Top 10 DevOps Templates to Leverage Smart Engineering in Your Company

An IT manager has to keep tabs on all the activities, right from production to successful deployment. The race to meet the deadline without compromising the quality is all that is desired. Easier said than done, though!

As a result, organizations embrace IT modernization with the adoption of DevOps to deliver high-quality products on time, that too by eliminating waste. Due to numerous advantages, there is a worldwide surge in demand for DevOps services. Let us understand the buzz about DevOps and how it differs from the conventional software development lifecycle.

What is DevOps?

Coined by Patrick Debois in 2009, the term ‘DevOps’ is the amalgamation of the words ‘development’ and ‘operations’. DevOps is a holistic IT culture or approach which streamlines the software development process to make it flexible, dynamic, and effective. The collaboration between the development and operations teams enables faster delivery with top-notch quality. The constant ping-pong between the two departments is eliminated, which leads to smoother integration and automation of low-value processes.

Unlike the traditional software development lifecycle (SDLC), all the ineffective manual routines and business processes are eliminated. DevOps reduces the time and the bugs significantly. It is a cross-functional mindset that stimulates the continuous flow of small batch deliverables.

The ‘Agile’ and ‘DevOps’ methodologies are closely related as they both ensure improved IT performance. For the uninitiated, an Agile framework focuses on delivering high-quality products, meeting the changing demands of the clients with its iterative ability.

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Unlike Agile, DevOps also functions in the deployment phase by constant collaboration between the development and the operations teams and is, hence, a successor or outgrowth of the Agile methodology. While the Agile approach focuses on continuous changes, DevOps emphasizes constant testing and delivery.

Advantages of leveraging DevOps

According to a recent survey, the DevOps software market will reach $6.6 billion in 2022, which is a whopping increase from $2.9 billion in 2017. DevOps is growing worldwide, owing to its applications in various sectors such as healthcare and financial services. Let us dwell on the benefits of adopting the modern IT practice of DevOps as a way to smart engineering.

  • Quicker deployment

DevOps speeds up the pace of delivering the features and modifications by automated testing and integration. The time to monitor, locate, and fix bugs is reduced, accelerating the time to market. The shorter iterations ensure that if there is an error, it can be rectified at an early stage so that it doesn’t break all at once.

  • Greater customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the crucial factors that can either make or break the business. In DevOps, the clients can track the process of the project and suggest changes. This helps incorporate the changes from the initial stages and ensures that the developers are on track to meet the client’s expectations.

  • Collaborative working leads to innovation

Brainstorming ideas with colleagues is another advantage of DevOps. The dynamic communication between the teams paves the way to business agility and innovation. It enables people to learn more about the operations of other teams, which results in a better understanding of the customer requirements. Tweaking an existing process can often result in the innovation of a more profitable way of performing operations.

  • Improved quality and reliability

DevOps approach doesn’t follow conventional software testing. In DevOps, testing is made a critical part throughout the software development process. This helps in improved quality and reliability of deliverables and enables the smooth running of the business.

Top 10 DevOps Templates to Download

Organizations must streamline their end-to-end delivery pipeline to achieve excellence. DevOps is the way to modern IT infrastructure, which supports software quality right from the beginning of development and incorporates the customer feedback loops for delivering superior quality products and services. To help you strengthen the IT infrastructure of your organization, we have curated the top 10 DevOps templates. These comprehensively researched DevOps templates are easy to download and can be tweaked as your business demands. Check them out and grab the ones you like.

Template 1

Download DevOps Template

Discuss the need for a DevOps mindset in the organization and elaborate on its best practices by downloading this attention-grabbing IT template. IT managers can showcase the proposed timeline and roadmap of the project by downloading this complete deck.

Template 2

Download DevOps Planning Transformation Process Template

IT professionals can download this complete deck to elucidate the transformation process of a company into the DevOps approach. The key components of the DevOps framework can be discussed in detail with the team by introducing this pre-built template with ease.

Template 3

Download DevOps PowerPoint Template

Give an overview of DevOps and its need in business by incorporating this content-ready PowerPoint template. IT students can take advantage of this well-researched complete deck to present at seminars and conferences.

Template 4

Download DevOps On Cloud PowerPoint Template

Showcase the difference between the traditional IT culture and the DevOps mindset by downloading this DevOps template. You can also use this DevOps template to discuss its uses in different sectors such as healthcare and financial services.

Template 5

Download DevOps Strategy Roadmap Lifecycle Template

Explain the DevOps lifecycle and its principles with the help of our professionally-designed IT PowerPoint complete deck. Comprising 44 ready-made slides, this PowerPoint template is a must to highlight the significance of adopting DevOps in IT infrastructure.

Template 6

Download Ansible For DevOps Template

IT professionals can highlight the usage of Ansible in DevOps by employing this pre-designed DevOps template. The various features of Ansible can be showcased with the help of this template and have a productive brainstorming session for its implementation in DevOps.

Template 7

Download Virtuous Circle Cycle Of DevOps Template

Elucidate the merits of DevOps in an eye-catching manner by downloading this customizable template. This versatile IT template is a must to understand the DevOps approach in business and explore the avenues of growth.

Template 8

Download DevOps Maturity Model Template

Showcase the DevOps model by introducing this customizable template. You can also mention the key points of your proposed model engagingly by employing this template.

Template 9

Download Steps For Building Successful DevOps Team Structure Template

Demonstrate the step-wise process of building the DevOps team by incorporating this template. The high-quality icons used in this PPT template instantly grab attention. You can also define the critical features of each step using this template.

Template 10

Download Five Years DevOps Roadmap Template

Showcase the detailed project roadmap along with DevOps principles by downloading this editable template. Managers can give an overview of the project and discuss the roles and responsibilities with their colleagues using this template.

DevOps has proved to be beneficial for businesses in the ways discussed above, and hence, it is here to stay. So if you haven’t adopted the DevOps approach in your business, you can start with our top 10 DevOps templates. Download these pre-designed DevOps templates and improve your business efficiency right away!



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