Top 10 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Templates For Meaningful Customer Engagement

“I heard from my friend about that product..”

“My cousin is raving about that place..”

“It has amazing reviews…”

One is bound to come across such statements on the daily, a familiar tone just heightening our curiosity about the subject. The reason is simple: trust. Knowing that statements about a product or service are coming from a trusted person or source multiplies their chances of getting purchased.

According to global research, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most utilized forms of advertising as 92% of people rely on recommendations by friends and family while making a purchase decision. This statistic indicates that to stay ahead of the fierce competition and initiate meaningful customer engagement, savvy marketers must leverage word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

What is word-of-mouth marketing?

Word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) is the process encouraged by the company to influence and stimulate organic word-to-mouth discussion about the organization, brand, products, services, and events. It involves customer experience and, hence, primarily focuses on the existing client base.

The conventional WOMM is a spread of information from one person to another, but the modern WOMM includes both the targeted efforts and organic instances where the satisfied customers share their experiences. With people connected globally, a single recommendation can greatly impact your brand and bring opportunities to capitalize on WOMM.

In addition, social media has completely transformed the marketing game and has proved to be a success in generating buzz among consumers, developing viral content, and creating a fear of missing out. With social media’s broader reach and accessibility, companies find ways to stay in the headlines and connect with their clients by constantly creating something worth talking about.

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How to ace the WOMM game?

Following is the most prominent word-of-mouth marketing checklist that can build a solid foundation and give promising results.

  • Create a happy client base

The golden rule is — Your customers are your advertisers. Ensure customers are delighted with top-notch services and high-quality products. This also includes making the customer feel privileged by offering goodies or discounts besides prompt redressal of complaints.

  • Maintain the brand’s USP

Understand the needs of the customers, gather their feedback, and work towards improving the product. Have an insight into the positives of your brand and find ways to magnify its presence so that clients have a reason to rave about your brand. Always keep sight of what distinct value your product offers to the client.

  • Stay ahead

Have a marketing approach that plans and taps the opportunity in the near future. A far-sighted marketing plan fueled by the latest technological updates can be beneficial for your brand. Backed by theories and facts, a successful marketing strategy can help you stay ahead of the competitors.

  • Focus on the brand image

The significance of a positive brand image cannot be stressed enough. It inculcates trust among the customers and helps in retaining them even during a rough patch. Constantly make efforts to keep your business clean and fair as once the brand image is tarnished, all the sweat and blood go in vain.

  • Stay active on social media

Keep your clients updated with the latest news and events of the company on social media. You can also have live chat sessions, contests, and feedback sessions to keep your clients informed about the upcoming product launch. Staying active on social media ensures that your brand is in the conscious mind of the customer.

Top 10 word-of-mouth marketing templates

Word-of-mouth marketing is a valuable tool for your company. To help you utilize this tool to the fullest, SlideTeam has curated the top 10 word-of-mouth marketing templates that will turn your customers into brand evangelists. Let’s check them out.

Template 1

Download Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy Template

Give an overview of the word-of-mouth marketing strategy to your team by incorporating this attention-grabbing complete deck. Comprising 23 content-ready slides, this PowerPoint template emphasizes the need for word-of-mouth marketing techniques to drive sales.

Template 2

Download Word Of Mouth Marketing Template

Discuss the crucial factors of marketing with this ready-made template. The color palette used in this PPT template instantly grabs the attention of the audience. You can present the findings of marketing surveys using this template. Download now!

Template 3

Download Marketing Campaigns And Promotion Template

Elucidate the various ways of promoting your brand by introducing this pre-designed word-of-mouth marketing template to make your campaign a hit among the customers. Managers can utilize this template to discuss trigger points, delegate tasks, and set deadlines accordingly.

Template 4

Download Effects Of Word Of Mouth Template

Showcase the findings of your market research and contribute to developing the perfect advertising plan by downloading this word-of-mouth marketing template. You can mention various results in graphical form by using this pre-built template.

Template 5

Download Word Of Mouth Influencing Consumer Decision Journey Template

Showcase your buyer’s journey with the help of this captivating marketing template. Highlight the focus areas and have an effective brainstorming session with your colleagues by employing this content-ready PowerPoint template.

Template 6

Download Advantage And Disadvantage Word Of Mouth Template

Have a comprehensive view of marketing techniques and their effectiveness by introducing this visually appealing advertising template. Highlight the advantages and disadvantages of word-of-mouth marketing techniques in business with the help of this template.

Template 7

Download Consumer Buying Decisions Process Through E Word Of Mouth Template

Emphasize the role of social media in promoting your business by downloading this professionally-designed template. As this template is customizable, you can modify the content as per the business requirements.

Template 8

Download Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy In Layered Pyramid Template

Showcase the strategy your team has developed to drive traffic and sales by utilizing this marketing template. Gain a clear understanding of your marketing plan by introducing this ready-made template.

Template 9

Download Ideas For Building Your Word Of Mouth Marketing Strategy Template

Discuss ideas to build a robust marketing plan with the help of this versatile marketing template. Mention the proven techniques and the various factors involved in its implementation by downloading this template.

Template 10

Download Ways To Create Word Of Mouth Marketing Buzz Template

Highlight the different ways to stir up conversations around your brand by downloading this pre-designed template. The infographics used in this template grab the viewers’ attention and, hence, help in conveying the strategies effectively.

Word-of-mouth marketing works like a referral chain which has tremendous potential to increase traffic, leads, and sales exponentially! Use our handy guide and word-of-mouth marketing templates to devise an effective marketing strategy. Influence your clients right away with these word-of-mouth marketing templates!



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