Genius Ways To Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Old Content

During the time when adopting an eco-friendly approach can make a world of a difference to our environment and ensure a better future for us, how can a marketer make sure that he is doing his bit? Simple! R-E-C-Y-C-L-E not the paper but the content you present!

As a content creator, you work day and night to keep your content engine running smoothly. You are constantly curating innovative ideas to create compelling content that engages and excites the reader. But, admit it, this box full of ideas to the brim does get exhausted when stress crops in. The constant struggle of delivering something new and uniquely delightful is a serious battle that needs to be won!

Like a weary holiday shopper, a content creator is always squeezed and crushed for time and challenged to deliver something new and of value to his subscribers. But, who knew their best content gifts could be their existing assets that have been repurposed, renewed, resurrected and resurfaced. This is the power of recycling content- transforming old content into a brand new one!

By using a curator’s mindset and taking insights from your old content, you can create something new and useful out of it for your audience. This is what recycling content marketing is all about- use your high-quality content assets, reuse and amplify them rather than taking your chances on new and unproven content ideas which is a risky venture to invest in!

Which Content deserves a new lease in life?

Some personalities are so loved and great that we can’t stand their death even if they are fictional movie characters. They deserve to be resurrected from the grave just like Buffy was, so that she could keep staking vamps. And don’t even get me started on Sam and Dean who were brought to life multiple times in “Supernaturals”. Well, as the name suggests there was nothing natural about this popular American dark fantasy television series.

Similarly, some of your content also deserves a second chance to be brought back to life and resurrected. But, only the best will do! Cypher out the best contenders and bring them back to life!

Here are a few points that you can use to cypher out your best content assets-

1. Evergreen

We all are familiar with the term “evergreen” isn’t it? Evergreen is a term used for trees generally pine or fir variety, but in content marketing, it refers to the content that is everlasting and sustainable. It is the content that continues to be relevant long past the time it was published and still drives a sufficient amount of traffic. It does not have an expiration date and has retained its value since a long period of time. Timelessness governs them.

2. Popularity

Gathering useful insights into content performance through Google Analytics can help you prioritize recycling. Choose your most popular posts that drive a lot of traffic and help in generating leads.

So, repurpose those suckers and give them a new stylish makeover with these 4 recycling strategies!

Ways to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle Old Content

1. Repurpose

People consume and interpret information in different ways. Some like it in the form of video tutorials which are very convenient to listen to, others like them in the form of presentation decks that they can freely download and edit to present in front of their board members, etc. Or an eBook that they can easily read through to enhance their knowledge.

Repurposing gives your old content an absolutely new makeover, thus making it fresh and unique.

Blog posts offer content that is ripe for repromotion and so they are generally the best form of content that can be repurposed into different forms. Here are a few of those-

  • Blog posts into eBooks

A single blog post or a series of blog posts can be converted into eBooks to gain credibility and prospects. Use the already-written blog articles and bundle them up into an eBook. Even if you don’t have a lot of blog posts on the particular topic you can create different sections of the eBook to save some time and effort. Studies suggest that nearly 57% of the consumers trust those companies that publish eBooks, even if they don’t read them.

  • Blog posts into Slide Decks or Presentations

Interesting blog posts and actionable advice can be turned into Keynote or PowerPoint presentation as they make for great slides. Turning your blog posts into presentations is a great way to reach out to some of the most motivational audience willing to purchase your presentations. They know the value of insight-rich content that takes them from where they are to the place they want to be. Also, slides are a great way to chunk down a huge amount of information into teeny-tiny nuggets of wisdom and knowledge that can be shared in front of a large number of audience.

Download Most Popular Decks

Template #1

Artificial Intelligence PPT

Grab this amazing Artificial Intelligence For Digital Transformation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template #2

Employee Engagement PPT

Download this professionally designed Employee Engagement PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template #3

Business Transformation PPT

Click here to grab this Business Transformation PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template #4

Sales Review PPT

Grab this attractive Sales Review PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template #5

Project Risk PPT

Feel free to download this amazing Project Risk PowerPoint Presentation Slides

  • Blog posts into Infographics

So many content is purely copy-based and so it is quite refreshing to turn this insightful information into visually attention-grabbing infographics and data visualizations. The trick here is to condense the main concepts, replace the text with relevant images, stats, quotes and side-by-side comparison wherever it is necessary.

Download Infographic Templates

Template #1

Social Global infographic

Get access to this amazing Social Global Infographic

Template #2

Start Stop Infographics

Grab this professionally designed Start Stop Infographics PowerPoint Guide

Template #3

Puzzle PPT

Download this Puzzle PPT Infographics

Template #4

Mind Map PPT

Click here to download this Mind Map PPT Infographics Information

Template #5

Business Email PPT

Click here to grab this Business Email Infographics With Process PowerPoint Slides

  • Blog posts into a podcast

Podcast, the fledgeling medium is becoming increasingly common among content curators. If you are thinking of producing a podcast, then it is a great idea to turn one of your popular blogs into a podcast that the users love to hear.

2. Revamp Old Articles

Once you have written a lot of posts on a specific topic, consider repackaging them into an attractive new guide. The nature of old online articles is such that they are quickly forgotten and just gather dust sitting in the archives. This means some of your best assets are simply rendered useless because they have become too old and probably outdated even if you have chosen evergreen content. Probably because of the new shifts and the changing trends. In such a case, instead of letting these weary content pieces languish in your archives, you can breathe new life into them by rewriting them but with a twist. Rejuvenate them with the latest facts and figures, new headlines, relevant studies which can be really helpful in such cases.

Think of it as an amazing meal at Chipotle. I know your mouth must be watering, but if you unwrap that lip-smacking burrito and put the beans, cheese, salsa and rice on a bed of lettuce, you have actually repackaged all the ingredients into a tasty treat for those who want to reduce their carb consumption.

So, update your old articles and give them a brand new coat of polyurethane to make them shine like a diamond!

3. Let Social Media be of assistance

As a matter of fact, only 10% of the people on Facebook see your original posts unless it is paid content. So, re-promoting old content is very advantageous as it can help bring your old content back to the vicinity. Research reveals that re-promoted content can help bring a lot of traffic that was originally lacking.

You can actively include the old and relevant posts in your social media sharing as long as the content is “evergreen”.

To retain the freshness of the content, create multiple posts and keep a tab on those which bring in the most user engagement.

You can also create “Click To Tweet” links that take the user back to the original content. Answer questions with your blog post on Twitter and use it to re-promote your assets. Creating an “evil twin” on sites like Medium and other article sharing websites is also an option to consider.

Read about Social Media Marketing here.

4. Turn A Into B, Turn B Into C with Content Syndication

Syndication is perhaps the easiest way to recycle content. It is taking one’s own content and posting it on third party websites. Instead of creating unique content like guest posting, syndication takes the old content and posts it on third party websites, which is usually an exact copy of the original one.

Usually, a content curator chooses to syndicate at those places and sites that have more visitors than his own site. This strategy is extremely useful to get a lot of exposure as these sites cater to a large number of audience and have a higher authority than your own website.

So, no matter how you strategize to dice them, slice them and splice them together, repackaging and regifting your strongest content assets is the smartest and the most resourceful way to increase the power of content and the benefits your organization gets from content marketing!




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