How To Create A Best-In-Class Competitor Analysis Report — 20 Best Examples Included

Competition is an innate part of the business. The trends of rivalries between the organizations is not a new thing. Each sector strives for its profitability in the market. And for that, keeping an eye on competitor’s metrics is a must. Over the years, businesses have been analyzing their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. This strategy is commonly known as competitor analysis that works exceptionally great for organizations to move ahead of their rivals. With the business competition increasing every day, there is a need for every professional to have a competitive analysis that is more efficient.

Consumers play a pivotal role in organizations, as they are the ones who are responsible for the shifting metrics. Without a powerful target audience, a company can never grow in the market. While conducting competitor analysis, it is better to observe the opponents’ past as well as the existing customer base. Apart from the audience, the process of competitor analysis covers a myriad of aspects that helps organizations in increasing their profitability. Each strategy that is involved in competitor analysis has its equal importance, which somehow gives companies an idea of how to compete in the market. For assessing and keeping track of the opponents’ steps, it is necessary to create a concise competitor analysis report. Now, it’s easier to make a full-fledged report and move ahead of the competition by utilizing our 20 Best Examples. The examples are explained below via our professionally designed templates.

Top 20 Templates To Download and Use

Template 1:

You can take advantage of our well-designed template to showcase the steps involved in competitor analysis. This will help readers to know and understand the strategy that takes them ahead of their competitors. With this template, you can set some amazing examples that explain how to win over the opponents.

Download Competitive Analysis Report PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2:

In this template, you can give an example of the competitors’ performance report to your employees, pointing out the fields they need to strategize and focus more. The slide is completely editable and designed for your convenience.

Download Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3:

Using this content-ready competitor analysis template, you can jot down all the strategies that help your business grow. With the help of our template, create a report on the competitor’s agendas, comparing it with your organizations’ performance. The slide contains the relevant information that serves all your needs.

Download Competitive Analysis PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 4:

This complete deck of slides involves the entire framework of competitor analysis. You can highlight the competitor’s positioning in our ready-to-use template. With this, you can compare where you stand in the market.

Download Competitor Analysis Framework PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 5:

Brand awareness is an important example that you can give your readers with this competitor analysis template. Going through the competitors’ brand positioning report, you can analyze your methods of brand launching carefully.

Download Competitor Analysis Templates

Template 6:

Incorporate our competitor analysis template to make a report, monitoring the cost of your rivals’ products and services. Use different colors and styles present in this slide to make your information more interactive.

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Download Competitor Marketing Analysis Framework PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 7:

Use this attention-grabbing competitor template to identify the core strengths of your eligible competitors. Using the competitive analysis report template, solve the major problems that obstruct your business productivity.

Download Competitive Intelligence Analysis Techniques PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 8:

Take the assistance of this competitor analysis template and track well the performance of your competitors. You can easily focus on the weakness of your competitors and move ahead of them in the market.

Download Competitive Analysis Module PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9:

Improve your customer service and land more audience than the competitors using this visually-appealing competitor analysis. The slide consists of various high-grade icons and visuals that make your presentation stunning.

Download Competitive Analysis PPT Samples Download

Template 10:

You can create the best-in-class competitor analysis report with the help of this attractive template. After designing a report, you can plan the important things that make your business more powerful and stable than that of competitors.

Download Competitive Analysis PowerPoint Templates

Template 11:

Use this competitor analysis template to determine the market demographics of your competitors. By doing this, you can strategize on the aspects that make your business stronger than before.

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Download Competitive Analysis PPT Slides Download

Template 12:

Utilize this competitor analysis report and update your employees about the economic scenario of the market that enhances your business growth. Use the advanced features and highlights present in this slide to make your information more interactive and understandable.

Download Competitive Analysis PPT Outline Information

Template 13:

Compare your business productivity graph with your competitors utilizing our easily accessible competitor analysis template. The slide comes up with ample space where you can input the information which you think is beneficial.

Download Competitive Analysis Tool PPT PowerPoint Presentation Layouts

Template 14:

With the aid of this beautifully designed competitor analysis template, you can get an idea of where your business is lacking. This template has been designed by our experts, keeping in mind your needs and requirements.

Download Competitive Analysis Showing Competitors Goals Strategies And Reactivity

Template 15:

Grab this template, create a report on the competitors’ web traffic, and later analyze how you can increase the audience on your website. Use the various graphs and icons present in this slide to make your report more meaningful.

Download Competitor Analysis On Page Pr Web Traffic And Benchmarking

Template 16:

This creatively designed competitor analysis report template helps you in assessing the sales performance of your opponents. The vibrant colors present in this slide will make your information look aesthetically pleasing.

Download Competitor Analysis PPT Inspiration

Template 17:

Take the help of our competitor analysis template to differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of your company and the competitors. Using this slide, you can add an attractive backdrop to your information that makes it more recognizable.

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Download Competitive Analysis PPT Sample Download

Template 18:

By using our attractive competitor analysis template, work on your strategic alliances to gain a competitive advantage. Keep your content concise and crisp with the help of this slide.

Download Competitor Analysis Overview PowerPoint Show

Template 19:

Take the assistance of our template to work upon the promotional strategies that will help you ace the market. You can quickly design a presentation on the competitor analysis and share it with your senior authorities, letting them know the points that lead your business in achieving the goal.

Download Competitor Analysis PPT Summary Skills

Template 20:

Employ this template and let your readers know about the importance of competitor analysis. With our intuitively designed competitive analysis template, you can convey your message to the audience graphically.

Download Importance Competitor Analysis PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Don’t think of competitors as your threat. Instead, learn from their unique skills and start reshaping your business operations. Adopt a habit of conducting competitor analysis that will take your organization to greater heights!




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