30 Best Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning PowerPoint Templates to Exceed your Marketing Goals

Gone are the days when traditional channels like billboards and newspaper ads were the most productive ways of promoting brands and products. However, this is the digital era we are talking about, therefore conventional marketing methods simply won’t do! Digital marketing was and is still a necessity for all businesses across the globe and deciding the right strategy will be the key to your success.

But, digital marketing isn’t as simple and straightforward as it used to be. Not by a long shot. There are various options available when it comes to this field of marketing and it can be quite intimidating. From choosing the right social media platforms to putting the right content strategy into action, analysis paralysis is a serious problem that marketers often face.

In this post, we will go over 30 intuitively-designed digital marketing strategy and planning PowerPoint templates to help you drive more leads and sales from online audiences. Further, a succinct digital marketing strategy designed with these templates will help you accomplish specific goals with a purpose and optimize your results efficiently.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning PowerPoint Templates To Download

Digital Transformation Template 1)

Whether you are employed in government, retail, or manufacturing, your industry has likely been transformed digitally with new technologies and processes. But undergoing the process of digital transformation can be quite risky. It is, therefore, necessary to complete this transformation process successfully. This digital transformation PowerPoint presentation template will help you kickstart this process by explaining various components, benefits, and risks associated. Foster a range of discussions on various important topics using this template as a guiding framework.

Download Digital Transformation Digital Organization Analytics Digital Technology Strategy Business

Digital Marketing Strategy And Layout Template 2)

If your company veers on the vague end of strategic planning, you may want to take your digital strategic planning a notch higher with this fully editable PowerPoint template. Give your business the clarity and reach your marketing objectives with this digital marketing strategy and layout PowerPoint template. Ensure that your digital marketing plan is a well-oiled machine and that every part including social media, email, landing pages, blogs, etc, all work together using this PowerPoint layout. Further, this professionally designed PPT will help you create an amazing customer experience, thus serving as an important growth factor.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy And Layout PowerPoint Themes

Digital Marketing Strategy Template 3)

This digital marketing PPT helps you put the right technology at the right place and meet your business objectives effectively. Align your online activities and stay on track with the continuously changing trends with this resourceful PPT. Additionally, this digital strategy plan PowerPoint template will help you stay competitive online as it is fully customizable. Alterations can be made to this PPT to make it fit for your organizational needs.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy PPT Examples Slides

Top Of Mind B2B Digital Marketing Strategy Template 4)

Whether you are a digital marketing executive or a business manager, a fully-functional and workable marketing strategy is extremely important. Use our B2B digital marketing strategy PowerPoint template to design an effective plan for your organization. Chart out the entire course of growing your business online with the help of this well-structured PPT. Apart from this, you can also use this layout to assign various tasks to your team members to establish a strong online presence.

Download Top Of Mind B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy Diagram Template 5)

Align your online efforts and business goals with the help of this digital marketing strategy diagram. Stay on track with the constant shifts in the environment and help your business grow and expand by introducing this digital strategy PowerPoint slideshow into your basic structure. You can also discuss the benefits of adopting a well-structured digital plan with your peers such as streamlining workflow, increasing customer base, improved quality control, etc, with this PPT slide. Therefore, utilize this aesthetically sound PPT to implement a realistic and well-crafted digital marketing plan to stay competitive.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Diagram PowerPoint Slide Designs

Digital Marketing Strategy Techniques Template 6)

Showcase the most valuable marketing techniques like social media, SEM & SEO, CRM, website and mobile, etc, with these digital marketing strategy techniques PowerPoint slides. Update and use this template to outline your marketing plan and present it proficiently in front of the board, seniors, general management and others. You can also employ this tool for articulating a digital plan for internal use or to brief other digitally equipped agencies. Either way, this template will help you put forth your digital marketing strategy with maximum effect.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Techniques PowerPoint Slides Designs

Digital Transformation Planning Template 7)

Reinvent the way you do your business by designing an effective digital marketing plan for your organization. This digital transformation planning PowerPoint slideshow is a comprehensive guide to help you plan, think, and run things in this digital age without any difficulty. Provide an in-depth insight for executives, managers, and entrepreneurs regarding the latest technologies used by incorporating this fully-editable slide into your business structure. Keep pace with the emerging trends and shifts in customer preferences with this customizable PPT of ours.

Download Digital Transformation Planning PowerPoint Show

Digital Marketing Plan Template 8)

Reach your marketing goals competently with our digital marketing plan PPT. Ensure all the moving parts of your digital marketing strategy like SEO, PPC, blog, online advertising, etc, are working together to create a wonderful experience for your customers. You can use this professionally designed PPT as a guideline to construct an effective digital marketing plan for your organization that will make your business grow online. Rather than opting for the traditional management system and invention methodologies, incorporate this modern layout to make your online presence felt.

Download Digital Marketing Plan PPT Background Images

Multichannel Digital Marketing Plan Diagram Template 9)

Devise a proficient digital marketing strategy to grow your business using this well-formatted template. Succeed in your online marketing initiatives by making this slide a part of your business structure. Packed with practical and actionable visuals, this template will help you design a marketing strategy that works. By using this comprehensive guide, you can easily delegate tasks and responsibilities to your virtual assistants, team, etc, that will take your digital efforts to the next level. Also, interlink various digital marketing techniques like SEO, content/ blog marketing, social media, etc, here and discuss them with your team using this PPT. Not only this, since this slide is designed by expert researchers it gives you enough scope to make amendments as and when necessary.

