Top 10 Metrics, Key Performance Indicators, and Dashboards Google Slides Templates For Business

In today’s data-driven world, data overload is one of the prime issues faced by companies. An organization is dependent on different departments and requires focused attention for their proper functioning. It often becomes cumbersome to gather data from different divisions and platforms, analyze it, and to present it sensibly.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” — Carly Fiorina

It is a crucial challenge to deduce complex statistics. Effective data visualization helps in taking business decisions which can have a significant impact on the enterprise. Dashboards help to gain an insight into the complex organizational operations data and to keep everyone on the same page. It is an indispensable information management tool.

“A performance dashboard is a practical tool to improve management effectiveness and efficiency, not just a pretty retrospective picture in an annual report.” — Pearl Zhu

Dashboards allow a glance at the current performance of an organization by keeping track of metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and other relevant information to run a better business.

Align your business objectives and reach new heights by downloading our Top 10 Metrics, Key Performance Indicators, and Dashboards Google Slides Templates. Have an added advantage over your competitors by making well thought out business decisions with these easily customizable dashboard templates.

Let’s dive in and fuel your business!

Top 10 Metrics, Key Performance Indicators, and Dashboards Google Slides Templates To Download

Template 1

Download Employee Operational Performance Metrics Google Slides Template

Get an overview of your employees and access their performance using our pre-designed HR dashboard PowerPoint template. With this Google slides compatible template, you can quickly get an idea of the number of employees in each department. The recruitment process can also be easily accessed by incorporating this editable HR dashboard template. Take advantage of this professionally designed template for easy management of employee records.

Template 2

Download Business KPI Dashboard Google Slides Template

Business analysts can employ this comprehensively researched KPI PowerPoint template to communicate the data in the meetings effectively. You can download this editable Google slides adaptable template to track important aspects of business such as traffic source, visitor types, etc. This ready-made management tool is also handy in keeping track of page views and conversion goals.

Template 3

Download Information Technology Kpi Dashboard Google Slides Template

Give an understanding to your colleagues about the service impact and performance using our attention-grabbing IT KPI PowerPoint template. This Google slides compatible template allows the team to drive towards their goals and come up with ideas for performance improvement. Utilize this editable template to present the data in a comprehensible manner and focus on the problem areas.

Template 4

Download Marketing KPI Dashboard Google Slides Template

Market analysts can download our visually appealing modern dashboard PowerPoint templates to showcase the data and analytics. Display the traffic source and lead funnel by utilizing this Google slides adaptable template. You can track the monthly leads and sales with this amazingly designed dashboard template. Data visualization using a dashboard template as a management tool can effectively communicate the sales performance.

Template 5

Download Manufacturing KPI Dashboard Google Slides Template

The manufacturing company involves several operations and lagging of one department leads to delay in the process. Employ our dashboard PowerPoint template to report the current status of the manufacturing process in an easy to understand way. Provide all the relevant information in a glance using Metrics, KPI, and Dashboards template. Highlight the production in a graphical form with the help of this management tool.

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Template 6

Download Healthcare Dashboard With Patient Metrics Google Slides Template

Track the performance of your healthcare organization by downloading our pre-designed dashboard PowerPoint template. Gain an insight into the average length of stay and manage the facilities accordingly by utilizing this Google slides compatible template. With this editable dashboard template, you can maintain a record of the number of patients ER and assign doctors for their treatment accordingly.

Template 7

Download Program Management KPI Dashboard Google Slides Template

Get your task done on time by incorporating our program management dashboard PowerPoint template. With this ready to use Google slides adaptable template, you can keep a tab of the progress of assignments. List the issues and risks by utilizing this attention-grabbing dashboard template. Using the graphical representation, you can elucidate the performance of different tasks and suggest methods for improvement.

Template 8

Download Risk Management KPI Dashboard Google Slides Template

Showcase your data visualization skills and engagingly present them by taking advantage of this striking dashboard PowerPoint template. Using this editable Google slides compatible theme, you can color the focus area and discuss it with your teammates effectively. By incorporating this template, you can highlight the risks by category and make a correct business decision based on the data.

Template 9

Download Operational Performance Metrics Hr Dashboard Google Slides Template

Keep track of department wise employee performance by downloading our content-ready dashboard PowerPoint template. Utilizing this comprehensively researched Google slides compatible template is a must for managing salary range breakdown and tracking the number of employees in each department. You can easily edit data as per your need and illustrate the records in an organized way.

Template 10

Download Business KPI Dashboard Google Slides Template

Highlight the revenue generation and other business data in a convenient and comprehensible way by introducing this visually appealing business Metrics, KPI, and dashboards PowerPoint template. Give all the essential statistics in one glance by downloading our content-ready Google slides adaptable template. This contemporary interface is beneficial to track and monitor overall business performance.

Integrate business operations of your organization by downloading these Top 10 Metrics, KPI, and Dashboards Google Slides Templates. Google slides compatibility makes it easy to share inter-department and get your business to operate smoothly.

Like vehicles, your business needs a dashboard too. Download now!

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