35 Best Matrix Chart PowerPoint Templates To Make Better Decisions!

Project managers juggle a variety of programs, people and processes. With countless variables influencing the trajectory of a project, it is quite difficult to understand the relationship between these elements and how they influence the final outcome.

Matrix charts or diagrams help project managers, business development teams and stakeholders analyze and visualize those complex relationships so that they can keep the project on track, make better decisions, solve problems and improve processes. A matrix chart has a wide range of applications in the business world including searching for the possible causes of a problem, coordinating necessities with specifications, comparing the importance of alternative solutions, identifying opportunities for growth and development, and distributing responsibilities based on appropriate personnel expertise.

Essentially matrix charts are a table made of various rows and columns to present data visually. It can be seen as a visual equivalent to cross tabulation that segregates data between the variables. Usually formed of two-axis X and Y, these allow a clear visual display of complex data sets in multiple dimensions making it suitable for presenting data to the decision-makers.

Have a look at our extensively researched visual representations of matrix charts that you can incorporate in your business structure to identify the strength of the relationships between the cross variables. These templates act as efficacious tools to represent many-to-many relationships of varying degrees and strengths.

Matrix Chart PowerPoint Templates To Download

Ansoff Matrix Template 1

Visualize various marketing strategies using this Ansoff Matrix Template. The market reach of a particular product is based on a variety of techniques and planning. This PPT template provides a pre-designed canvas for you to highlight complex concepts in a single diagram as well as present theoretical aspects like market penetration, market diversification, market development and product development with ease. Improve your presentation on the strategic marketing planning model with our PowerPoint template created resourcefully by expert designers and researchers. The aim of this slide is to support managers and help them grow their business through existing or new products. Furthermore, this template will assist you in focusing on expanding your sales in a new or existing market all thanks to its fully editable layout.

Download Ansoff Matrix PowerPoint Show

Product Growth Ansoff Matrix Template 2

This is a content ready template that will best fit the topics like market penetration, market development, product development, diversification, and similar other business expansion plans. Earnest level of professionalism and flexibility is maintained while designing this set and so it is applicable for various industries having different operations. You can utilize this template to explain the concepts of market, products and the amount of risk associated with them. Vivid graphics and a colorful approach makes this design more exquisite and attractive.

Download Product Growth Ansoff Matrix

Ansoff Matrix For Growth Strategy Template 3

This template acts as a strategic framework for planning for senior managers, executives, and marketers. Devise efficient strategies for business growth using this slide. Otherwise known as the Market or Product Expansion Grid, this template revolves around the concept of major growth alternatives for your business and organization. With four quadrants including market penetration, diversification, market development, and product development, this slide is a great resource to analyze the risks associated with each.

Download Ansoff Matrix For Growth Strategy PowerPoint Show

The Ansoff Matrix Template 4

Give an elaborate description of your company’s growth strategies by utilizing this Ansoff Matrix Template. Successful business entrepreneurs can’t stick to one technique to increase sales. They have to search and try for new ideas every now and then. This Ansoff matrix slide will give a proper framework for the management to evaluate how well the products and services work with their growth strategy. Use this template to illustrate what kind of developing techniques and methodologies should be adopted by your organization to grow and flourish.

Download The Ansoff Matrix PPT Icon

Relationship Diagram Matrix Template 5

Use this matrix diagram to better understand the relationships. Organize data into sets of items and compare them proficiently using this template as a tool. It also enables you to visualize relationships quickly and definitively. Further, utilize this template to identify, analyze and rate the strength of relationships systematically within a set of items or among more than two sets of information.

Download Relationship Diagram Matrix

Growth Share Matrix With Chart And Icons Template 6

This is a management framework to help you prioritize your different business handlings in one go. With a table split into four quadrants, each with its unique icon representing a certain degree of profitability; star, cow, dog, and question mark, this slide acts as a planning tool to help you allocate resources with utmost efficiency. Decide where to focus your resources and capital to generate the most value, using this template. Also, analyze the areas where to cut losses with this resourceful PPT.

