Presenting the most effective One Page Investor Strategy

Describing a project to friends and family in spare time is stress-free. Boiling big ideas down on a single page- the page that you will hand over to your investors to get funded- is not! This page matters, which makes creating and presenting it even harder. That is why we have come up with this extensive guide that will walk you through creating awesome one-page summary documents for investors.

What is a one-page summary investor strategy document?

A one-page summary document can be thought of as your company’s “business card”. It is essentially a written pitch, that gives a high-level overview of your products, services, and business. It is like a modern-day brochure, the main agenda of which is to grab the immediate attention of the investor.

Investors and deal-flow managers often see one-pager; as an executive summary- an at-a-glance fact sheet encapsulating every important point about your business and its undertakings. It is used to promote your business, its offerings, vision, and unique features. It is also a short little presentation that can be used for internal discussion with stakeholders, partners, and investors.

The problem is that investors hardly have time to go through a 100-page layout and you don’t want to pitch yourself with a bulk of documents either. They are more likely to spend like 5 minutes of their time on each presentation or documents presented, making one-pagers an absolute success!

The one-pager should be direct, and graphically aesthetic, in order to attract the eye of the investors and deal flow managers. It is also essential to keep the design relatively simple and avoid filling the page with too much information that makes it look congested.

What should it include?

This is a general recommended format that could always be remodeled to suit your company’s needs:

Many entrepreneurs tend to begin with describing their products, leaving the most important point behind: What is this for?

It is essential to be clear about the problem that the product solves. Explain in a short and crisp form why the problem presents an opportunity; while this idea might seem quite obvious, it is often overlooked by some of the esteemed entrepreneurs in the industry.

Introduce your products and services to the world in an attractive manner: Include a description of what your product is, who is it useful for, why it is needed, and how it is better than others in the marketplace. This section allows you to portray your product as the ultimate solution, so use it wisely.

The explanation should be crystal clear for a professional and non-professional to comprehend.

Also, if the product has some strong graphic characteristics like an attractive interface, it is better to include snapshots and images of everything that may excite the investor, however, minimalism still remains the primary principle, as stated above.

Show the proficiency of your products in your field. This section is all about showing your expertise and how your products can be a true game-changer.

Present the product through a competitive prism and as a solution that tops every other product list in the marketplace. This will help in placing you in a better position over your competitors.

Emphasize on the large customer base your products have gained exponentially. It is recommended to use charts, graphs, or tables for that matter to show your growth, sales, and marketing potential. Another lucrative option is to state the addressable market as a part of the solution your products offer.

Investors aren’t just signing up for the work your organization provides, they’re signing your entire organization with all of its resources including the manpower. Hence, humanize your company by providing a gist about yourself and your teammates who are technically the face of your organization.

This section is also helpful in the onboarding process as it helps the employees get acquainted with the core of the business- the torch bearers who will support and help steer the company and its assets.

Comprehensive details about your company and its undertakings- when it started, stage at which it stands, previous financing rounds, customer pipelines, etc. can be judiciously displayed.

Consequently, a go-to-market strategy can be provided, detailing the plans of your company’s market penetration.

Include the contact information of your business and its key personnel.

One Page Investor Strategy Templates

One-pagers can be highly effective in eradicating the verbosity and clutter that is often reflected in expansive business templates. Thus they help to keep the information short and simple to comprehend. Here are our top 5 one page investor strategy templates to help you get started!

These templates work wonderfully for all kinds of business ventures, especially new ones and startups that require a guideline to present themselves.

Template 1

A good investment summary one-page document is a springboard towards establishing a new business venture. It is an important tool to raise sufficient funds from investors and angel investors. The summary page is designed to help you answer all the concerns that the investor has regarding your business offerings. With all the necessary elements included such as business summary, total available market, customer problems, management, and several others, this one-page document is a must-have in your business arsenal. It will help you demonstrate that your vision regarding future returns is clear and well-planned.

Download One Page Business Summary For Investors Document PPT PDF Doc Printable

Template 2

One sure-fire way to gain an investment is to look for people interested in your business idea and can put together the amount you require. This one-page investment summary template contains pertinent information about the investment opportunity, property information, financing needs, contact information, and other points that will help you attract the eye of the investors. It provides an outline and pointers that should be included in your document. Besides this, the true beauty of this template lies in its design and aesthetics, which is kept minimalistic and to-the-point.

Download One Page Flip Investment Summary For Investors Document PPT PDF Doc Printable

Template 3

Investors seek profitable market opportunities to invest in that solves real customer problems. Many ideas and technologies exist but they are oftentimes misleading. This one-page technology investment summary template helps you meet the full scope of investment criteria by outlining important aspects like present position, management and shareholding, and others. You can use this template to your advantage by providing an outstanding opportunity to invest in your venture. Encapsulating major elements and important ones too, this template will help you present to the best of your capacity. Also tweaking it as per your liking is also easy.

Download One Page Technology Investment Summary For Investors Document PPT PDF Doc Printable

Template 4

We proudly present to you this one-page document that will act as your mini-guide to acquire funds for your freight and transportation businesses. It highlights elements like services, key metrics, rapid growth stats, and many others that help you present a fully-charged up layout for your business opportunities. Additionally, the format of this one-page document is editable, hence alterations are possible. Also, the charts and graphs used are fully responsive to the data added, so feel free to customize them too as per your data and stats.

Download One Page Transportation Summary For Investors Document PPT PDF Doc Printable

Template 5

Financial positioning is the most important aspect of acquiring funds. It is the biggest topic of concern for the investors as they like to invest a profitable venture with a firm market positioning. Pen down the financial withstanding of your business in this one-pager and present it in a concise way. Aspects like total sales by product, financial analysis, logo, etc. can be easily dealt away with this intuitively designed layout. Also, the features offered are editable and high-resolution leaving no stone unturned to impress the investors.

Download Summary One Page Automobile Company Financial Analysis Document PPT PDF Doc Printable

The one-pager designs offered are not set in stone. They can be repurposed, revised, re-edited, and revisited as per your suitability. These templates will make sure that your efforts are well-aligned with the vision of your company, thus helping you convey your message as succinctly as possible.

SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection.

SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection.