Decision Tree and How to Make One — Customizable Templates Included

Quick question: When was the last time you were confident and did not regret the decision you made? We are not talking about the usual takeaway decisions, but a hair-pulling, nerve-wracking decision, that sends chills down your spine. A decision that had a deep impact on your business and the work you do.

What steps did you take to overcome this agony? Did you sleep on it or simply took it all out on the fellow colleagues? Did you follow your intuition and just jumped into what your gut feeling was saying? Or even better did you make a cringe-worthy infamous pro/con list just like Ross Geller did in Friends?

We are sure none of the methods used were radical enough to ensure potential outcomes, proper assessment of risks, and the predicament of a fulfilling future. Right? Though these methods might initially seem quite practical, none of them suffice as torch-bearers leading us to a hopeful future.

This is where the decision tree comes in- playing a pivotal role in improving our decision-making capacity and preventing unfavorable outcomes that cause nothing but chaos in our surroundings.

All about the decision-tree

What is a decision tree

As the name suggests a decision tree is a kind of a flow chart that can be used to visualize the decision-making process by mapping different outcomes, courses of action, and potential obstacles that prove to be a hindrance. It mainly has three components using which a noteworthy decision tree diagram can be created:

the root node, branches, and the leaf node.

Root Node: It is the top-level note that can be used to show the ultimate objective or big decision.

Branches: These stem out of the roots representing different courses of actions and options while making a particular decision.

Leaf Node: These are attached to the branches and represent possible outcomes of every action or option.

When combined, all these three elements represent a structure of a tree, hence the name “decision tree”.

Although Grandmother Willow’s age-old advice “let your spirits guide you” can be adopted, sometimes it is better to take a more formalized and logical route, which makes the decision tree a valuable and effective tool. It encourages the user to adopt a logical and strategic approach, thus helping them make informed decisions rather than acting impulsively or simply out of their gut feeling.

Importance of Decision Trees:

  1. Flexible and non-linear
  2. Less chaotic and easily understandable
  3. Initiate proper communication of complex processes with ease
  4. Focused on logic and probability, rather than on emotions and biases
  5. Clarify choices and objectives, leading to favorable outcomes
  6. Help in fleshing out ideas fully before the use of resources and valuable assets
  7. Fits nicely in the growth strategy of an organization

How to design one for yourself:

Believe it or not, designing decision tree diagrams couldn’t be easier with this mini toolkit comprising 20 content-ready templates. These templates are accessible to everyone and unique examples of different scenarios that act as powerful visual interpreters. All it takes is a few drops, clicks, and drags to get a professional decision tree ready in minutes!

Let us begin exploring and downloading our favorites:

Template 1

Make valid decisions about your ecommerce business with this meticulously crafted decision tree template design. Various attributes related to the revenue can be judged and their outcomes can be predicted using this slide layout. Alternatively, various other decision areas and their possible effects like credibility, value proposition, and many more can be analyzed with ease. All you have to do is download this design and use it as per your liking.

Download Value Tree For Managing Ecommerce Business Website

Template 2

Determine the end decision class with this market retention tree diagram that comes in a colorful layout to make the prediction process easy and convenient. Analyze the development process of different product scenarios and make informed market decisions with this resourceful set, that comes in an editable format. So feel free to adjust it as per your needs and requirements.

Download Market Retention Tree Diagram

Template 3

Predict and make knowledgeable decisions regarding the recruitment in your organization. Use this decision tree model to analyze the hiring probabilities of every candidate and decide according to the possible outcomes. This diagram responds to every need of yours. All you have to do is download, make alterations and you are good to go!

Download Recruitment Process Tree For Company

Template 4

This is a simple yet very powerful tool that can be used by agents to make knowledgeable decisions and handle complex customer requests with ease. Use it as a guide to discover the next steps solutions and improve upon your customer payment process, by taking the right steps. This design features editable content and graphics, so you will face no difficulty in portraying valuable information.

Download Customer Payment Processing Decision Tree Analysis

Template 5

Depict and make knowledgeable decisions with this diagram. This is a general decision tree diagram that can be used in any of the scenarios, prediction analysis, etc, as per your convenience. The text placeholders can be used to showcase topic specific information and simplify your decision making process by a few notches.

