Top 20 Oil and Gas PPT Templates to Keep your Industry Up and Running!

The oil and gas industry is the largest sector in terms of dollar value as it produces energy for several other automated activities. The extraction and refining of these two natural resources pave the way to the generation of a long list of petroleum products like fuel, gasoline, plastics, asphalt, pharmaceuticals, and others. This industry is also a significant contributor to the GDP (gross domestic product) of many nations, hence, it is a crucial element in the global economy’s framework.

Investors and individuals looking to enter this field can be quickly overwhelmed by the million possibilities, complex jargon and unique metrics used throughout the sector. To help you cope with this issue, we have come up with 20 pre-designed oil and gas PPT templates. These templates have been designed to help anyone understand and present the fundamentals of the oil and gas industry comprehensively. Also, use these templates to explain the key concepts as well as standards of measurement in front of the senior decision-makers and close more deals.

Let us dive in!

Oil and Gas PPT templates to Download

Template 1

Gas and oil companies have always been the most successful businesses in the world. If you are running an oil company, then this template is the right fit for you. This slide provides top of the line vector images of an oil and gas refinery that can help you explain the fundamental process of import and the export of crude oil with ease. Apart from this, you can also utilize this template to present some facts and figures in front of your stakeholders, thus showing the overall positioning and profits of your organization.

Download Oil And Natural Gas Refinery

Template 2

More than 90% of the vehicles in the world run on oil. Also, a majority of our daily needs are dependent on oil, be it traveling, fulfilment of energy requirements or use of various substances. Therefore, a content-ready PPT template about oil extraction, global warming, mineral resources, and others is really helpful. This PPT slide can help you deliver environmental, academic or business-related presentations without any difficulty. Moreover, you can edit this slide any which way, to suit your personal needs as it is fully customizable.

Download Two Workers Walking On Oil Rig Pipe

Template 3

Other than food and water the most commonly used resource is oil and so you can deliver oil extraction and refining presentation using this fully editable PPT slide. Present information about the importance of oil, global prices, energy consumption and similar other topics with this PPT layout. Apart from this, you can use this as an introductory slide to give a brief overview of your oil and gas refinery undertakings.

Download Drilling Rig Of Oil And Gas

Template 4

This template can serve as a blueprint to explain the working of any oil and gas refinery with ease. Fit for every industrialist, this template will help you design a great presentation with ease whether it is academic, business-oriented or related to environmental issues. You can also use this template to showcase the steps of protecting this natural energy resource from depletion. Energy conservation pointers can also be comprehensively explained by including this slide into the work culture.

Download Oil And Gas Refinery In Working

Template 5

You can use this template for any small scale or large scale industry depending upon your requirement. This template is built keeping into consideration the needs and requirements of the user and so it is fully responsive and editable. It can be adopted by oil and gas companies looking to expand their horizon and establish trust and loyalty in their audience.

Download Oil Rig Drilling Machine With Locations

Template 6

Oil governs modern economies nowadays and is used to manufacture many other products like ink, perfumes, plastic, medicine, dyes, running cars and airplanes. If you require delivering a presentation on oil, global warming, renewable sources, energy conservation, etc. then this template is an ideal set for you. Download, make the changes and deliver your presentation with full confidence and agility.

Download Oil And Gas Rig In Middle Of Sea

Template 7

Use this Oil and Gas Rig extraction PPT template to create professional presentations effortlessly. With various editable layouts and design elements, this template will prove to be a great choice for anybody designing presentations related to subsoil, rig, pie, petroleum, extraction of oil and similar other topics. You can easily download this template and enhance your overall productivity with it.

Download Oil And Gas Rig Image

Template 8

Utilize this oil and gas factory PowerPoint template to create impressive presentations whether they are business-oriented or academic. You can also showcase the mechanism and operational efficiency of oil and gas factories with this resourceful slide. The environmental hazards of this factory can also be displayed with this editable layout. With custom-made design elements, this PPT is a great choice for topics like energy conservation, environment, building, smoke, pollution, and others of the lot.

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Download Oil And Gas Factory Image With Smoke

Template 9

Explain the offshore drilling structures and their types using this template. Showcase the entire mechanism of an offshore drilling system visually with this attractive layout. The upstream and downstream process of the reservoir and drilling process can also be elucidated using this slide, the content of which can be altered as per your individual requirements. This template is a good start to save, lots of time, energy and money as it is pre-designed and intuitively created. So, download it now to get started.

