cute bunnies, egg hunt, marshmallow candies and jelly beans by showcasing fun facts about Easter. Present Easter games, fun ideas, egg painting and hunting activities by incorporating the template. Engage kids in this festival by creating a wonderful video with this interesting PowerPoint template. Enjoy the season of blooming flowers with sound and scent of nature by grabbing the attention using this slide.

Lantern Festival PowerPoint Template-6

Click here to Download this Creatively Designed Lantern Festival PowerPoint Layout

Honour the deceased ancestors and promote peace and forgiveness using this lantern festival PowerPoint graphic. Celebrate the festival by going out of the house, lighting paper lanterns and by solving the riddles. One can also employ this template to invite people to come together for brightening up their lives. Talk about the essential things like chairs, blankets, snacks, drinks, etc. that one should bring to the place using this professionally designed lantern festival PowerPoint slide design.

Audience Enjoying Summer Music Festival-7

Grab this Summer Music Festival PPT Slide Design

Planning for a large scale event can be a complicated process. This is why, our designers at SlideTeam have curated this template to help you get started and stay on track while planning your next festival. This PowerPoint template can be used in place of paper-based posters to encourage people to attend the music festival this summer presenting all the essential details of your event. Display all the details regarding the arrangements made in the event for the people of different age groups and get exposure to new music with this pre-designed PowerPoint Slide.

Pool Party as Summer Festival-8

Click here to Grab this Pool Party as Summer Festival PPT Slide

Create an attractive pool party invitation and intrigue your audience’s attention with this cool and vibrant pool party summer festival PowerPoint slide. Prepare a list of activities and games to be conducted in the swimming pool for guests. Make the gathering of your friends a fun experience during the hot summer. Share the tips for planning the best pool party and prepare a list of must-have items that people should carry along. This template can also be employed to prepare the list of guests that are to be invited to the party. Throw an amazing party by sharing some fun ideas to make the party a blast for everyone. Encourage people to spend quality time with family, friends and cousins taking advantage of this amazing pool party summer festival PPT template.

Summer Festival of Hot Air Balloon-9

Download this ready-to-use Summer Festival of Hot Air Balloon PPT Slide

Fly high in the sky in these vibrant coloured hot air balloons and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience. Invite people for riding in the hot air balloon event and let them enjoy the memorable experience of sighting scenery from high above. Advertise the fest in your area taking advantage of this beautifully designed hot air balloon PowerPoint slide show.

Santa Festival PowerPoint Template-10

Download this Readymade Santa Festival PPT Slide

This Christmas invite your friends and colleagues to the party by showcasing the details like the venue, timings and date with this creative PPT template. This slide can be perfectly used for making a wonderful Christmas video to wish people a merry Christmas. Prepare a list of activities and games that you are going to conduct at the event. Invite audience for the Christmas event and celebrate the festival in downtown by making the use of this pre-designed PowerPoint slide show.

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People Celebrating Indian Culture Festival Holi-11

Get this People Celebrating Indian Cultural Festival Holi

Celebrate the colourful festival of Holi by inviting people and organizing the event using this slide. Use this PPT layout to display the timings and the venue of the event organized. Display the arrangements of the organized events like snacks, drinks activities and games using this PowerPoint slide design. Enjoy the festive vibe by bringing together the community with the assistance of this readymade colourful PPT template.

Crowd Enjoying Summer Rock Show Festival-12

Download this amazingly curated Crowd Enjoying PowerPoint Slide Show

Prepare a checklist of all the items that one must carry along while going to a music concert. Plan for the rock show considering the time, space, operations, equipment, budget, etc. This slide can also be incorporated to guide the audience about the handy things that your audience should bring for the festival like, the water bottles, hats, wet wipes, etc. Plan your own festival by incorporating this readymade PowerPoint Layout.

Band Performing at Summer Music Festival-13

Incorporate this Band Performing at Summer Music Festival PPT Slide

Enjoy the season of summer and gather the public to your music festival taking the assistance of this visually appealing PPT slide. See your favourite music artist and deliver an impactful presentation on a rock band. Musicians can employ this PPT graphic for reaching out to the target audience. Band performers can grab the attention of the young and enthusiastic spectators coming to attend the show by utilizing this template.

Christmas Festival PowerPoint Backgrounds And Templates-14

Grab this Amazing Christmas Festival PPT Template

Host a budget-friendly Christmas party by incorporating this wonderful Christmas balls PPT template. Plan the Christmas party considering the most important tips and wish your audience a happy new year and merry Christmas. Throw a perfect Christmas party this year and plan a perfect Christmas party for your employees by incorporating this professionally designed PPT slide show. Plan your Christmas party by sending invitations with this readymade PowerPoint slide design.

