30 Best Gantt Chart PowerPoint Templates For an Effective Visualization of Your Project

Just imagine how difficult it is to balance all juggling balls at once. You miss a ball or two and your entire act goes for a toss. Project management is similar to the act of juggling balls wherein you are constantly balancing multiple tasks, activities, projects, people so on and so forth. It is a constant battle to manage a project right from initiation to completion. The moment you miss your deadline, the entire planning of the project goes haywire, costing you everything you have put in so far. Your reputation, planning, project, money, time; everything goes for a toss in a second.

This is why it is helpful to have a visual overview of the entire project plan from beginning to end. One such tried and tested tool is the good old Gantt Chart.

Whether you are a project management veteran or novice, Gantt Charts are never deceiving and so you must have already heard of them. In fact, project managers today are obsessed with them and for all the right reasons.

What are Gantt Charts and why are they so popular?

Gantt Charts are simple yet extremely effective battle-tested tools that can be used to envision the time and resources put in a particular project. Just take the duration of each activity in a particular project, add your dependencies and Voila! A clear path of progression is established. You can follow this path from line to line and streamline some of the messiest projects.

Yes, that is why Gantt Charts are so well-received in the project management world.

While the process of designing Gantt charts might seem traumatically complex, it is not, when you have pre-designed templates at hand.

In this guide, you will find 30 Gantt Chart templates to keep you out of a project pinch and relieve you from the stress of designing and configuring charts.

So, let us begin!

Gantt Chart Templates to Download

Map out your project schedule by utilizing this pre-designed Gantt chart PPT template. This template also enables you to demonstrate the various dependent relationships between the tasks and activities of a particular project, thereby showing its current states. Apart from this, it is an ideal template to identify the bottlenecks in a project that makes it difficult to meet your deadlines. Since this template is intuitively designed, it can be easily adapted to your needs and business goals. Furthermore, it functions as a great tool that offers a breakdown of your project right from the beginning till the end. Thus, providing a clear picture of the progression of your project which can be shared with the team as well as the stakeholders.

Download Gantt Chart For Transition Plan Example Of PPT Presentation

Template 2

Manage complicated projects and organize them more efficiently with this content-ready dependencies Gantt chart PowerPoint template. Use it to track your publication project’s activities, milestones, tasks, phases, and other relevant aspects. This template gives you an updated visual of your project that is very comprehensive. This visual can also be shared with your team members, stakeholders, and supervisors to help them have clarity of the project and its functioning. Not only that, but multiple dependencies can also be plotted and presented directly using this fully-editable layout which gives you a visual breakdown of the entire project.

Download Dependencies Gantt Chart PPT Sample Presentations

Template 3

Handle all the details of the project and view its progress using the PPT template. Document the tasks, subtasks, milestones, deadlines, and other deliverables of the project with this intuitively designed Gantt Chart template that works as a great project tracker. Organize every major component of our project and keep a tab on it with this layout that can be shared with your employees too. This, in turn, facilitates collaborative qualities inside your team and also encourages transparency. Not only this, since this template is professionally designed you are free to make as many changes as you like as per your needs and requirements.

Download Project Management Gantt Chart PowerPoint Templates Microsoft

Template 4

Use this Gantt chart template to manage a variety of projects and activities. Keep a tab on every detail of the project and detect any bottlenecks. This visually attractive template makes it easy for you to track all the activities of a particular project from time to time. It is also a great tool to reflect planning progress which is the most crucial part of a project. This design makes the visualization of a project, its phases, tasks, and other components much easier and convenient. Further, since it is Excel linked the theme, content and stats can be altered to suit your needs and requirements.

Download Project Management Timeline Gantt Chart

Template 5

Utilize this content-ready Gantt chart for your IT projects. Manage various types of risks, allocate resources efficiently and ensure a complete rundown of your IT project by making use of our outstanding template. This is also an ideal template to track various tasks and delegate the handling responsibilities to various staff members based on their expertise. This template comes in handy for IT experts to showcase the progression of their projects. Apart from this, the editable layout of this template makes it useful for every department and project no matter how distinctive they are.

Download Information Technology Gantt Chart

Template 6

This template is perfect for showcasing summary-level timelines of release across various products. It is also useful in showing executives the alignment of the portfolio map. You can utilize it for annual, quarterly of any other planning schedule. Also, employ this tool for communication of the release schedule which helps in high-level resource planning. Not only this, but it also assists in effective coordination of the implementation plans. Further, the customizable and Excel linked layout of this PPT template increases its utility, making it fit for every user.

Download Portfolio Gantt Chart PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 7

This pre-designed template is fit for strategic planning as it captures even the minutest details of the plan. It provides a visual representation of key activities that are needed to build or reassess your business plan so that it is much more profitable. It also comes in handy while starting a new business, entering a new market space, or simply refreshing some old worn-out strategies, that are not beneficial for the organization anymore. Simultaneously, it gives a hand at keeping everybody focused on important activities, hence creating a winning strategy. Since this template can be tailored to your needs, you can include significant aspects like milestones, strategic plans for approval from the board of directors, and others without any difficulty.