Download Growth Share Matrix With Chart And Icons Flat Powerpoint Design

BCG Matrix Template 7

Evaluate the strategic position, brand portfolio and the potential of your business using this content ready PPT slide. Classified into four categories based on industry attractiveness and competitive positioning, this template will help you understand which brands to invest in and which ones to be divested as per the results yielded.

Download BCG Matrix PowerPoint Slide

BCG Growth Share Matrix Template 8

This template is designed to help your organization with long term goal planning, consider growth opportunities by reviewing your business portfolio thereby deciding where to invest and where to divest. Also known as share/growth matrix, analyze the risks associated with all the four quadrants using this template. Incorporate it into your business operations to evaluate the market growth and relative market share efficiently.

Download BCG Growth Share Matrix Examples Sample Of PPT

Key Consideration Matrix With Priority Matrix Template 9

Streamline your workflow using this Priority Matrix Template. Distinguish various important tasks based on various parameters with this resourceful slide. Designed by our experts in high definition, this template will certainly be a very handy tool on numerous occasions. Prioritize your tasks pretty easily by incorporating this content ready PPT in your business structure. This template is especially helpful for team leads, managers, entrepreneurs, executives, freelancers and every other individual looking to prioritize their work and meet their deadlines on time.

Download Key Consideration Matrix With Priority Matrix

Matrix PPT Infographics Images Template 10

This is a BCG matrix slide. Use it to make investment and divestment decisions as per your business unit and product portfolios. This template will help you divide your business operations into four quadrants; cow, dog, star and question mark depending on whether certain operations deserve cash infusion or need to be closed. Based on this the management team can decide on the right strategy for each unit and operation individually.

Download Matrix PPT Infographics Images

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Matrix PPT Styles Template 11

This is an effective analytical tool that can help you assess various areas of your business that are relevant to its growth and expansion. Each quadrant displays a different element and risk that you can judge using this BCG Matrix slide. This slide is ideal for any industry no matter which niche it belongs to. Not only that is a powerful tool for any corporate business, offering or planning to offer its services.

Download Matrix PPT Styles Demonstration

Outsourcing Decision Matrix Template 12

Prioritize, justify and document important decisions using this template. It is an especially ideal template to go for when you have a lot of options to choose from and a lot many different factors to take into account. Available in a different design structure, this template is a variation to the traditional matrix approach. With a hint of blues and greens, this is a very eye-catching layout to make tough decisions seamlessly.

Download Outsourcing Decision Matrix With Strategic Importance

RACI Matrix PPT Inspiration Template 13

To ensure successful collaboration and success of a project, project stakeholders need to understand their roles and responsibilities. This is especially important in cases where the project teams are more complex than usual owing to their larger sizes. This RACI template will help you analyze the roles, responsibilities and other project deliverables easily. Designed to assign tasks, activities, responsibilities, support to team members, decision making and clarify expectations, this template will be your constant support in making your project a huge success.

Download RACI Matrix PPT Inspiration

Logistics Matrix PowerPoint Show Template 14

Plan, control and optimize your logistical processes with this logistics matrix diagram. This slide has a customizable layout, so you can alter it to fit your business needs and requirements. Also, the vivid design element of the slide gives it a very attractive look altogether, thus keeping your audience engaged throughout.

Download Logistics Matrix PowerPoint Show

Matrix Presentation Template 15

This is a single slide template perfect to make comparison charts and show data in a tabular or matrix form. Use this design to show a comparison between your products, as well as represent business models. With a four quad design, this matrix template can be used in many different scenarios such as emphasizing important areas in a presentation, present market size analysis, display compelling comparison results to the audience, evaluate your cash flow and others. Proving to be very flexible in its approach, this slide can be easily incorporated in any of your business handlings.