Dee Jay Performing Live in Summer Festival-15

Download this Dee Jay Performing Live PPT Template

Incorporate this DJ performing live in the summer festival PowerPoint template to encourage youth to attend the festival. Make your live shows better and get more people to come back each time. Share the tips for organizing a concert or for a gig promotion by presenting it on this eye-catching PowerPoint template. Market your event by planning the essential things employing this DJ performance PowerPoint Slide. Make your concert an event, and not just a performance!!

Image Showing Church at Christmas Festival-16

Get this Image Showing Church at Christmas Festival PowerPoint Template

Advertise the new church in your area and plan for the next event taking the assistance of this beautifully designed PowerPoint template. One can also incorporate this slide to invite people for the sermon and the next event in the church. Invite people for your wedding displaying the name and the timings of your wedding on this amazing PowerPoint template. Also, this wonderful PPT slide can be employed to gather an audience for Christmas celebration.

Valentine Candles Festival PowerPoint Templates PPT Themes And Graphics-17

Grab this Amazing Valentine Candles PPT Graphic

Surprise your loved ones on this very special occasion of Valentine using this valentines candles festival PowerPoint template. Create greeting cards, stories, videos and amaze your partner with this creatively designed candles PPT slide. Write your message on the slide, express your feelings and make your partner feel appreciated with the assistance of this bright valentine candles festival PowerPoint slide.

People Enjoying at Summer Music Festival-18

Grab this People Enjoying at Summer Music Festival PPT Slide

Planning a music concert? The organizers can incorporate the above shown creatively designed PPT template to remind their viewers to carry the bottle of sunscreen lotion along with them while going for attending the music festival. This summer music festival PPT slide is a perfect tool for bringing the community together for fun, music and arts.

Audience with Hands In Air At Summer Festival-19

Incorporate this Professionally Designed Audience with Hands in the Air PPT Template

If you are an event presenter looking to organize an event, this template will best serve all your purposes. Make a fantastic summer plan and organize the best concert for the audience specifying the venue, date, and other details using this readily available PowerPoint template. Planning an outdoor music festival can be exciting if planned using this PPT layout.

Merry Christmas Festival PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds-20

Incorporate this Merry Christmas Festive PowerPoint Template

Let your kids know about the life journey of Jesus Christ using this amazingly designed PowerPoint slide show. Share some surprising facts about Christmas and Santa Claus with this predeveloped Merry Christmas festive PowerPoint layout. Talk about the games you’ve organized for the Christmas party by incorporating this readily available PPT graphic.

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Summer Festival Image Of Music Concert-21

Click here to get this Summer Festival Image PPT Template

Appreciate your audience who attend the summer festival and promote your business with crowd-pleasing entertainment. Showcase the ways the festival-goers can enjoy the summer festival. The facilities and the arrangements made for pleasing the visitors can also be displayed taking the assistance of this pre-designed summer festival PowerPoint slide.

Happy Halloween Festival PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint Backgrounds-22

Get this Readymade Happy Halloween PPT Slide Design

Organize a Halloween party at your office and invite your colleagues and employees using this slide. Share the tips for throwing a great Halloween party. Host an ultimate party at your place and showcase the list of things you have prepared. Make a guest list and send an invitation to all those guests using this amazing Halloween festival PowerPoint slide.

Party Celebration Festival PowerPoint Background and Template-23

Grab this Creatively Designed Party Celebration Festival PowerPoint Template

Send a birthday party invitation to your friends in a unique way by making the use of this readymade party celebration PPT template. Incorporate the slide to share new ideas of celebrating a birthday with your audience. Plan and organize your birthday party and list down the games to be played on this PowerPoint template.

Seattle Fireworks Festival PowerPoint Templates And PowerPoint Backgrounds-24

Download this Readymade Seattle Fireworks Festive PPT Slide Design

Showcase plenty of activities that you have to offer to the viewers with this amazing PowerPoint slide show. Promote your event and invite people to be a part of the show. The presenter can also talk about the ways one can celebrate New Year’s eve in Seattle. Wish the audience a very happy New Year and a new beginning taking the assistance of this readymade PowerPoint slide show.

Happy Hanukkah Festival PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint Backgrounds-25

Click Here to Get this Happy Hanukkah Festival PowerPoint Template

Invite people to the festival of lights using this PowerPoint slide show. Guide people about the ways they can celebrate Hanukkah. Discuss the special events that take place in this festival including the annual relay race. This festival of lights goes on for eight nights where each night you light up one candle starting from the left. Seek for blessing and thank the Almighty God before and after lighting the candles using this pre-developed PowerPoint template.

So, these were some of the amazing festive PowerPoint templates to market your events and grab the attention of the spectators. Choose the ones you like and make your invitation look as dazzling as the event you plan to host.

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