35 Best Organizational Chart Templates to Streamline your Workflow

A business doesn’t run single-handedly. People with different aptitudes and skills are brought together to shoulder specific responsibilities. This is where the need for an org chart comes into being as it ensures that you’ve got the right people at the right place and the right teams are configured. To keep track of who is the head of which department and what is his/ her relationship with other departments, an org chart is used.

Showing the structure of “who reports to whom” gives the outsider an understanding of how the structure and decision-making process works.

If you are not sure which type of org chart is suitable for your organization, we have shortlisted 30 pre-designed templates to help you.

Have a look at them and then decide which one to go for depending upon your structure and managerial levels.

Organizational Chart Template #1

This org chart can help you and your team understand the chain of command. With this template, you can put a face to the name and state the designation as well. No point knowing the name of the CEO if you can’t identify him right? By putting a face it will be easy to recognize relevant people and thus follow the chain of command established. Just make sure to add a nice picture and you are sorted!

Download Org Chart Employee Roles In Organization

Organizational Chart Template #2

Corporate houses are perhaps in the highest need of an org chart because they are usually extended in big organizations. Additionally, they require referring to the structure of their company time and again to assign proper roles and responsibilities to their employees.

This org chart can be used by big corporate houses to explain the hierarchy of their organization. It will enable you to connect employees to their managers. For instance, you can begin by naming the CEO at the top of the leadership cycle and then his team below. Depending on their reporting, roles, and responsibilities you can break down this chart by staff-level employees.

Download Organization Structure PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Organizational Chart Template #3

This template can be used to show the reporting structure of a project. Explaining the hierarchy of the reporting managers, this template can be used by anybody looking for a hierarchical org chart which is probably the most widely used structure at the moment.

Download People Organization Chart For Business Flat PowerPoint Design

Organizational Chart Template #4

This is how we do it at SlideTeam!

Rather than having a traditional pyramid, this org chart replaces the hard-edged rectangular shapes with circles featuring the outer circles’ linked to the innermost circle showing the highest-ranking officer. Has anything fundamentally changed? No, not really. But the circles make this template look more modern, fluid and enticing.

Download Firms Circular Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart Template #5

You must be probably familiar with this default org chart: old and classic as it can be!

Many large organizations and government agencies adopt this classic version of the org chart where everything funnels up to the top: CEO or president. Starting from the top to the bottom, this style provides great clarity to an organization that functions with a fair deal of hierarchy and likes to maintain it that way! This template also functions well where there is a need for a clear chain of command to act fast.

Download Organization Chart PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

Organizational Chart Template #6

If you are just starting with your business or don’t have a lot of levels between entry-level employees and executives, you may want to give this flat org chart template a try. This type of org chart and the mentality of the business entrepreneurs that accompanies it encourages open communication among the employees and their representatives.

Download Flat Organization Chart Department Head And Managers

Organizational Chart Template #7

This organization structure template is an amazing way to demonstrate reporting relationships, define the roles and introduce new employees to the wider organization.

In a vast organization, understanding who reports to whom and where everybody fits reveals the big picture that might be tricky to visualize otherwise. This template makes your visualization process a breeze by helping you keep track of all the people.

Download Organization Structure PPT Clipart

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Organizational Chart Template #8

To avoid the traditional approach of the top-down org chart, some companies literally like to flip the chart to create a strong impact.

This template can be used by organizations that want to steer away from the old and boring org charts and want to present their hierarchy from left to right. The leader of the company can be shown on the left and the rest of the flow of the organization can be shown in the corresponding boxes. This creates a very strong impact without going too overboard with the design and structure.

Download Organization staff chart 48

Organizational Chart Template #9

Creating an org chart for an airline can be quite tricky as this field is very vast. A very vast area is to be covered in an org chart while showing the airline industry. Through this org chart template, we have tried to cover the management structure of the entire airline industry with primary focus on the top managerial levels. Download this template and modify it as you see fit.

Download Airlines Org Chart Corporate Management And Communication

Organizational Chart Template #10

New employees can look at this org chart template to familiarize themselves with their reporting team, managers, department and other organizational levels. Having a colorful theme, this template can be used to show the workspace and can be downloaded in PNG, PDF or JPG. formats.

