Top 15 Elevator Pitch Templates to Present Extraordinary Business Ideas

Top 15 Elevator Pitch Templates to Present Extraordinary Business Ideas

You have only one chance to make a first impression. But doing so, if you try to please everyone, it ultimately pleases no one!

Going by the above maxim — when you introduce someone new to your friend, you share their most interesting and unique quality like “Aditi is a supergirl programmer that saves businesses from hackers who try to harm their websites.”

Similarly, in a business, for every brilliant and sharp idea that creates a big impact, there must be 20 equally brilliant ideas that experience the sinking feeling of not getting the green light. Why? The key is to create an enticing elevator pitch that swiftly communicates the unique qualities of the business idea. The hook is to provide an easy pathway for the listeners, with which they become curious about your business and what you do.

Before crafting several versions of a striking elevator pitch, it is paramount to understand its meaning and the winning components it must enclose.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is a 60-second opportunity to give a memorable description of what you do or what you sell. The goal is not to convince the person you are talking to for hiring you or buying your product. Rather it’s about earning a second conversation.

The term elevator pitch was first given in the 19th century by Elisha Otis, founder of Otis Elevator Company. However, recently it became widely popular as every year in Silicon Valley, dozens of educational events are conducted, solemnly focused on the art of designing an elevator pitch.

Most people think about their (speaker’s) perspective while crafting an elevator pitch — What is my message? How should I put it succinctly? But they miss on the most crucial part of pitch-crafting, the viewer’s perspective — What do they wish to hear? Will they retain it? Will they be inquisitive to know more? So let us consider these pointers to create a well-placed and concise elevator pitch.

Steps to create a convincing pitch

1. Define a problem statement worth solving
2. Describe the solution that solves the real problem
3. Research the target market and customers
4. Discuss the competition and the advantages you offer over them
5. Include the team and how they accomplish the great idea
6. Add the financial summary of the business model
7. Talk about the upcoming milestones

Infuse all these pointers together in your pitch deck for creating an invigorating presentation. You can also have a run through our top 15 elevator pitch templates to bind together your thoughts effectively. Let us dive deeper and leave no stone unturned!

Template 1

People pitch to investors because they need potential resources for their business. A sales pitch is critical for a business because it is the first in-person interaction with prospective clients. Pick this sales pitch template and expand your customer’s understanding of your company.

Sales Pitch PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Sales Pitch PPT Gallery Templates

Template 2

Recently the term “business pitch” has become popular, like the term “start-up”. Create a striking business pitch with this template to highlight your business opportunity and the ways with which you will tackle it. So download and captivate your audience.

Business Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Business Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

Incorporate mobile devices into your overall corporate strategy by aligning them with the company’s vision, mission, users, buying actions, and competitors. This template is ideal for creating an elevator pitch idea that falls within the desired budget. Therefore, download and edit it conveniently!

Elevator Pitch Idea That Will Drive Mobile Strategy

Download Elevator Pitch Idea That Will Drive Mobile Strategy Planning

Template 4

A good elevator pitch can develop your customer’s interest in a project, idea, or product. Create a brief and persuasive speech to spark your audience’s interest in what your organization does. This slide guarantees transparency and precision. Therefore, grab it right away!

Elevator Pitch Option Service Product PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Elevator Pitch Option Service Product

Template 5

Design an elevator speech worksheet with this ground-breaking template. The set is crafted to communicate the most important aspects of your business within a short amount of time. So download and assist your team immediately!

Elevator Speech Business Description

Download Elevator Speech Business Description Investor Essential Elements Worksheet

Template 6

Every smart marketer needs to add an elevator pitch to their toolkit. After all, the heart of your job is to sell your services and your client’s brand or product. This marketing pitch template is designed by our creative team of professionals. The set is easy to edit. Therefore, download and use it multiple times.

Option Marketing PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Elevator Pitch Option Marketing PPT

Template 7

Ensure that your customer is not semi-interested or less enthusiastic about what you do even after listening for 15 minutes. Choose this well-structured template and guide your pitching process effectively. Download and edit as per your content.

Elevator Pitch Puzzle PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Elevator Pitch Puzzle PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Template 8

If your product or service does not solve any problem that your potential customers have, unfortunately, you do not have a viable business model. Exhibit your problem statement at the beginning of your elevator pitch with this well-researched template.

Elevator Pitch Option Core Problem Service

Download Elevator Pitch Option Core Problem Service PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Template 9

Impress your customers within the first few minutes of your conversation. Choose this elevator pitch template to publicize the core essence of your company and clearly market your business. So download instantly and generate your prospect’s interest faster than ever.

Elevator Pitch Option PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Elevator Pitch Option PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Template 10

This is yet another elevator pitch template that can be added to your arsenal. You can utilize this set to bring your concept to market and grow the customer base. This template is fully editable, so download and share your expertise.

Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Slide Designs

Download Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Slide Designs

Template 11

Choose this visually-pleasing elevator pitch template to make a difference as a start-up entrepreneur. Showcase the process for crafting a quick pitch to your employees. Improve your company’s conversion rate by downloading this stellar template.

Elevator Pitch PPT Summary Themes

Download Elevator Pitch PPT Summary Themes

This is yet another example of an elevator pitch template. The design is easy to edit. You can use the template to create an elevator pitch for networking events, conferences, warm-calls, and even job interviews. So download and create a solid first impression.

Elevator Pitch PPT Show Display

Download Elevator Pitch PPT Templates Show Display

Template 13

Attract your customers and investors by choosing this case study elevator pitch template. Empower your employees by sharing your previous project success. It is important to understand that a crisp pitch can help achieve business goals. Therefore, download the template to inspire your audience.

Case Study For Business PowerPoint Template

Download Case Study For Business Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Template

Template 14

A good elevator pitch should last no more than a short elevator ride of 30 to 60 seconds. Therefore, create an interesting, memorable, and succinct pitch with this versatile template. Download and include questions such as what, why, and how (about the business idea/product) to ace your business growth.

Elevator Pitch Structure PPT Design Templates

Download Elevator Pitch Structure PPT Design Templates

Template 15

Measure your business activities and monitor the pipeline by downloading this elevator pitch complete deck. In this slideshow, we have included topics like agenda, problem, solution, market size, business model, and more. Additionally, it is a fully editable layout that gives the user an option to remove or add any topic.

Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Elevator Pitch PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Do not let yourself down by rushing your elevator pitch! Use these innovative templates to save your time and energy for pitching your idea with the intensity and passion that it deserves. Include all the steps mentioned in the blog and turn your hard work into an excellent opportunity.



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