Top 10 Templates To Prepare an IT Project Status Report

5 min readJan 7, 2022


Picture this.

You are an IT employee and your chief information officer has asked you to submit a report of previous projects.

The immediate reaction?

Nervousness. Numbness. Stress.


You probably were too busy writing lines of code to actually prepare a status report. And if you haven’t prepared one before, the jitters are, well, too relatable.

Creating reports, especially IT project status reports, is tiring and time-consuming. Probably that is the reason why many professionals contend that it is a fruitless exercise. Regardless, preparing these reports is an inescapable task.

Looking for a quick fix?

Read on.

IT Project Status Report Templates To Download And Utilize

An IT project status report is a document that covers detailed information regarding a particular technical project to track its progress. These reports help managers and team members to execute the tasks within a specific time frame.

To help you prepare one within minutes, here’s a quick catalog of 10 IT project status reports. Tech professionals can leverage these content-ready templates and tackle departmental queries head-on.

Let’s explore!

Template 1

With the aid of this template, you can showcase the status of your ongoing projects. The slide includes a chart wherein you can add details like time, overall project budget, sales progress, etc. The template helps you modify the content as per your requirement. So go ahead and download the slide.

Download Project Status Report PowerPoint Slide Deck

Template 2

This template allows you to present a documented history of your project. With the aid of this slide, you can plan the entire project structure and avoid any bottlenecks. You can easily modify the format and size of the template as per your requirement. Get access to this IT project status report template and impress your boss right away.

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Download Project Progress With Project Status Summary Next Milestone

Template 3

This is an apt template for reporting your project status. Incorporate this eye-catching slide in your presentation to give the leaders a clear snapshot of progress. This template includes a tabular format that showcases your project name, priority, deadline, description, budget statement, etc. Fill in the details and show them to your project manager.

Download Project Progress Summary PPT Outline Format

Template 4

Give a weekly project status report to your manager by utilizing this ready-to-use template. Employ this slide to highlight the project tasks that your team has already covered. The template comes with different fonts and aesthetic colors that add grace to your project report. Grab this slide to get your work started in minutes.

Download Weekly Project Status Report With Project Number

Template 5

This template will help you create a report on project challenges, issues, and risks. You can apply this slide to your presentation and share the specific concern with your managers. This template provides a tabulated format wherein you can display the consequences of various risks and issues hindering the growth of your project.

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Download Project Progress With New Issues Updates And To Do Risks

Template 6

Use this template to deliver valuable and impactful project information. By utilizing this slide, you can give significant updates about your project to the managers. This slide includes sections like projects bagged, lost, orders in hand, and the projects in the pipeline. You can mention the details in the box and edit them with ease.

Download Project Updates Major PPT PowerPoint Presentation File Ideas

Template 7

Employ this template to create full-fledged reports on your IT projects. The slide helps you pull up informational data related to your projects. With the aid of this template, you can showcase the summary of your projects conveniently. The slide consists of appealing colors and engaging fonts that spice up your IT project status reports.

Download Project Dashboard With KPI Status Risks Project Area Issues

Template 8

Take advantage of this slide to compare sub-tasks systematically. You can mention your team members’ names along with their expertise level in this PPT template. With the aid of this slide, you can tell your teammates the importance of project communication. Use this slide to jot down all the project details and monitor them with ease.

Download Project Management Status Indicators PowerPoint Slide Deck

Template 9

Keep all the project information at your fingertips by utilizing this pre-designed status report layout. The template allows you to portray the list of action items that are involved in project execution. You can use this slide to show project status and keep everyone on the same page.

Download Executive Status Report Of Multiple Project

Template 10

Get access to this slide and talk about your team’s achievements during the project execution phases. You can incorporate this template into your presentation and share it with the stakeholders to let them know about project milestones. Create an IT project status report in less than a minute and track your progress easily with this creative bundle.

Download Project Review With Cost Objectives Status Accomplishments Changes

The IT department is the lynchpin of almost every organization. At its core lies responsiveness powered by technology and data. Harness these components to prepare the most actionable IT project status reports by using our PPT templates.

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Looking to up your reporting game for other projects too? Check out our comprehensive guide to project status reports powered by actionable templates here.




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