Download cs Three Staged Organizational Chart With Icons Flat PowerPoint Design

Organizational Chart Template #11

When employees in your organization have questions about employee referral programs, enrollment and others, you can’t turn a blind eye to them. In order to find answers, they may seek the help of an HR but they don’t always know the right individual to talk to. This HR template clears up all the confusion by showing the employees who to seek help from and what all resources are available.

Download Human Resource Team Hierarchy Process PowerPoint Sample

Organizational Chart Template #12

This organizational chart template establishes three levels in a dark blue, light green and dark green style presented in the form of a pyramid. Use this diagram to show the structure of your team and the relationship among your employees.

Download Three Level Of Business Organization Management PowerPoint Slides

Organizational Chart Template #13

This business team org chart might seem very plain and simple, but sometimes using the most simple org chart can help you create the biggest difference. This simple, yet easily customizable layout gives you an amazing canvas to showcase your creativity and team-building skills. Download this customizable layout now to have an amazing org chart ready in no time.

Download Org Chart Business Team With Designation

Organizational Chart Template #14

Professionalism and creativity are two sides to a single coin. They are not opposites by any means. In fact, creativity adds more to professionalism by increasing its aesthetic appeal. Hence, an org chart can be designed creatively while retaining its professional appeal, just like the one shown below. Click on the download button now to start making your own professionalism-invoking charts.

Download Org Chart Business Team Structure

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Organizational Chart Template #15

This org chart template can be used to show various levels of management within a hospital. You can mention the names and designations of various departmental heads and their assigned duties in this template to showcase the hierarchy your hospital follows.

Download 4 Stages Hospital Org Chart Economic Analysis Budgeting And Controlling

Organizational Chart Template #16

The matrix chart looks a bit like a grid and has evolved from the classic org chart to include a visual representation of dual reporting that happens in the organization. The traditional org chart might not work for some companies, particularly where teams of different departments need to collaborate for a project. In such cases, the matrix org chart can be utilized as it provides flexibility to showcase various forms of organizational setups in a single grid.

Download Org Chart Matrix Structure With Names And Profile

Organizational Chart Template #17

A multidivisional structure represents a structure of a company with various divisions which could be based on different products, services, geographical locations, departments, etc. It also shows who is in charge of each division as well as who all are in his team.

An org chart such as the one shown below can help you portray the various levels of your organization elaborately.

Download Multilevel Hierarchy For Business Organization PowerPoint Slides

Organizational Chart Template #18

Effective communication is the key to success for any organization. When you show the employees how the teams have to be configured, they can better understand their responsibilities and who to seek help from when they need any. This org chart can help you showcase the structure of your team with the CEO at the very top.

Download Company Organization Chart PPT Sample

Organizational Chart Template #19

The hierarchical org chart is one of the most popular charts at the moment. They connect the lower-level employees to their superiors, starting with one individual at the top of the hierarchy, typically a CEO or anybody at the leadership position. Depending on who reports to who, this org chart can be broken down and redesigned depending on the departments and their heads.

Download Team Hierarchy And Reporting Chart Presentation Ideas

Organizational Chart Template #20

Rather than CEO or top managerial head, you might choose to put your user at the very top which is the mantra to success. Some organizations rally around the idea that customers are the one who makes or breaks a business. This is what this org chart caters to. The idea here is that the user is the king and so he should be located at the top of the hierarchy.

Download Organizational Chart For Success Flat PowerPoint Design

Organizational Chart Template #21

The traditional org charts might not be suitable for many companies, especially where dual reporting is involved. This is where this grid-like structured matrix org chart can be used to show teams and their reporting relationships that are formed for special projects.

Download 0514 Matrix Organization Project Management PowerPoint Presentation

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Organizational Chart Template #22

Here is a simple template to help you get started with designing an org chart for your hotel structure. This is a flat structure, however, it can be expanded and turned into a creative one by adding various other levels. Owing to its rather simple, yet fully editable layout you can add as many details as you wish to. Click on the download button now to exercise full control over this template and use it any which way.

Download Org Chart Supervisor Relations Officer Hotel Industry

Organizational Chart Template #23

It is that time of the year when you have to work on a major project but don’t know how to configure your teams? Is thinking about assigning tasks making you anxious? Well, the org chart shown below is your solution. This sample layout can help you inform your team about their reporting schedule so that the work is done more efficiently.

