Top 10 Templates To Build A Cybersecurity Training Module

7 min readJan 11, 2022


The term ‘cybercrime’ is not new to us. Many black hat hackers are sitting behind their computer screen, accessing your credentials to perform a malicious act. It could be a costly identity theft, reputation-destroying network hacks, or any other crime that puts an organization in a spot.

The news of cybercrime is always charting at the top. It is a fact that hackers constantly invade business spaces and create nuisances. That is the reason why you need to protect your business walls with cybersecurity. Without an embedded culture of cybersecurity, your fancy systems are of zero value and cannot do any good for your business.

The solution — adopting cybersecurity training modules. While most organizations have started providing cybersecurity training modules to their employees, the sad part is that many of them are still not digging deep enough. Here’s a quick primer.

Cyber security training module: A savior

We will be addressing 5 cybersecurity training modules that help you recognize the threats and vulnerabilities in your systems. We have come up with 10 well-crafted templates using which you can share the training modules with your employees. Bingo!

1. The threat

Any employee with access to a work-related system or smartphone should undergo the introductory module of cybersecurity training. This basic cybersecurity training module provides employees brief learning on how to deal with cyber threats. The module involves the tactics and operations of cybersecurity that will help your team members understand the evolving threats and encounter them effectively.

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Template 1

Presenting our professionally designed threat security PPT deck that helps you cover your employees’ primary cybersecurity training module. You can take advantage of this PowerPoint layout and incorporate it in your presentation to give your team members an overview of the topic. You can present each subtopic of threat security on a different slide and train employees on the latest security techniques.

Download Threat Technology Security Displaying Cybersecurity Companies

Template 2

Use this template to nail the outlook of your entire cybersecurity training module. The background image of this deck is so attractive that it will grab your employee’s attention instantly. Tap on the deck and conduct an impressive training session for your employees.

Download Enterprise Cyber Security Awareness Employees Training Complete Deck

2. Security control management

Passwords are the keys to your confidential data. Hackers often decode your set passwords and invade your systems swiftly. This kind of malicious attack makes it impossible for employees to access their accounts. So the cybersecurity training includes the security control management module that explains to your employees the importance of setting strong passwords. This training module makes password control management a cakewalk for your team, and there will be no chance hackers will crack the code.

Template 1

This template is an ideal fit for your cybersecurity training module. You can employ this deck and build an educational module for your employees that helps them secure their passwords. The template includes pre-populated slides that help create your training module on security control management in seconds. Go ahead and grab this deck at your earliest convenience.

Download Security Controls Management Cyberattacks Organization Infrastructure

Template 2

Employ this eye-catching template and educate your audience about the tactics to overcome malware threats. The deck consists of 53 editable slides, each containing a brief overview of cybersecurity topics. You can click on the template and download it in just a few steps. Download now and get your work started!

Download Employee Security Awareness Training Program PowerPoint Presentation

3. Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are the most common cybercrime faced by an organization. In this nuisance, hackers often send fraudulent messages to employers that seem to be coming from a reputable company or source. Once professionals get into the trap, all their financial access and login information are gone in 60 seconds or less. Employees should not be aloof from these phishing attacks and learn how to tackle them. So while building a cybersecurity training module, you cannot skip this one.

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Template 1

This deck of 50 slides will get you every valid information you need to include in your training module. You can use this template in your presentation to raise awareness on phishing attacks. There are high-grade images present in this PowerPoint template that enhance the look of your presentation.

Download Cyber Security And Phishing Awareness Training PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Take advantage of this deck and provide knowledge to your team members about the need for a cybersecurity awareness program. With the aid of this deck, you can list the topics that you find suitable to add to your training modules. You can play with the advanced features and build your training module the way you want.

Download Implementing A Security Awareness Program PowerPoint Presentation Slides

4. Risk management

Since technology is getting automated with every other business now, it is crucial to take care of IT operations. It helps identify, analyze, evaluate, and address cyberattacks (if any). The risk management module explains the severity of the threat and up to which extent they will harm your systems and data. So include this module in your cybersecurity training and educate your employees about IT security.

Template 1

Presenting our content-ready PPT deck that helps you train your employees. By utilizing this PowerPoint template, you can explain how to manage risk to avoid cyber threats. Grab this ready-made PPT template and give your employees informative training.

Download How To Handle Cybersecurity Risk PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

Opt for this topic-specific template to create an impressive training module on cybersecurity. The minimal designs present in this deck will make your content exceptionally perfect. You can edit and adjust the size of each slide to incorporate it in your presentation as per your needs. The color tone in the deck will make your training document more appealing than ever.

Download Cybersecurity Awareness Training PowerPoint Presentation Slides

5. Incident management

Somewhat similar to risk management, this module helps detect and preclude any potential attacks when they occur. The incident management training module makes you aware of the cyber attacks that take place in real time. The employees should have extensive knowledge about this particular module that helps them set a plan for any future discrepancies or cybercrimes.

Template 1

This PPT deck is specially made for your training sessions. The quality content in this template will help you build your module with ease. The features of this deck will make it easy for you to structure the presentation more attractively. It covers all the information that makes your training session interesting. Hurry up and download it now.

Download Cybersecurity Incident Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

Take a look at this creatively designed PPT deck and build a fully-functional cybersecurity awareness program. The PowerPoint template covers the information that your employees need to know about cybersecurity. Do not think twice and grab this wonderful PPT deck right away.

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Download Cybersecurity Organizational Network Protection Measures

By virtue of cybersecurity, organizations can secure their vital data or information from hackers. So take a step forward, create an effective cybersecurity training module, and enforce a successful initiative in your company by utilizing our well-crafted templates.

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