Top 10 Templates to Deliver an Agile Project Status Report

Google! A giant in the tech industry grows impeccably with each passing day. It develops apps much faster than you could ever imagine, courtesy of an agile framework. Google has numerous applications that need a timely update and testing before rolling out to the users. That’s where agile comes into the picture and fixes the bugs or issues quickly.

There are examples galore wherein agile gained popularity among software development stalwarts; Apple, IBM, Spotify, and PlayStation Network, to name a few. Agile works as a project control tool, helping managers and developers work on the errors more closely. But have you ever wondered how to track the issues, changes, and new implementations? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s via reports!

In an agile world, user or project requirements shift consistently, maintaining status reports is the most pivotal thing. Do not ask why. It is the most dreaded question of all time. The essential purpose of agile project reporting is to assess the team’s productivity and tackle issues to increase velocity.

When you understand the value of generating reports, working on any kinks will be more accessible than ever. Your document must be locked and loaded perfectly and should be adhered to the agile essence.

Here’s a thing, most managers don’t know how to craft actionable agile project status reports.

But we have a quick fix for it.

Agile Project Status Report Templates To Download And Utilize

Agile project status reports give IT professionals a deep understanding of agile trends and how well your particular project is doing. It allows you to trim the backlog frequently and analyze the product’s quality effectively.

If you are lost in a sea of data, agile reporting will act as an anchor for you and pinpoint the impediments (if any). But in a frenzy to churn out reports in a specific timeframe, you fail to prepare a presentation-worthy report. Don’t worry! We have come up with the top 10 templates to help you create agile project status reports effortlessly!

So this is for the software developers, managers, and IT professionals, let’s get set and create agile project status reports without going off the rails.

Let’s check out the templates!

Template 1

This agile sprint report template allows you to craft your project’s progress within a specified time or sprint. By utilizing this slide, you can deliver a fool-proof report of your team’s work status to your bosses with ease.

Download Agile Task Board Of Sprint Report

Template 2

Incorporate this template into your presentation and show stakeholders the tasks and projects your team has worked on. With the aid of this slide, you can mention your team members’ names who are involved in the project. Grab this template and get your work started.

Download Agile Sprint Report Of Project With Task Name

Template 3

Use this template to keep track of the overall sprint velocity. You can take the help of this slide to let your team know how to improve accuracy in sprint planning. The template includes a tabular format wherein you can add your project details conveniently.

Download Agile Iteration Process With Current And Next Version Sprint Status

Template 4

Employ this template to create an informative report on your milestones and deliverables. With the help of this slide, you can provide a snapshot of your agile methodology and mindset to the different stakeholders. By utilizing this template, you can monitor your team’s progress easily.

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Download Four Steps Arrow Process Of Agile Daily Status Report Stages Infographic Template

Template 5

Download this template to highlight the risks involved in executing the project or a specific task. By using this slide, you can jot down the summary, team velocity, and projected date of your projects. You can use this template to share the agile project status dashboard with your boss.

Download Agile Project Status Dashboard With Story Details

Template 6

Grab this one-page template and save hours to create a well-structured agile project status report. The single-page slide allows you to craft your report crisply and concisely. This one-page template comes in handy and is ready-made. Just edit the content and deliver the report.

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Download One Page Agile Project Goals And Methodology Presentation Report

Template 7

This agile project status report template will not take a minute to enthrall your viewers. Our professionals have designed it with keen research that fits your business requirements perfectly. So get access to this slide and guide your bosses about your agile project update.

Download One Page Agile Project Report Status Presentation Report

Template 8

Employ this template to tabulate your latest IT application metrics, team performance, key deliverables, and test environment. With the aid of this report template, you can portray your project’s actual and expected status.

Download One Page Agile Test Strategy For IT Project Presentation Report

Template 9

Use this template to explain to your bosses how agile strategy helps boost your website performance. By utilizing this single pager template, you can provide a comprehensive view of your project’s status to the viewers with minimal effort.

Download One Page Agile Test Strategy For Website Performance Presentation Report

Template 10

Take advantage of this slide to illustrate the key details of your tasks to the viewers. The template can be accessed and edited easily. Modify the content in one go and deliver an engaging agile project status report to your managers.

Download Agile Project One Page Network Diagram Presentation Report

If you manage pseudo-agile, quasi-agile, or any other agile project, creating reports will now give you no nightmare. Download our templates and deliver insightful updates on your agile project to the stakeholders. Now communicating actionable project progress information with your stakeholders is just a click away!

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Want to know about the 5-point formula for integrating agile into your marketing operations? Check out our blog featuring agile workflow templates here.




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