Top 20 New Product Launch Templates To Increase Your Company’s Sales Momentum

The debut of a new product in the market plays a vital role in an organization. It is no less than a groundbreaking opportunity for all the businesspersons to reach their target audience. A new product launch serves various purposes that enhance the organization’s growth effectively. It is majorly helpful in fulfilling the customer’s desires and gathering the products’ feedback from them in return. A new product launch helps create momentum for the business that also increases its value before the audience, clients, or stakeholders.

Needless to say, organizations spend millions to develop a new product and so, they believe in certain strategizing parameters before the launch. It helps the business associates know in advance the problems they could face after the product launch. So, a successful brand execution is necessary to impress the consumers that will ultimately help in increasing the revenue too. There are a few key points that business magnates can follow to avoid a poor product launch. Let’s go through them:

The team of marketers needs to make sure where they will land a new brand. A good market position helps organizations reach out to more audiences and gain feedback proficiently.

Before jumping on customer feedback, it is important to provide them a clear snapshot of your new item or product. It will help customers to know more about the product’s quality, benefits, descriptions, etc.

Marketers need to plan everything prior, that is how much money should spend during the launch, what methods should initiate to pitch the new product, etc. This will help companies in generating more leads for their new brand.

Always make sure to launch the product in the market when customers need it. The brand will sell exceedingly if there is more need for features and requirements in the market.

After the product launch, it is essential to ask users for their feedback on the brand. This will help organizations maintain a long-term relationship with their existing as well as new customer base.

Product launch requires a lot of planning and time. To give you extra support on creating strategies, we have come up with Top 20 New Product Launch Templates. They will help you in fulfilling your business needs as per your convenience.

Let’s check out the new product launch templates and, if you find them suitable, start downloading!

Top 20 New Product Launch Templates To Download And Use

Template 1

The template shown below is so creative that it will hold the audience’s attention instantly. You can add the colors of your choice to this slide and modify the content as per your needs. This deck comprises a total of 16 slides which showcase the points related to the product launch timeline. Grab the template and start persuading your audience!

Download Product Launch Timeline PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

Incorporate this visually-attractive template to explain a few marketing tactics to your team members that help them in advertising the product effectively. The colors and backdrop used in this deck will add value to your information and help in engaging the audience.

Download New Product Launch Tactics PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

The image shown in this template depicts a bunch of people discussing something. You can apply this deck to your presentation and highlight the important marketing factors to your colleagues. This will help them in focusing their brand execution vision even more.

Download New Product Launch Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 4

This creatively-designed template will help you strike a chord with your audience. The colors, icons, and fonts used in this template will leave a great first impression on your viewers. The content included in this deck is apt and helps your audience understand the essence of your topic more clearly.

Download Product Launch Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 5

The template shown here defines how the go-to market strategy assists you in executing your new brand in the market. Go through the template and edit the content that tailors your business needs appropriately. There won’t be any problem while modifying the content as the deck is completely customizable.

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Download Product Launch Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 6

This template displays the Ansoff matrix approach that allows you to strategize more about launching your brand. The color combination used in the boxes will enhance the look and feel of your presentation effectively. If you want, you can change the colors and fonts of this slide.

Download New Product Launch Strategy PPT PowerPoint Presentation Infographic

Template 7

Download this professionally-designed new product launch template and increase your customer base instantly. The slide comes with ample space where you can add more content that helps you focus on your brand launch.

Download Typical Product Launch Marketing Process Momentum PPT PowerPoint Slides

Template 8

The creative designs present in this template are aesthetically pleasing and can impress viewers in one go. Jot down the valuable info you want to show to your audience. You can add the company’s logo in this deck to stick to your brand essence.

Download Stage Gate Product Launch Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9

Using this template, highlight the qualities of your products that help in creating a buzz among the audience. The slide is easily accessible and can be downloaded within minutes!

Download Process Of New Product Commercialization Launch

Template 10

Employ our visually-appealing template to manage your brand portfolios effectively. With this, you can gather your ideas and jot them down conveniently that will assist you in planning your brand execution.

Download Product Portfolio Launch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 11

Take advantage of this template to provide insights to the audience about your new product launch marketing skills. In this, you can focus on the pricing strategies of your new brand. The icons and content included in this deck will help you meet your business objectives.

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Download Planning A Flawless New Service Launch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 12

The dark background shown in this template will highlight your presentation in all aspects. The deck consists of a total of 49 slides that explain the core values of the topic. This template can be changed into various file formats.

Download Product Marketing Framework For Service Launch PowerPoint Presentation

Template 13

Highlight the market roll-out plan for your new product launch with the aid of this template. There are a lot of advanced features and highlights present in the slides with which you can make your presentation more interesting.

Download Marketing Go To Market Roll Out Plan New Product Launch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 14

In this slide, jot down the action plan that helps in a successful product launch. Also, you can include the information that tells the audience about your product features. Keep your information clear and concise so that the readers can understand it easily.

Download New Product Launch Marketing Plan Assignment PPT Background

Template 15

Discuss the new product launch tools and techniques with your team members by employing our ready-to-use template. The deck consists of 18 slides with meaningful content. Grab this template and rock your presentation!

Download New Product Launch Tools And Techniques PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 16

Set the budget of brand execution and create an interactive roadmap for the same by utilizing our easily accessible template. The slide has immense space where you can put your content with ease.

Download Launching New Product Marketing PPT PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Portfolio

Template 17

This layout will help you in convincing the audience to buy your product. Among all the new product launch templates, this is the most attractive deck. With the catchy diagram present in this deck, you can provide a brief overview of your new product to the audience and hold their interest. Download this eye-catching template to create a positive impact on your viewers.

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Download New Product Go To Market Roll Out Launch Process Flow And Steps PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 18

Showcase the overall journey of product development before its launch by using this engaging template. This is a new product launch roadmap template that helps you engage your audience easily. Adjust the size of the slide and personalize it as per your needs.

Download Product Launch Roadmap Showing Market Product Strategy Testing Final Design

Template 19

Incorporate this slide into your presentation to let your employees know how to conduct a SWOT analysis before launching a new product. The template exemplifies the business goals you need to achieve while executing your brand in the market.

Download Product Launch Ideas With Goals Promotion Stakeholders

Template 20

This is a compelling template with beautiful icons and background in it. You can showcase your innovative ideas in this slide that help in making your product more appealing than the competitors. Own this template and make it unique by adding your informative content to it.

Download Product Launch Competition Ideas Good PPT Example

Brand execution acts as a ladder of success for organizations. In our Top 20 New Product Launch Templates, you can showcase the pre-planning and testing methodologies that drive more value to your organization’s productivity. Download and incorporate our professionally-designed slides to launch your new product successfully!



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