Free Editable PowerPoint Templates to Make Your Presentation a Stellar Success!

Creating a stunning PowerPoint presentation is not a cakewalk, it requires a lot of efforts and time of the presenter to devise a presentation that’s worth capturing the audience’s attention. One must know how to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation rather than just throwing together a bunch of slides on the viewers.

Your presentation must stand out of the box and should be such that won’t put your people to sleep. Therefore, to inject a dose of excitement in your boring presentation, our designers at SlideTeam have curated these free editable PowerPoint templates that are made up of high-resolution graphics that will assist you in making a presentation worth remembering.

You can change all the elements of the slides from colors to font size and everything in-between as per your requirements and can get ready with an amazing presentation in minutes. Not only this, but these slides can also be saved in JPG and PDF file formats and are compatible with Google Slides as well.

So why are you wasting time creating presentations from scratch? Grab these amazingly designed customizable PowerPoint templates which are absolutely free and come up with impressive PowerPoint presentations.

Free Editable PowerPoint Templates

Agenda free PowerPoint template

Get this Agenda Free PowerPoint Template

Jot down the important points that you will cover in your next meeting taking the assistance of this above shown agenda PowerPoint slide. Include this PowerPoint template in your presentation to make it look visually appealing. Your agenda slide needs to be eye-catching as it in the next slide after the introductory slide. Assign tasks to your employees and plan for completion of the projects using this editable PPT slide.

CV Free PowerPoint Template

Get this CV Free Editable PowerPoint Slide Design

Above-shown is CV free editable PowerPoint template that can be used to impress your recruiter. This template gives you a space to jot down all the necessary details about yourself including the name, qualification, work experience and the other related details. A person having such an eye catching PowerPoint template has greater chances of being selected than the individual holding resume in the form of a paper document. So grab it!

Roadmap Free PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this Roadmap with Multiple Icon PowerPoint Slide Show

This roadmap PowerPoint template will assist you display the milestones you’ve achieved so far. You can also showcase company’s history and the major achievements till now. It can also be used to present the timeline of product launch. Elucidate the stages of a business plan with these customizable map pins in the PPT template.

Self-Introduction Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Self Introduction Free PPT Layout

Here is an amazingly designed self introduction PowerPoint template that helps you introduce yourself. This slide can be used in both the cases whether you want to create a visual resume or present a personal profile in front of your viewers. All the elements in the PPT layout are editable and can be customized as per your desires.

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Features & Highlights Free PPT Template

Click here to Get this Key Highlights PowerPoint Template

This is one of the most used slides by the business professionals to describe their product, process, company, etc. Get this editable features PowerPoint template to list out the features of your product. This slide can also be used to present a series of step depicting a particular process. Incorporate the template to describe the steps showcasing how to use the product.

Targets Free PowerPoint Template

Get this Target Free PowerPoint slide

This dartboard PPT slide is perfect to present the company’s goals and targets. Showcase the quarterly business goals in a visually appealing manner using this PowerPoint slide. Sales department can use this to present their sales targets. Not only this, it can be used by any department for setting their goals and showcasing it to the audience.

Timeline Free PowerPoint Template

Click here to Download this Vertical Timeline PowerPoint Template

Every company’s needs a template that can showcase it history or the major achievements. This PPT can also be used to display the sales plan with clear objectives and deadline. Utilize this customizable PowerPoint slide to present the business plan or the plan made for product launch. It can also be employed to present a series of steps required to complete a project.

Learning Journey Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Get this Learning Journey Roadmap PowerPoint Slide

Present the learning journey of your employees by making the use of this learning journey PPT slide. Display the entire sales training process with this zigzag learning roadmap PowerPoint slide. Layout the path to project completion, learning roadmap, sales roadmap, etc. This template is entirely customizable and be transformed into JPG and PDF file formats.

Process Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Business Process Description PPT Template

Describe the process stages without any hassle taking the advantage of this readymade PowerPoint slide design. Using bullet points to describe the stages of any particular process is not much appealing and can make your audience go to sleep. Therefore to put a dose of excitement in your presentation we have curated this editable business process PPT template that can be used to describe any series of step.

Product Features PowerPoint Template

Get this Product Features PowerPoint Slide

Present the features of product using this professionally designed PPT layout. One can employ the template to present the steps of using a mobile. Create a sales plan taking into consideration the product’s characteristics.

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Dashboard Free PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this Creatively Designed Dashboard PowerPoint Slide Design

Measure the sales performance of your company utilizing this ready-to-use PowerPoint template. Determine the performance of the sale team and manage the overall performance. Devise effective sales strategy that will help you grow and expand your business by analysing the past performance. Review the sales activity and make a regular assessment of the work done by the sales team.

Mission Vision Goals Free PPT Template

Incorporate this Mission Vision Goals PPT Slide

Set the mission, Vision, and targets for your organization utilizing this professionally curated Mission vision PowerPoint slide. Track the progress of various projects and look out which project needs more attention. Presenting the sales target, mission, vision in bullet point can be monotonous so we have brought this pre-developed PowerPoint template.