Download Gantt Chart For Strategic Planning Proposal PPT PowerPoint Presentation Graphics

Template 8

As a marketing professional, you need to supervise and manage several clients each having their own set of requirements. It is definitely a difficult task to accomplish, however, this pre-designed Gantt chart template is one such tool that can help reduce the complexities. Use this template to organize each of your marketing projects effectively and communicate their progress with your team. This chart can also be shared with your clients directly to make sure everyone is on the same page. As this design reflects every detail of your project handling right from the beginning till the end, it is an ideal one to use for your future projects.

Download Marketing Activities Gantt Chart PPT Design

Template 9

Gantt charts are ideal tools for the project team as they show the breakdown of the entire project. This intuitively-designed Gantt chart visual is one such template that can help you display the progress of your project as per the time, resources, delivery time, etc. As this provides a very comprehensive timeline it is a useful one to present in front of both internal and stakeholders so that they are on the same page. Additionally, business managers can use this design to present their periodic project reports that can be altered as per their liking.

Download Project Management Gantt Chart PPT Outline Vector

Template 10

Display project progression with this pre-designed template. Anticipate the resource allocation, locate the lag, calculate the estimated delivery time, and manage your project effectively with this Gantt chart template which is Excel linked. So you can easily key in the important details of your project. Not only that, this slide can also be used to present periodic reports of the project as well as for process mapping. All you have to do is click on the download button and manipulate this template as per your needs and requirements.

Download Project Plan Implementation Gantt Chart

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Template 11

This template provides a graphical representation of your daily schedule and events to help you plan better. It also helps you coordinate and track the various tasks of your project and share the daily updates with your executives and stakeholders. Not only this the color scheme of this layout is such that it is easily comprehensible, thus making it a great communication tool as well. You can easily update its attributes by adding important data into this template.

Download Daily Schedule Gantt Chart With Project Phases PPT PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Template 12

This template is designed especially for business planners and project managers to present their plans, status reports, schedules, and other important data in small time increments. Plan, track, and communicate the important information and short-time tasks with this hourly Gantt chart template. This is also an ideal template to create impressive timelines showing short-duration time intervals. Not only that, but it is also apt for professionals requiring to present a breakdown of hourly tasks for granular planning.

Download Hourly Project Timeline Gantt Chart

Template 13

Present a clear plan of system development and its various tasks using this template. This template can be used to reflect any phase of system development be it planning, analysis, implementation, or any other. In addition to assessing and controlling the system development process, this Gantt chart design can also be used by IT managers to communicate their thoughts across. As such, they can be proficient communicators by using this fully-editable layout that can be shared with team members, vendors, clients, or any other person.

Download System Development Lifecycle Gantt Chart PPT Inspiration

Template 14

Gantt charts can be extremely complex visuals that showcase detailed and important information like baseline comparisons, budget costs, earned value, work performance, and others. However, this Gantt chart template is created with a very simple approach. As such it acts as a great tool for communication and a high-level summary view of the project. In addition to this, this template comes with high-quality graphics, so feel free to adapt it to your requirements by making changes wherever necessary.

Download Gantt Chart Management PPT PowerPoint Presentation Slide

Template 15

This Gantt chart template has a traditional outlook to it making it simple to download and edit. It functions as a great collaboration tool between the teams that can be easily shared and adapted to one’s project needs. Not only this since this template is Excel linked your important data can be quickly imported and transformed into a well-organized Gantt chart. This Gantt chart can be quickly revised when your stakeholders need updates on the project.

Download Gantt Chart Management PPT PowerPoint Presentation Diagram

Template 16

Communicate the monthly details of your project with this visually attractive Gantt chart template. Present a combination of activities required to reach your objective and track them from time to time using this pre-designed template, that is versatile and flexible enough for any user. As such, you can make as many changes as you like in this template to suit your project needs. In addition to this, it is a great design to share with clients and executives as it is easily understandable.

Download Gantt Chart For Month Covering Project Milestone

Template 17

Create a comprehensive and very attractive timeline for your project using this pre-designed Gantt chart template. Plan your project and provide a snapshot of it with all the important details in front of your executives and stakeholders. This Gantt chart can be used to show various tasks simultaneously and their precedence against time which is an important factor for successful planning. Apart from this, it is a great tool through which the audience can get important information about the entire project at a single glance. Thus, making it suitable for your project governance and project management endeavors.

