Top 10 Sales Comparison Templates To Analyze Your Company’s Profit Margins

OK. Show me how much we made compared to last year?”

“Gasp!” goes a sales manager the minute the company director throws him this googly.

Rummaging through the documents sprawled onto the meeting desk, the sales manager braces for a rush of tension.

Why? Because in the hustle of showing revenue figures to impress the boss, the sales manager had forgotten to procure a key piece of information — the company’s sales comparison.

This can happen to even the most seasoned masters of sales mechanisms. Sales comparison is a crucial, but at the same time often overlooked, piece of corporate number crunching. Not only that, a comprehensive sales comparison strategy is one of the most significant traits of upscale businesses.

So if you are also looking to emulate the same traits, it’s time for you to weigh in on the powerful concept of sales comparison. Here we go!

What is sales comparison?

Sales comparison is a beneficial process that shows entrepreneurs the growth of the previous year versus the current year. With this, business magnates can analyze whether they are reaping profits or incurring losses. It allows entrepreneurs to steer their organization on the right path.

Sales comparison is vital for a business as it not only enhances production but manages future forecasting as well. Most companies concentrate on delivering goods and earning revenue without looking at their previous sales, which can prove detrimental in the long run. For a profitable business, sales comparison is a must.

Sales comparison techniques

For organizations, achieving their expected sales goals is important. So here we are addressing 5 types of sales comparison techniques that every entrepreneur should look:

  • Sales trend: This technique illustrates the different patterns in sales data. Precisely, it shows whether the sales graph is going upwards or downwards over a specific timeframe. It helps organizations understand the sales equation between the current and past year.
  • Sales performance: Gauging the sales effectiveness of different products is necessary. For better price margins, higher revenue rate, a company should follow this technique. If a business is losing sales figures, this technique brings it back on track.
  • Diagnostic sales comparison: This technique helps companies compare sales based on trends and increased competition. If the competition is high and sales are low, then organizations can diagnose the challenges that stunt their growth. It gives detailed insights to companies based on their competitors’ sales.
  • Prescriptive sales comparison: It is one of the most useful sales comparison techniques that improve the existing sales reps based on the previous sales. In this, the organization can compare its current sales from that of their past successful sales pursuits that help them boost their numbers accordingly.
  • Marketing research: For businesses, marketing research can be a gateway into the future. It helps compare the sales results and make informed business decisions. With this technique, a company can study its competitors’ sales graph and also the general sales statistics that help them grow.

Top 10 Sales Comparison Templates To Download And Utilize

Sales comparison can bring tremendous benefits to your business. Therefore, we have selected 10 well-curated sales comparison templates for every professional who wants to beat the competition. Let’s check them out!

Template 1

Incorporate this engaging slide in your presentation to compare the annual sales of different products. You can change the colors and fonts of this template to personalize your presentation. Grab the template and personalize it.

Download Products Annual Sales Comparison Graph

Template 2

Take advantage of this eye-catching template to compare the year-over-year sales of your business and analyze the profit margins conveniently. You can use this slide to track the current growth of your organization and compare it with the past sales results.

Download Year Over Year Sales Comparison

Template 3

Employ this interesting slide to compare your sales revenue across different periods. With the help of this sales comparison template, you can improve your business operations and work better for future endeavors. So go ahead and grab this slide.

Download Sales Comparison Trend Sand Chart

Template 4

Take the assistance of this PowerPoint template to track your company’s progress. Use this slide and talk about the significance of sales comparison. In this slide, you can tweak the content that makes your information strong and valuable.

Download Before And After Sales Comparison

Template 5

Grab this appealing template to compare the yearly sales between two products. The colors used in this slide grab the viewers’ attention all at once. If you want, you can change the layout of this template at your convenience.

Download 2 Products Yearly Sales Comparison Of Company

Template 6

Utilize this template to compare your monthly business sales across different regions. The slide is completely editable and is available for immediate download. You can apply an attractive backdrop to this template to beautify your content.

Download Monthly City Wise Sales Comparison Chart

Template 7

Get access to this slide and create an impeccable presentation on sales comparison. By utilizing our attractive template, you can compare the current annual sales with the previous one. Add stylish fonts to beautify your presentation.

Download Organizational Annual Sales Comparison Of Two Product

Template 8

Use this slide to monitor the expenses of your existing project as compared to the previous year. With the aid of our template, you can showcase the sales analytics of your company to the viewers effortlessly.

Download Year Over Year Different Products Sales Comparison

Template 9

Take the assistance of our catchy template to compare the quarterly sales of your company’s products. Among all the sales comparison templates, it is the most utilized one. With this slide, you can let your viewers know how much profit your company has earned. So download the template and get your work started.

Download Product Wise Quarterly Sales Comparison Graph

Template 10

Utilize this template to explain to your spectators how sales comparison can help increase your business performance. With the help of this slide, you can improve your sales strategy and grow your business without any hassle.

Download Sales Performance Dashboard Sales Comparison Sales By Product Category

By conducting a proper sales comparison, you can maximize the financial performance of your business. So grab our sales comparison templates to grow your business and move a step ahead of your competitors!

To check out how comparison templates add value to your business presentations, click here.



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