‘Digital currency’ is all the rage these days. Not just tech geeks, even financial institutions are equally curious to explore it. And there’s a reason why cryptocurrency has sparked such intrigue — due to its remarkable features. You get monetary transactions in a fully automated and safe way, without the involvement of a bank or any third party. No money watcher, so no transaction fee!

But how? What is behind the wheel?

The answer is blockchain technology.

Invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, blockchain technology is also referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It facilitates peer-to-peer transactions, maintains a shared list of records, and tracks assets without a central clearing authority.

Blockchain technology can help in embedding essential documents, contracts, or activities in digital code. Such embedded information cannot be tampered with or deleted as it is transparent, and everyone involved is accountable for every action. It will be stored in a shared database having a digital record and immutable cryptographic signature that could be identified, authenticated, stored, and shared.

Blockchain technology is a type of database which is decentralized and is managed by many participants. For the uninitiated, a database is a collection of electronically stored information. All blockchains are databases, but the reverse is not true. The primary difference between a traditional database and blockchain technology is its structure and how it stores the data.

In the database, data is structured in tabular format for easy search and filter of information. As the name suggests, in blockchain technology, the data is collected into groups (blocks). These blocks are filled up to their storage capacity and then joined (chain) onto the previously filled blocks, forming a ‘blockchain’. Likewise, all the new information or data that follows is added to the new block. Once loaded, this new block is joined to the sequential chain. Once a block is added to the chain, it is given a timestamp and becomes a part of the data’s irreversible timeline.

Let us explore the three basic concepts of blockchain technology: blocks, nodes, and miners, for a deeper understanding.

  • Blocks — Blocks are the components of the chain which store data in blockchain technology. As a block is created, nounce (a 32-bit whole number) generates a cryptographic hash (a 256-bit number). Unless mined, blocks are tied to this nounce and hash.
  • Nodes — In this decentralized technology, nodes are electronic devices that keep copies of the blockchain. As no one organization or computer owns a chain, the distributed ledger is connected with nodes. A specific alphanumeric identification number is provided to each participant. Due to the technology’s transparent nature, the identification number reflects and records every action.
  • Miners — Miners create new blocks on the blockchain through a process called mining. To add a block to the chain, miners find a nounce that generates an accepted hash using various software. As each block has its own nounce and hash, along with the previous block’s hash, the block’s alteration isn’t easy. Block manipulation is a complex process as it requires re-mining of all the blocks that follow and is, thus, a safety feature. After successfully mining the block, the change is accepted by all the nodes of the network.

Blockchain technology can revolutionize industries in many ways. We have curated the top 10 blockchain technology PPT to understand this technology and take advantage of these to implement in your organization. These pre-designed templates are all you need to stay ahead and harness the untapped potential of blockchain technology.

Template 1

Download Blockchain Template

Give a detailed introduction to the working of a distributed ledger by incorporating this blockchain technology template. Comprising these 19 slides complete deck, the benefits and limitations of this technology can be discussed effectively. Students can also include this template for educational purposes.

Template 2

Download Blockchain Technology Template

Explain the blockchain architecture and how it enables safe transactions by downloading this comprehensively-researched blockchain technology template. You can explain the 30–60–90 days implementation roadmap to your teammates with this illustrative complete deck.

Template 3

Download Blockchain Basics Architecture Use Cases And Implementation Timeline Template

Discuss how blockchain is transforming business by employing our customizable blockchain technology template. You can also elucidate the test cases of the technology using our pre-designed PowerPoint template. Technology professionals can take advantage of this complete deck to highlight the features of blockchain technology.

Template 4

Download BlockChain Network Technology Template

Showcase the advantages of blockchain technology and its application in various industries by incorporating this high-quality technology template. Teachers can ensure that all the fundamentals of technology are communicated clearly to the students by grabbing this template.

Template 5

Download Blockchain Architecture Design And Use Cases Template

Are you looking for a detailed PowerPoint complete deck for your next seminar on blockchain technology? Download this attention-grabbing blockchain technology complete deck. As it covers all the technical aspects, take full advantage of it now!

Template 6

Download Blockchain Digital Transformation Template

Explain the digital transformation which blockchain technology has brought by incorporating this stunning technology template. Also, IT professionals can highlight the blockchain variants and their features by downloading this editable PowerPoint complete deck.

Template 7

Download Overview Of Blockchain Technology And Architecture Template

Blockchain technology and its applications can completely change the way information is stored and shared. Elucidate the advantages of blockchain technology and its applications using our customizable template. Additionally, students can use it for their projects and seminars by simply hitting the download button.

Template 8

Download Smart Contracts Blockchain Template

Highlight the working and use of distributed ledger by introducing this well-researched blockchain technology complete deck. Furthermore, you can download this template to showcase the features of this technology such as privacy and decentralization.

Template 9

Download Positive Impact Of Using Blockchain In Banking Template

Banking professionals can download this blockchain technology template to introduce it in their sector. Various features and advantages can be listed and discussed efficiently with colleagues using this editable template.

Template 10

Download 5 Benefits Of Blockchain Technology Template

Elucidate the advantages of blockchain technology using our illustrative PowerPoint template. Also, with this content-ready template, teachers can educate the students about this latest technology easily.

Blockchain is an open-source technology that is transparent and immutable, with a classic example of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Download these professionally-designed templates to educate and implement blockchain technology in your company. Pick the most suited blockchain technology template and customize it according to your business needs.



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