Top 10 Business Investigation Templates To Assess And Avert Potential Risks

Business frauds are nothing new. Wrongdoing, corruption, and forgery are as old as business itself. Regardless of the organization size, fraud can happen both internally and externally. Whether it is among the employees once trusted or a competitor who wants to throw a wrench into your operations, businesses are vulnerable to frauds and risks. Dealing with fraudulent activities and deceitful acts is challenging, especially when you have to keep all the plates spinning. As a way out, organizations undergo a complete business investigation carried out by a certified and private investigator.

A business investigation is an in-depth analysis managed by an investigator to help companies protect themselves from internal and external risks that can pose dire consequences in the future. It comes into play when business magnates want to know about embezzlement or any threat that can harm their company’s reputation. Well-conducted business investigations can avert potential risks and make organizations safer and more secure than ever. Here are the 5 common reasons why a business investigation is conducted.

  • To detect threats

An investigation is a smart and safe approach to uncover wrongdoings. Organizations most often suffer from malicious threats or risks like data theft, technology scams, sabotage, etc. To deal with these, a business investigation is mandated and, hence, the full extent of the problem can be detected with ease.

  • To audit current processes

Business investigations help determine the potential risks and weaknesses with the help of audits. With this, the evaluation of existing business processes and various other training programs can be done effectively. This is conducted so as to make the business environment risk-free that leads to a better allocation of resources.

  • To recoup losses

Frauds that happen in business internally result in hefty losses. Internal threats include embezzlement of funds, physical threats, financial thefts, etc. Organizations suffering from these can expect an ROI from business investigation services that get to the root cause of money loss and prevent further theft.

  • To evaluate the root cause of disruptive events

Mishaps can occur anytime and organizations need to take security measures for them. That is why they take the help of business investigation services that can easily determine who is causing what problems and the reason behind it. Investigation services follow proper procedures to deal with such disruptive events and assure the organization of its safety and security.

  • To stay safe from false business acquisitions

Before merging or acquiring, businesses need to do a complete background check of parent companies. It is important to investigate whether a business acquisition would be worthwhile or not. If it is not done on time, the details and relevant information of the parent business can never be checked. If there are any frauds, the business can suffer a huge loss.

Top 10 Business Investigation Templates To Download And Use

Conducting a business investigation not only detects unlawful activity but also protects organizations from future discrepancies. Being a business director or CEO, you must be aware of every rule, norm, and benefit of business investigation. So we offer you a creative bundle of our business investigation templates that help secure your business. Without any further ado, let’s check them out!

Template 1

Take advantage of our professionally-designed template to showcase the risks and threats that a business investigation approach can assess. The deck comprises a total of 71 slides, each containing relevant information about business investigation. You can get access to this template and start personalizing it as per your needs.

Download Business Investigation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

By utilizing our attractive template, you can talk about how business investigation can secure your finances and liquidities. You can incorporate this template in your business presentation to grab your viewer’s attention. With this, you will get to learn about the needs of financial investigation briefly and clearly.

Download Financial Investigation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

Employ our template to portray the insurance, financial, and other potential risks your business is facing. With the help of this deck of 66 slides, you can uncover the major threats and issues that can be resolved by business investigation. Use the landing page of this template in your presentation and make the session interesting for the viewers.

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Download Fraud Investigation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 4

Take the assistance of this template to ensure whether your organization is running smoothly or not. The deck comprises a total of 76 slides that showcase the aspects related to business legitimacy. In this, you can add or modify your content without any hassle. There are various high-grade icons in this template that enhance the look of your subject.

Download Legal Investigation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 5

Use this engaging deck to illustrate the internal threats you want to convey to your private investigator. In this, you can jot down different areas of risk that need to be addressed and investigated carefully. The deck comes with plenty of space where you can add your company’s logo and its information for the investigator’s reference.

Download Investigation Magnifying Glass Evidence Research Individual Identifying

Template 6

Utilize our topic-specific template to secure your business from false mergers and acquisitions. With this template, you can list the points that you want to investigate before merging into another company. The deck comprises a total of 76 slides that depict topics like financial due-diligence, customer sales, technology intellectual property, etc.

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Download Reasonable Investigation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 7

Take advantage of our appealing template to gather knowledge on business investigation. The template is content-ready which means you don’t have to waste any extra minute to make your viewers understand the importance of investigation. You can include this deck in your presentation and leave an everlasting impression on your audience.

Download Funding Investigation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 8

Grab this template to portray the complexities of your business investigation needs. The deck has been crafted after extensive research by our professionals. There is valuable information in this deck that helps you understand the need for business investigation. So go ahead and get easy access to it in a few clicks.

Download Investment Audit PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9

If you are an investigator or auditor, this template will assist you well. This deck of 44 topic-specific slides casts a spotlight on the purpose of the audit system, its objectives, procedures, etc. With this, you can explain to the business the key threats that you will investigate to prevent pitfalls. Grab this deck and get your work started.

Download Audit Of Business Systems With Checklist PowerPoint Presentation

Template 10

Take advantage of this template to create an impeccable presentation within a few minutes. This template allows you to edit the content, font, color, and size of your presentation effortlessly. You can also use advanced features and highlights to make your presentation appealing and engaging at the same time. Don’t waste another minute and download this template right away.

Download Legal Investigation Management Document Description Process Technique


Business frauds happen slowly over a course of time or in the blink of an eye before you even realize how to tackle them. So deal with them by conducting a proper business investigation. Make a move to secure your intellectual property and business landscape using our templates!

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To learn how our risk management templates can help your business, click here.



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