Download Project Planning Implementation Timeline Roadmap PowerPoint Layout

Template 18

This is the most suitable Gantt chart template for professionals who wish to make their key project information easy to decipher and comprehensive. It also helps managers and project planners build clean summary reports showing how all the pieces fit together. Further, this information can be easily shared with the audience be it stakeholders, employees, or others by employing this 100% editable layout.

Download 14 Weeks Gantt Chart For Project Details

Template 19

This template is extensively used by project managers to present a simple understanding of the tasks, resources, and other aspects of their project to the audience. It is also a powerful communication tool, hence is it a highly useful template to include in your project planning and optimizing. Apart from this, it is a data-driven chart so you will face no issues in adapting it to your particular project. All you have to do is download it, add your information and you are good to go.

Download Project Management Gantt Chart Diagram Powerpoint Images

Template 20

This is a modern style layout, that can be used by professionals for task regulation of a particular project. Its data-driven structure makes it suitable for any professional no matter which project he is managing. Various task relationships can also be mapped out using this fully-editable and responsive Gantt chart template which can be further communicated with the viewers.

Download Yearly Based Gantt Chart With Task Details PPT PowerPoint Presentation Outline Model

Template 21

Plan the execution of your project proficiently with this pre-designed Gantt chart. Present the schedule of your project with ease and precision by including this template into your project management endeavors. This template comes in very handy when you have to monitor a project and communicate its details to your stakeholders.

Download 6 Month Project Timeline Displaying Gantt Chart With Activity Tracking

Template 22

Provide a breakdown of your project and tasks relationships using this Gantt chart template. Monitor and control all the major facets of your project management. Also communicate all the necessary information like the number of tasks, allocation of resources, duration, and many others with your stakeholders by employing this pre-designed template. The data-driven quality of the chart increases its versatility and flexibility.

Download Monitoring And Control Gantt Chart

Template 23

Impress your audience by neatly steering your project details with this data-driven Gantt chart. Plan, execute and communicate effectively the major facets of your project with this template that can be revised any which way. Owing to the fact that this template is Excel linked it is very easy to customize its components by adding your personal data into it.

Download Project Management Tools Showing Gantt Chart With Task List

Template 24

This is a great template for project management experts to showcase schedule, plan, status, and any other major facets. It can be used for both long term and short term planning increments as it is a data-driven chart that can be revised and manipulated as per the user’s requirement. So, plan, track, and communicate every important detail of your project with this pre-designed Gantt chart template. This saves you from the hassle of creating a chart from the very scratch.

Download Gantt Chart Management PPT PowerPoint Presentation Layouts Example

Template 25

This project timeline Gantt chart was designed to simplify the communication of project details through easy to understand and attractive visuals. Managers, planners or any other individuals looking for a well-structured Gantt chart design can use this template. Not only this, it is data-driven, hence it can be easily revised and updated. Also, this particular design can be used multiple times for different projects of the user.

Download Project Timeline Gantt Chart For Month

Template 26

Download this template and edit its components as per your liking. Since this template is pre-designed and data-driven it can be easily modified with your own project schedule. Apart from this all the shapes and other components are high-quality so change everything that you desire. The timeline will automatically update in a monthly fashion as soon as you add your stats.

Download 3 Months Gantt Chart With Flowchart PPT PowerPoint Presentation Infographic

Template 27

This is a great design for both long term and short term planning increments. It is also a data-driven chart that can be revised and manipulated as per the user’s requirement so planning, tracking, and communicating is very easy with this pre-designed Gantt chart template.

Download 6 Tasks Gantt Chart For 2 Weeks

Template 28

Present a high-level visual overview of your project details on a predetermined timeline by making use of this content-ready template. View the tasks of your project using the taskbars given in the template, that can be easily adjusted according to your data. For this, simply download the design, add your information, and see the automatic updation of the chart.

Download Project Implementation Timeline Roadmap PowerPoint Guide

Template 29

Prioritize your activity schedule with this template. Document everything pertaining to your project like specific tasks, goals, duration etc. to maximize your potential and ensure every task gets completed in a timely fashion. Also, the data-driven quality of this template makes it user-friendly. Hence, download, add your personal data, and present this chart to streamline your project.

Download Project Activity Gantt Chart Timeline

Template 30

Utilize this Gantt chart to track and monitor your tasks, duration, and any other relevant aspect. Gain at-a-glance visual of your tasks by making use of this pre-designed template. Divide tasks by phases, categories like research, testing, building, documentation of any other to ensure that they are completed in a timely fashion. Additionally, this is a data-driven template so you will face no difficulty in adapting it to your needs and requirements.

Download Task Management Gantt Chart PPT Slide Template

When you are a project planner every second counts. So, why waste your precious time creating a bunch of complicated visuals just to keep track of your project?

Using these pre-designed Gantt chart templates will help you save time and stay focused on the tasks that move the needle. Whip up a project plan in minutes and watch your team cross the finish line much faster with these 30 content-ready templates!

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