Tips and Tricks for a 5 Minute PowerPoint Presentation

The duration of a presentation is usually dependent on the topic. The more important the topic the longer the duration of the presentation! However, what if you are asked to deliver a 5-minute presentation by your boss even when it is the most important topic?

Yes, only 5 minutes! Now you must be thinking “Only 5 minutes! that is way too less!” But to be frank 5 minutes is all you need to get your message out there. Take inspiration from the television actors who can convey their message in less than 30 seconds. So, why can’t we deliver an impactful presentation in 5 minutes?

And let us not deny the fact how dreadful those 60 minutes or longer presentations are. We all have been a victim to such torture. Isn’t it?

5-minute presentations are definitely much more engaging and far less boring than long dreary presentations. Therefore, I have come up with these hacks to help you deliver a snappy 5-minute presentation.

Start with a Bang

The opening should be such that it promises your victory. Start with a quote or a fun fact to break the ice and connect well with your audience. In such a small span of time, you can’t take the risk of losing your audience interest in the very beginning. Your starting should be such that it keeps your audience hooked till the very end.

Audience is the King

Your audience is the King! They will be the deciding authority of your presentation that whether it is a failure or a success. So, knowing your audience is the key to making any presentation successful and who knows you might even bag the title of the best presentation.

Before delivering the presentation knowing the likes and dislikes of your audience is very important. If you don’t know your audience well it is unlikely that you will be able to intrigue your audience. Even if you are an excellent presenter at some time of the other it is likely that you will lose the interest of your audience.

Keep it Short and Simple

Keep your presentation sweet, simple and to the point. Your presentations should not contain more than 5–6 PowerPoint slides. All of these PowerPoint slides should highlight all the important points you want to deliver to your audience. However, the information should be as limited as possible so that the audience can focus on your words rather than read the slides. Also, each point must resonate with the audience.

Slow and steady wins the race

Don’t rush your presentation by speaking too fast. Take it slow so that everything can be easily understood. Explain each and every point of yours very slowly so that it leaves a strong impact on your audience’s minds and they can memorize the information provided.

Add emotions and enthusiasm

What better way than to present your presentation enthusiastically and to build an emotional connection with your audience! Do this with the help of gestures and facial expressions which come in very handy when you have only 5 minutes to convey your message.

Present an Infographic

Infographics can be the best tool when you have to present information in a short span of time. They turn boring charts and graphs into visually stunning graphics which will both engage and attract your audience. Therefore, create an impactful infographic slide to convey your message efficiently and conveniently.

Practice makes a man perfect

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Practice well before you deliver the presentation in front of a mirror or fake audience to build up your confidence. Also, you need to be familiar with each and every component included in the PowerPoint slides. Therefore, practice it as many times as you can before actually delivering it in front of the audience.


These are some general guidelines that are applicable to all 5-minute presentations irrespective of the topic. Following these hacks will help you create top-notch presentations without much of an effort. Also, after following these tips and tricks you will fall in love with the idea of delivering 5-minute presentations which were otherwise quite horrifying and baffling.

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