Top 10 Templates to Build a Software Development Status Report

iPhone Flip to make a buzz in 2021! Do you know Apple is launching its foldable smartphone soon? Yes, it did launch its first flip phone in 2016, but this time it is bigger and better. This foldable phone plan is gaining a lot of traction already. Like you, we also can’t wait to get our hands on this beauty. But what if the brand fails to keep a record of software development and testing issues? Will there be any possibility of a product launch? Probably not.

Therefore, creating and tracking the status of software development activities is crucial as it speeds up a developer’s learning process. The software development status report keeps the context of particular data clear. With this fine-tuned document, every project member can be on the same page and work collaboratively to close the deal. We have answered why, but we guess you’re wondering how. Isn’t it?

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We have a solution that assists all the developers in creating a well-crafted software development status report. Keep reading to know-how!

PowerPoint Templates To Create A Software Development Status Report

Reports, if created properly, help you master the projects’ execution. Keeping this in mind, we have come with our top 10 templates to help you create software development status reports in minutes. With the help of our PPT samples, you can prepare a kickass report. Let’s get started!

Template 1

Launching new software requires concentration and sheer commitment. Create a comprehensive report and refine your process by utilizing our eye-catching template.

Download Organizations Software Development Processes PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Employ this template to provide a short summary of the software you intend to deliver. By utilizing this deck, you can portray the automation process and the architecture of the application conveniently.

Download Software Development Prioritization Techniques PowerPoint Presentation

Template 3

Incorporate this template to display the challenges you are facing while developing an application. Utilize this deck to create a status report on the application inventory and its performance.

Download Organization Software Application Portfolio Management PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4

Utilize this template to show the operational workflow of your project to the manager. With the aid of this deck, you can prepare a well-crafted report to showcase your new software application development status.

Download Operational Workflow Authorization Technical Management Flowchart Software Development

Template 5

Use this eye-catching deck to state the latest trends that your team has followed while creating a software unit. The template consists of relevant information that you can use while preparing your software development status report.

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Download Software Architecture Development Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 6

Apply the landing page of this template to your report and engage the viewers in one go. Use this deck to share the project completion update with your team leader. Download this template and let your managers know the final status of your application development project.

Download Software Architecture Layered Interaction Application Management Sources Services Microservice

Template 7

Incorporate this deck to illustrate the AI integration strategies used to build an application. With the help of this template, you can showcase the benefits of API testing. So grab this deck and get your work started.

Download API Integration For Building Software Applications PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 8

Employ this template to mention the software malfunctions or operation failures while building the application. You can use quality icons present in this deck to enhance the look of your application report.

Download Build And Deploy Android Software Application PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9

Take the assistance of this template to compose a perfect introduction section for your software development status report. With the aid of this deck, you can mention the various tools and techniques used to execute a new software application.

Download It Capability Maturity Model For Software Development Process PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 10

Get access to this template and give your status report an appealing look. By utilizing this deck, you can state your project’s timeline and other important information. Download the deck and personalize it right away.

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Download Configuration Management Improvements Development Planning Software Process

Status reports provide decision-makers with project updates and help them understand the type of professional you are. So take a step forward, grab our templates, and organize your information in a perceivable and comprehensive format.

P.S: If you are going to develop a new product and want to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, then explore our software development life cycle templates here.



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