Download Matrix Presentation PowerPoint Example

Product Expansion Matrix Template 16

Present a visual representation of your marketing strategies using this template. This slide provides ample support to the managers who want to educate their team regarding the growth strategies. Discuss your business strategies and the risks associated with each of them by incorporating this template into your business structure. With a fully editable format, this slide will prove a very powerful resource for all the users no matter the types of products they deal with.

Download Product Expansion Matrix PPT Examples

Customer Base Matrix Design Template 17

Companies that produce their services based on the perception of what their customer needs are proven to be successful. Strive to discover the products best suited to the interest of your audience using this Customer Base Matrix Template. Present a glimpse of your customer preferences using this slide as a tool. Showcase the value of customer input in making your production decisions by incorporating this slide in your PPT.

Download Customer Base Matrix Design

Matrix PPT Slides Guidelines Template 18

This Matrix Slide is specifically designed for strategic decision-makers to determine the course of their company. It is typically useful when the most important products of your company reach the maturity stage. It is also a very useful tool to incorporate in your business handlings, especially when you are a start-up with little to no information as to how to progress further.

Download Matrix PPT Slides Guidelines

Coloured Matrix With Icons Template 19

This matrix diagram has a very attractive and colorful layout, perfect to create professional presentations related to topics like business portfolio, product marketing, brand marketing, strategic management, etc. The slide is fully editable and gives you the freedom to style it according to your business needs and requirements. Add relevant information, text, icon or any other element and present in a visually attractive way using this powerful strategic tool.

Download Coloured Matrix With Icons

Stakeholder Management Template 20

Use this template to analyze the stakeholders. It can also be used to show the results of the analysis on the basis of which stakeholder strategy and stakeholder engagement are to be decided later on. Furthermore, this is a very flexible template that gives you an opportunity to make as many changes as you like. So, either use this slide in conjunction with your presentation or individually to present stakeholder analysis.

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Download Stakeholder Management Potential Impact Collaboration Interest

Team Development Matrix Template 21

This is a popular business tool in which you can present your current or potential products/ and market/customers to grow and expand. This Team Development Matrix Diagram is especially useful for managers to achieve their organizational growth through new or existing products ensuring their share in newer or current market space.

Download Team Development Matrix

Risk Matrix Heat Map Template 22

Imprint your audience’s minds by drafting a visually appealing presentation in no time using this Risk Matrix Template. Provide remarkable details of the risk assessment by taking the assistance of our creatively designed slide. Not only is this slide informative and attractive, but it can also help elevate your entire presentation and take it to greater heights. This slide is of great relevance to subject matter experts, risk analysts, project managers, and individuals who want to showcase various parameters and their impact on the risk assessment.

Download Risk Matrix Heat Map

Data Interpretation Visualization Template 23

Interpret your important data using this Matrix Template. With vivid design and color, this template can be used in a variety of situations like to assess the level of risk, market share, etc. Earnest level of versatility and flexibility is maintained while designing this template, making it apt for all industries and business types.

Download Data Interpretation Visualization For Business Flat PowerPoint Design

Life Cycle Portfolio Matrix Template 24

Products, markets, and industries are not static in nature. Rather they are continuously changing with the shifts in the trends. Use this template to attain an understanding of your business portfolio. Share the concept of your business with your peers with this editable set. The editable format of this template makes it more useful and worthwhile. So, download it now!

Download Life Cycle Portfolio Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

Customer Growth Matrix Template 25

Convey your current customer state and potential risk factors using this template. This slide is quite self-explanatory so it can be used as a strong strategic tool, especially for strategists and managers. Gain buy-in of your company collaboratively and evaluate its plight as you move along one quadrant to another. It is not only informative but visually appealing as well that will surely catch your viewer’s attention.