Download Decision Tree Templates PPT Sample Presentations

Template 6

Guided dialogues and decisions are something that can be taken care of with this meticulously crafted diagram. It will assist agents in making informed decisions and improve their customer satisfaction rate by assessing all the possible outcomes and options. Additionally, it is a knowledge based diagram that ensures consistency among the agents no matter how new or old they are.

Download Customer Satisfaction Tree Diagram

Template 7

This is an effective classification prediction tool that can be used to improve your decision making process. Explore the possible scenarios and make informed decisions based on the results gathered. This is a highly resourceful and adaptable decision tree design, therefore download it now!

Download Horizontal Decision Point Tree

Template 8

Use this as a prediction tool to improve upon your decision making process and abilities. It helps judge the root problem, thereby helping you make informed decisions. This decision tree diagram can be used in every scenario possible, therefore download it now!

Download Decision Point Tree

Template 9

Explain the hierarchy of your management and decision making body of your organization with this decision tree template. Showcase the various options and choice of actions by inserting your text in the placeholders. This is a decision tree template that helps you in making informed decisions, therefore it is a must have tool for any entrepreneur.

Download Centralization Decision Tree PPT Infographic Template

Template 10

Visualize and make informed decisions about your company’s value with this template. This decision tree diagram consists of root node, branches and leaf node with valuable information already inputted. You can either change the information or if the layout is suitable as it is you can use it without any changes. The choice is yours!

Download Company Value Tree Drivers With Focus Areas

Template 11

A large part of management requires meeting deadlines and looking into the future. This template helps in quantitatively analyzing the various options and outcomes that affect your decision. It helps in making knowledgeable decisions even in the presence of uncertainty and difficult situations. Therefore, download it now!

Download Contractor Decision Tree Analysis With Deadlines

Template 12

This is a Yes/No based decision tree template that can help you make important business decisions after proper assessment. Visualize and analyze different scenarios and their possible outcomes with ease by employing this modern decision tree diagram, that comes in a blue colored layout. You can easily adapt this format to your needs, after downloading it.

Download Yes No Decision Tree Six Branching Steps

Template 13

Employ this decision tree diagram to showcase various outcomes and options. It can also be used for research analysis, predictive analysis and planning strategy as it is easy to follow and understand.

Download Decision Tree Three Level Diagram

Template 14

This is a supervised learning model to help you simply machine learning decision process. Use it to identify the root cause of a situation, thereby making informed business decisions. You can easily interpret any amount of information and valuable content that you like using this slide. It comes in an editable format so make as many changes as you like.

Download Why Use Decision Tree Machine Learning Algorithm PPT PowerPoint Show

Template 15

Showcase various factors that can affect the amount of finance with this diagram. Identify different types of financial risks and their possible outcomes and input in this template to make informed business decisions.

Download Financial Risk Analysis Decision Making Tree

Template 16

This is a quantitative technique that can be used to weigh various situations and their possible outcomes with ease. Use it to choose alternative courses of action related to your project management endeavors. This decision tree template can be applied in various uncertain situations wherein you need a formalized plan to make decisions.

Download Process Tree For Project Management

Template 17

This is a fully customizable decision tree diagram that affirms to every need of yours. Starting from color changing to font and text changing, any step can be altered after downloading. Therefore grab this resourceful set now!

Download Call Tree Hierarchical Diagram Of An Organization

Template 18

This template can be used to make knowledgeable decisions regarding various products and their possible outcomes. You can easily input your text in the placeholders and make use of this diagram as per your liking and convenience.

Download Decision Tree Analysis Presentation Layouts

Template 19

This is another Yes or No decision tree diagram that can be used as per your liking. Make informed business or personal decisions with this design. This layout suits different scenarios, thus making it a vital tool to make your decision making process easier and effective as well.

Download Yes No Decision With Starting Decision And Branches

Template 20

Analyze risk versus reward with this template. This layout features a decision tree diagram with editable content and layout, therefore feel free to adjust it as per your liking. It will respond to every minor or major change you make.

Download Value Driver Tree Brand Process Business Models

Now back to you…..

Decision trees can dramatically increase and improvise upon your decision-making capabilities. By weighing in your big decision, its potential outcomes, and evaluating the risks involved you will get a birds-eye view of the situation. So, without any further ado, start creating one now or even better download our samples and begin your journey towards becoming a great decision-maker!



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