Company Introduction Free PowerPoint Template

Click here to Download this Company Background PowerPoint Template

Give an introduction of your company to your audience ort your stakeholders with the assistance of this predesigned PowerPoint layout. Display the company’s profile, history and the service that you offer. Describe what you do, milestones achieved and the products you deal in to impress the stakeholders in order to raise funds.

Strategy Free PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this Strategy Free PowerPoint Slide

Devise the sales strategy to generate maximum revenue and present in in front of your audience using this business strategy PowerPoint template. Throw a light on the strategy devise to capture a larger market share using this ready-made PowerPoint slide. Formulate plans to enter a new market segment and present it in front of your staff with the assistance of this readily available PPT template.

Challenges Free PowerPoint Template

Click here to Download this Business Challenges PowerPoint Slide

Every business has to face some challenges and risks but some business persons can easily conquer them because of proper planning and strategy formulation. The foremost step for overcoming any challenge is to know that the challenges exists. List down all the challenges and obstacles in your path and devise plans to beat those obstacles using this business challenges PowerPoint slide design.

Dos and Don’ts Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Do’s and Don’ts Free PowerPoint Template

Sometimes there comes a situation where you get stuck between whether to go for a particular project or not. This is where the above shown template will assist you. Write down the pros and cons related to any project and go with the side which has a longer list. Also, the layout can be of great assistance to familiarize the new employees with the dos and don’ts of your organization.

Idea Generation Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Bulb with Puzzle Free PowerPoint Slide Design

An idea is a seed that develops a business. Invite ideas on different matters of your business from your staff members, employees and colleagues utilizing this professionally designed PowerPoint slide design. Encourage new ideas and creativity with the most common metaphor i.e bulb. It can also be employed in the brainstorming session to showcase its various stages.

SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Template

Download this SWOT Analysis Free PowerPoint Graphic

Conduct a SWOT analysis of your business organization and find out the strengths and weaknesses of your business organization. Acquaint your employees with the opportunities and threats and how you can take advantage over your competitors by exploiting the opportunities. Make your staff members aware about the threat existing in the external environment and the ways to save oneself from such threats.

Customer Feedback Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Customer Feedback PowerPoint Template

It is rightly said “customer is the king of the market”. The success and the failure of any business organization depends upon the customers. It is the happy customers of any organization that drives sales to their business. Therefore, to make your customers happy it is your first and the foremost duty to know what customers feel about your product and services. To assist you in knowing their feedback we at SlideTeam have curated this predeveloped PowerPoint template that will aid you in converting your potential customers to regular customers.

Team Achievements Free PowerPoint Template

Grab this Team Achievement PPT Slide Design

The above shown PowerPoint template can be used to present your company’s milestones and major achievements. It can be used as a tool to attract stakeholders to invest in your organization and raise funds. Do not just talk about the awards you have achieved rather show your audience your success with this eye-catching PowerPoint slide. Leave an everlasting impression on your clients by using this PPT slide.

Clock For Time Management Free PowerPoint Template

Download this Readymade Time Management PowerPoint Slide

Time management is a pre-requisite for the success of any business. Use this slide to deliver your project meeting the deadlines. This clock with notes and tick marks PowerPoint slide will aid you in listing down the tasks as per their priorities. Jot down the project deliverable time and achieve your targets timely by employing this readily available customizable clock PowerPoint slide.

Geographical World Map Free PPT Template

Download this Geographical World Map PowerPoint Slide

This world map PPT template can be the best way to showcase various locations where you plan to visit. Also, business professionals can utilize this template to pin point the locations where they are thinking to expand their business. Present the headquarters of your company on this world map and give insights about the city or state where the headquarters of your company are located. Students and teachers can use this to talk about various places, their features and interesting facts, etc.

Team Introduction Free PPT Template

Download this out team PowerPoint Slide

Introduce your team in front of the stakeholders not just by telling their names but by showcasing their pictures and designations. This PPT template is a perfect tool to present your strong team. Let the new employees know a little about your company’s pillars. Raise funds from your investors using this creatively designed PowerPoint slide.

Brainstorming and Idea Generation Free PPT Template

Get this Brainstorming and Idea Generation PPT Template

A perfect tool to display idea generation process and brainstorming techniques is the above-shown PowerPoint slide. Enhance the knowledge of students by showcasing various techniques and process of brainstorming using this amazingly designed PowerPoint slide. Invite and communicate ideas using this free brainstorming PowerPoint slide.

Comparison Free PowerPoint Template

Incorporate this Comparison PowerPoint Slide

Compare two business or two different products or your business to find out which one needs more attention. Not only this template can also be incorporated to compare your business with that of your competitors and find out where you are lacking behind. You can also compare your strategies with others and can devise them in accordance with that of your competitors if they are grabbing a larger market share.

Create stunning presentations with these free customizable PowerPoint templates and attract the viewers.

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