Download Customer Growth Matrix PowerPoint Presentation Slide Template

BCG Matrix Template 26

Evaluate your business areas such as portfolio analysis, product marketing, brand marketing, product management, and strategic management by utilizing this BCG Matrix Template. This is a single slide template, fit for any corporation to streamline its workflow irrespective of the niche it belongs to.

Download 0514 BCG Matrix PowerPoint Presentation

Competitive Intelligence PPT Template 27

Map out your organization’s competitive landscape. Assess your performance relative to your competitors in a detailed manner by incorporating this pre-designed Matrix Template. Even if you are not a designer, you can edit this well-developed presentation to suit your business needs and requirements. It is also compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Download Competitive Intelligence PPT Sample Presentations

Strategic Capability Financial Impact Matrix Template 28

Finance plays a pivotal role in every business. There are hundreds of places that require investment and that require to be divested depending upon the levels of risks associated. This Financial Impact Matrix will help you in analyzing various risk areas and adding vivacity to your message. From the evaluation of risks to setting goals and priorities, using this editable set is a dependable option to grow your company’s revenue.

Download Strategic Capability Financial Impact Matrix PowerPoint Slide

Matrix trim Chart Template 29

Identify potential new markets, new products, and services as well as various product development opportunities. This slide is an ideal set for strategic planners, managers, product managers, executives, and marketers to develop techniques to grow their business further. Use this template to develop new products and tap new market spaces. You can also use this template for quarterly or annual strategic planning to uncover new possibilities of increasing your overall revenue.

Download Matrix trim Chart

Matrix Chart For Analysis Template 30

This set comes in handy for entrepreneurs, senior managers, product developers, and marketers to initiate an effective strategic plan to grow their business. This template can be used to judge multiple parameters that are important to the project. Each quadrant can be altered, making it an ideal fit for every user irrespective of the industry and niche.

Download Matrix Chart For Analysis Flat PowerPoint Design

Four Staged Matrix Chart Template 31

You can use this slide to explain your product development plans and marketing analysis with ease. This set offers a vivid matrix design that you can edit as per your needs and requirements.

Download Se Four Staged Matrix Chart Diagram Flat PowerPoint Design

Competitive Analysis Matrix Chart Template 32

With business growth and expansion, it is important to map out future operations as well as stack up correctly against the competitors. This is easier said than done. However, our Competitive Analysis Matrix can help you in this case. You can use this template to conduct a better competitive landscape evaluation providing useful and actionable insights into your business.

Download Competitive Analysis Template 8 Matrix Chart PPT Presentation Examples

Control Impact Matrix Template 33

Define your goals and objectives with this template. Some tasks have a higher risk and impact than other tasks. This matrix diagram will help you analyze those risks within specific departments and prioritize the tasks that require most of your time and effort. Give a clearer picture of your projects and the various initiatives taken to make them a fruitful investment with this template.

Download Control Impact Matrix Grid Showing Avoid And Control Risk

Risk Tolerance Template 34

With a substantial amount of risk in every undertaking, it is important to know what hazards can affect your business handlings. This re-designed Risk Tolerance Matrix Slide can prove to be a valuable resource in kick-starting your risk assessment. With high-quality design and elements, this slide will set a strong footing for your risk evaluation efforts by mentioning various parameters like low, medium and high. Also analyze the amount of risk, its severity and the probability of its happening with this attractive PPT of ours.

Download Risk Tolerance Presentation Images

Business Decision Matrix Template 35

Make important decisions rationally and thoughtfully while presenting to business executives by utilizing this Business Decision Matrix Templates. This slide is an ideal set for operations, marketing strategy team, finance, and operations team to take tough but fruitful decisions for the company’s growth and expansion.

Download Business Decision Matrix Sample Of PPT

While the process of conducting matrix analysis can be quite tedious and time-consuming, it is worth the effort. Matrix diagrams are powerful tools to help understand the variables, relationships, and factors influencing your business operations or project- so you can make wise decisions.

Get started today with these pre-designed Matrix Charts discussed above and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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