Free Timeline Graphics for PowerPoint to Streamline your Business Processes!

History can be boring if you are asked to learn those historical dates using a pen and paper, but not when you have a creative way of presenting all the historical events, dates and accomplishments.

There should be a creative and innovative way in corporate houses too, to present the company’s history, achievements, milestones, workflows, processes, and so on.

Our designers at SlideTeam have made this task easier for you by creating these customizable timeline graphics for PowerPoint to help you illustrate your organization’s eventful dates.

Add a visual aspect in the chronological arrangement of your organization’s journey by incorporating these free timeline graphics for PowerPoint templates.

Free Timeline PPT Graphics:

Timeline Display PowerPoint Template

Get this Timeline Display PowerPoint Template

Showcase the upcoming yearly plan using this readymade timeline display PowerPoint slide show. This PPT slide will help you keep the activities and projects on track. You can also incorporate this template to depict the projects you have been handling in different years. Employ this PowerPoint layout to record the business of the organization in chronological order.

Information Technology Timeline PowerPoint Template

Download this Information Technology PowerPoint Template

IT company can use this Information Technology Timeline PowerPoint Template to depict the history of their company. History of the company can be boring if displayed using pen and paper, but not when you have this customizable company history timeline infographic template that will help you illustrate your company’s eventful dates.

Learning Roadmap Zigzag PowerPoint Template

Download this Learning Roadmap Zigzag Timeline PPT Slide Design

Display the learning journey of the employees of the organization taking advantage of this predeveloped learning journey roadmap PPT slide. Showcase the steps to train the new employees hired in the organization and acquaint them with the procedure using this slide. Highlight the steps of a successful employee training plan and help them track their progress in real-time.

Product Development Timeline PowerPoint Slide

Click here to Get this Predeveloped Product Development Project Timeline Template

This free timeline PowerPoint slide will let you lay out the path to success. Incorporate this template to showcase the different phases of product development. Display the planning, testing, development and the launching of a product and other phases which your product passes through. Present the entire process of the product development process that make it easy for your team members to understand and figure out the tasks and deadlines.

Gantt Chart Timeline PowerPoint Template

Get this Gantt Chart Planning Excel Timeline PowerPoint Slide Design

Maintain a proper track of your projects and meet their respective deadlines using this predeveloped PowerPoint slide show. This slide will let you allocate the responsibilities of different tasks to the right persons. Determine the monthly progress of your project with the assistance of this readymade PPT slide.

SEO Analytics PowerPoint Slide

Click here to Get this SEO Analytics PPT Slide

Measure the SEO effectiveness by depicting the steps using this free SEO analytics PowerPoint slide show. Track the keywords’ performance and have a successful campaign. Evaluate the traffic that each word is bringing to your website. The slide can be incorporated to present the steps in an organized manner.

Vertical Timeline PowerPoint Slide

Get this Readily Available Vertical Timeline PowerPoint Template

Showcase the company history and the milestones achieved till now taking the assistance of this readymade PowerPoint layout. This slide can also be used for communicating your step-by-step plans for completing specific tasks and projects. You can also showcase the journey of your organization till now, showcasing how you have overcome the obstacles in the way.

Free Flow Chart PowerPoint Template

Download this Free Flow Chart PowerPoint Graphic

Use this slide to evaluate the risk management plan and find out the loopholes in it. Describe a step-by-step procedure that the managers should adopt to execute the risk management plan. This customizable PowerPoint template can be used to educate the staff members and subordinates about the ways to minimize the risks.

Roadmap with Multiple Icons Success PowerPoint Template

Get this Roadmap with Multiple Icons Success PowerPoint Template

Layout a path to success and a roadmap to future using this PowerPoint template. Draft an amazing business timeline by gathering important events and dates and provide a company overview to the investors and other stakeholders. Manage various tasks and activities that are essential for reaching the end goals using this predeveloped free roadmap timeline PPT slide show.

Marketing Process Model PowerPoint Template

Download this Predeveloped Marketing Process Timeline PPT Slide

Incorporate the above-shown template to display the marketing process in front of the viewers. Acquaint your subordinates with the steps they need to go through in order to market the product and close more deals. Familiarize them with the planning, application and evaluation process in the marketing model taking the assistance of this slide.

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Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

Download this Business Puzzle PowerPoint Template

Add a visual aspect in the chronological arrangement of your company’s journey by using this easily customizable PowerPoint slide design. Illustrate the company’s eventful dates with this creatively designed puzzle PowerPoint slide. Visualize projects and processes by highlighting the important points in this PPT template.

Business Icon PowerPoint Slide

Click here to Get this Professionally Designed Business Icon PPT Slide

Flaunt your achievements to the stakeholders and investors using this customizable PowerPoint template. This can also be used for detailing the process if you are to launch a new product. It is suitable to track the performance of the project, its background, activities, tasks and milestones and more. The free business icon PowerPoint template is made up of high-grade icons that adds value to your presentation.

3D Puzzle Pieces in Line PowerPoint Template

Download this 3D Puzzle Free Timeline PowerPoint Template

Depict the phases your employees will go through in their learning journey using this slide. This is a multipurpose template that can be used for showcasing the steps involved in product development, project handling and sales procedure, etc. One can also employ this PPT slide to showcase the series of events that took place in past.

3D Infographics Timeline Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Grab this amazing 3D Infographic Timeline Roadmap Chart for Business PPT Slide

This roadmap PowerPoint slide can be used to present the business journey and the major events in the journey. Throw light on the accomplishments, rewards and the awards you achieved in the past few years. The template will help you keep a track of the tasks performed to reach the end goals.

6 Piece Puzzle Showing Sequential PowerPoint Template

Get this Puzzle Showing Sequential Flow of Process PPT Slide

Download this template to present the sequential flow of events or workflows. Analysing the problems with the flow chart becomes much easier. Depict the process of solving the organizational problems with the assistance of this predeveloped PowerPoint slide. Presenting the problems through this slide will help in minimizing the cost and wastage of time.

So, these were the free timeline PowerPoint templates that you can use for presenting your business history, achievements, milestones and more. Choose the best one and use it for your next presentation.




SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection.

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SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection.

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