Download Project Team Structure Org Chart

Organizational Chart Template #24

The purpose of an org chart is that the people can identify the chain of command from the top managerial level all the way down to the department heads and other low-level employees. The same is the case with an org chart meant for government organizations. Though government org charts have a fixed structure to them, a little of a creative element can be added to them by making the design tinkered with the color scheme of a national flag, unique fonts and much more.

Download Government Constitution Architecture Org Chart

Organizational Chart Template #25

If you are confused with which org to go for, here is a simple org chart with no extra details to get you started. You can add your images, details and other important details as per your organization’s structure.

Download Organizational Chart For Employee Position Flat PowerPoint Design

Organizational Chart Template #26

Sometimes there is a need to create specific teams to handle a specific project. Specific duties are to be assigned to specific people who are the experts of that particular field. This is where this project structure org chart template can come into play. Download this template to help your team members understand the dynamics as well as the project.

Download Project Team Structure With Head Of Project And Executive Creative Directors

Organizational Chart Template #27

This type of organization chart has very few levels comprising of managers, executives, and workers. Unlike a horizontal hierarchy chart that is more apt for corporate businesses, this type of template is more suitable for start-ups where the levels of management are fairly less in the beginning.

Download Three Level Pyramid Organization Structure

Organizational Chart Template #28

This modern org chart is fit for every person whether you are the CEO, manager, HR, corporate house or a renowned organization. With an easy to follow and edit flowchart, this template is ideal for onboarding new employees who need to understand how the company is structured. Additionally, it can be used as a full-fledged employee directory, just by adding job titles, contact info, and headshots. With a flexible layout, this template enables you to gauge the things that matter to you, without getting bogged down with too many unnecessary details.

Download Multilevel Company Organizational Chart For Employee Profile PowerPoint Slides

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Organizational Chart Template #29

Anyone can make an ordinary, garden variety org chart. However, if you are looking for something more eye-catching with the right amount of aesthetics and vibrancy, then you can look at the org chart shown below. This template will give a creative kick-start to your unique org charts created in a matter of seconds.

Download Hierarchy PPT Templates

Organizational Chart Template #30

Effective communication is the key to success for any organization. When you show the employees how the teams have to be configured, they can better understand their responsibilities and who to seek help from when they need any. This org chart can help you showcase the structure of your team, therefore download it now.

Download Hierarchy Chart For Organizational Structure PPT Inspiration

Organizational Chart Template #31

Most organizations are hierarchical in nature. If you are one of them, they use this template to display the reporting relationships up the chain. Map the structure of your company, team, or departments using this template.

Download Hierarchy Chart PPT Background Template

Organizational Chart Template #32

This is a simple org chart for an IT company. You can resize this structure depending upon your team and its managerial levels. Click on the download button now to exercise full control over this template.

Download Organization Chart PPT Summary Slide

Organizational Chart Template #33

Before the clients depart to their specific holiday places, each employee at your travel agency ensures that they have a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Whether their work is involved in sales, marketing or any other department, they contribute equally to the success of a travel plan. Our org chart can help you organize your team and workflow by keeping a track of all the roles and responsibilities every individual has in your agency.

Download Management Board Organization Chart Team PPT PowerPoint Presentation Show Styles

Organizational Chart Template #34

It takes a whole lot of effort to create a fantastic experience for the hotel guests. From the management to the staff who whips up a filet mignon when an order arrives, everybody is involved in creating that unforgettable experience for the guests. This template can help you keep track of the responsibilities and duties assigned to every individual and ensure that they fulfill theirs.

Download Five Levels Hotel Industry Sales And Audit Functions Org Chart

Organizational Chart Template #35

Process-focused organizations can make use of this template to show the flow of their team, work, product or service, etc. as it moves from one person to the next horizontally. Use this template to identify all the areas that need improvement of any sort by following your company’s linear process. Just add the important details and you are done!

Download Organization Chart Members Person PPT PowerPoint Presentation Ideas Aids

Hope you found an org chart perfect for your business from these top 35 organization chart templates. Ensure smooth flow of commands, remove any confusion, and bring clarity to one and all with a professionally designed hierarchy chart.

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