Download Oil And Gas Rig With Flames From Chimney

Template 10

Fuel is an important source to keep our transportation up and running. Use this oil and gas filling PPT template to showcase various stations in the city. Map out the various oil and gas filling stations for the customers’ ease and comfort with this editable layout. You can also use this slide to demonstrate the structure of a gas filling station and explain its entire mechanism to your audience.

Download Oil And Gas Filling Station

Template 11

This template is a perfect set for industrial groups or organizations, manufacturing companies, steel, engineering, gas, petroleum amongst others. Petrol pumps can use this icon template to demonstrate the process of filling the vehicles and inspire trust in the customers. Apart from this, it can also be used to showcase your licensed petrol pump and its overall functioning to the government officials.

Download Oil And Gas Extractor Icon With Pump And Meter

Template 12

This template is designed for all the gasoline stands selling petrol and eco-friendly fuel. You can also use this template to explain the various types of services offered by your gas filling station be it full service, minimum service or self-service depending upon the business dwellings. Additionally, present your fuel quotations in this template that are susceptible to changes. Since this template can be edited and customized it is fit for all your industrial dwellings. Engage your audience with this gas filling station PPT slide which can be incorporated in any business presentation.

Download Oil Gas Economic PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

Template 13

Oil and gas companies require a large amount of data to make better data-driven decisions.

This template can prove to be very useful in providing insights related to oil and gas reserves, extraction units, revenue generation, oil production, etc. It can also help you understand both internal and external factors such as gas price volatility, changes in taxation, regulation, rise in alternative energy resources and others. Since the design of this slide is fully responsive, you can alter it as per your business needs.

Download Mining Oil And Gas Extraction KPI Dashboard Showing Steam To Oil Ratio And Oil Reserves

Template 14

Oil and gas companies need to track large amounts of data and often in real time. Monitoring several different areas can be quite overwhelming, thus we have designed this mining oil and gas extraction dashboard PPT for you. Use this slide to evaluate key metrics like production cost, energy consumption, and other similar ones at one single place. Since this template is so responsive to all your needs and requirements it will help you meet your goals very easily.

Download Mining Oil And Gas Extraction KPI Dashboard

Template 15

Offshore structures are used across the globe for a variety of functions and water depths. Present a general overview of all the aspects of offshore drilling including right planning, transportation, fabrication, installation, commissioning of petroleum platforms and others using this fully resourceful template. You can also explain the basic fundamentals of the types of offshore structures, with this editable layout.

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Download Huge Offshore Oil Drilling Rig

Template 16

Use this template to discuss the three primary types of offshore oil rigs. This template can also be useful to show the locations of various oil rigs and their mechanism to your workforce. Since, offshore drilling poses a lot of environmental challenges, you can use this template to present an overview of all of them to create awareness. This is a very intuitively designed template, so you can alter all its elements to make it fit your business.

Download Offshore Oil Rig Drilling Platform

Template 17

Use this template to introduce upstream and downstream offshore drilling facilities like exploration, appraisal, development, and others. This PPT slide can be used to explain the complex structure of an oil rig and its subtypes depending upon the needs of the user. It also comes in an editable format, so you can make changes as and when necessary to suit your personal needs.

Download Oil Rig Central Processing Platform

Template 18

You can incorporate this template in your business and academic presentations to showcase the various tasks of a supply vessel in the supply chain. Elaborate more on the offshore supply vessel sizes and their uses in various activities with this fully responsive layout. Explaining multiple concepts is far easier with this pre-designed template as it has a very attractive layout, perfect to grab the immediate attention of the audience.

Download Supply Vessel Leaving Oil Rig

Template 19

Just like any other industry, the oil and gas industry also has a few icons that can help you showcase different factors. In this template, we have included 6 icons symbolic of various factors. You can either use these icons separately to display various determinants or use them with one-other to explain various concepts with ease. Since these icons are fully editable, you can change all the elements whether that is color, font, shape, size, and others as deemed fit.

Download Six Oil And Gas Icons With Flames And Fuel Drop

Template 20

Showcase the process of exploring, extracting, storing and processing petroleum with this oil rig PPT template. Present an overview of the offshore drilling challenges and their impact on the environment by employing this fully editable slide. You can either use this PPT layout in conjunction with your business and academic presentations or present it as it is depending upon your needs.

Download Evening View Of Oil Producing Rig

Now that you have gone through our best oil and gas templates, all that’s left for you is to download and watch them give a boost to your business!

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