Download Multichannel Digital Marketing Plan Diagram PPT Sample

Aspects Of Digital Marketing Strategy Template 10)

Drive significant ROI and revenue with this well-structured digital marketing strategy PowerPoint slideshow. Outline various aspects of your digital marketing plan such as organize, decide, acquire, etc. using this powerful tool of ours. Having a fully editable layout, this slide will help you reach out to a large number of audiences, thereby converting them into leads. Therefore, it is an ideal tool to be used in your business structure to make your digital marketing efforts more fruitful.

Download Aspects Of Digital Marketing Strategy PPT Slides

Digital Marketing Strategy Template 11)

Craft an ever-engaging digital presence with this PowerPoint slide. Plan and engage users with this resource incentive PowerPoint presentation. This pre-prepared layout is designed in such a way that it will act as a perfect supplement to all your needs and requirements, all thanks to its editable content. Not only that, but this visual will also help you foster discussions on a range of topics including SEO, process of digital marketing, steps included and others. Therefore, create a comprehensive slideshow with this theme to impress your audience.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Reach Build Convert Act

Digital Marketing Strategy Model Template 12)

This template is ideal for social media marketers, media agencies, marketing agents, startup owners and many more. It will help you educate your team members about the importance of digital marketing and its ongoing trends. Consisting of attractive visuals, this slide will help you create a sleek business presentation without any hassle. Not only that it will help you take your digital marketing plan a notch higher with its interesting layout and content, which can be altered as deemed fit.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Model PowerPoint Slide Show

Digital Marketing Strategy Practice Template 13)

Online marketing is a wide subject linked to various other fields like affiliate programs, advertising, content marketing amongst others. Our professionally designed digital marketing strategy practice PowerPoint slideshow will provide you everything you need to present your ideas seamlessly. Further, the beautiful aesthetics of this template will help you explain the dynamics of online marketing strategy very impactfully, thus making it an ideal fit for your business structure.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Practice PowerPoint Slide

Digital Marketing Strategy Template 14)

Are you overwhelmed with the digital marketing strategy possibilities? If yes, then our well-structured digital marketing strategy PPT design is an ideal fit for you. This slide gives you a clear roadmap for managing all your digital marketing efforts for a new business initiative. All you have to do is launch this layout in the workplace to assign various tasks and responsibilities to your virtual assistants, contractors or team members.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy PPT Sample File

Push Pull Digital Marketing Strategy Template 15)

This template is designed for marketing representatives to showcase the application of push and pull factors affecting the target market. Illustrate the push-pull strategy with this slide. Delineate two opposite strategies and show how they affect your digital marketing efforts with this fully editable PPT. You can also discuss various reasons behind the push-pull strategy with the help of this we — structured PowerPoint slide of ours.

Download Push Pull Digital Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy In Digital Marketing Template 16)

Present a complete report of your digital marketing business using this PPT slideshow. Develop and communicate a competent content strategy to accelerate your digital marketing management process with this well-structured layout. Apart from this, it will help you design a comprehensive content marketing plan with attributes like inbound marketing, voice definition, editorial calendar, content inventory, etc, which you can edit as per the need of the hour.

Download Content Strategy In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan Template 17)

Assess your online capabilities and strategic options with our well-crafted digital marketing strategy plan PowerPoint graphic. Create a brand new strategy or review special marketing techniques with this powerful tool, designed professionally and intuitively. You can also use this layout to outline the characteristics of a good digital marketing plan including presence, influence, perception, vitality amongst others. All you have to do is download this PPT, alter its content and save for further use.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Plan PowerPoint Slide Graphics

Digital Strategies Media Planning Strategy 18)

This template comprises of well-researched data, presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. Impart valuable information about your digital strategies, media planning efforts and others in a refined way by utilizing this slide. You can also conduct an interactive session on the importance of digital marketing, using this high-definition PPT slide, which can be edited as per your preference.

Download Digital Strategies Media Planning Strategy Affiliate Marketing Management

Digital Marketing Strategy Blogging 19)

This is a self-explanatory digital marketing design that can be used by marketers, digital representatives, online experts, and others. Outlining various online marketing techniques like blogging, webinars, podcasts, etc, this template will help you drive significant ROI and increase your revenue manifolds. Not only this, but the fully editable design of this template gives you the freedom to alter it any which way, making it fit for your business operations.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Blogging Infographics Videos Webinars

Strategy Template For Digital Marketing Template 20)

This well-structured digital marketing plan PPT provides savvy owners and startups with a strong foundation to grow their business online. Outline some of the most popular techniques to build up a powerful digital marketing strategy for your business using this layout. We have also mentioned a few techniques here in this template that you can use as a sample guideline to design your own. All you have to do is download this template, add or remove the default content and you are done- an ideal template for all your digital marketing efforts.

Download Strategy Template For Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Plan Template 21)

Our digital marketing plan PPT provides an all-in-one approach to carry out all your tasks competently. Identify and organize all your digital marketing techniques like content marketing, public relations, national marketing, etc. in the form of a table given in this template. All the elements of this slide can be easily modified to meet your personal needs, thus making it an ideal fit for all businesses irrespective of the industry.

Download Digital Marketing Plan Presentation Visuals

Digital Marketing Strategy Framework Template 22)

Execute your digital marketing strategy with utmost efficiency with our fully editable PPT template. This slide is an ideal fit for marketers and managers to showcase their company’s digital marketing framework with steps various stages like presence, drive, retain amongst others, that can be edited as per one’s choice. Apart from this, you can use this template to describe the overall process of devising a great marketing plan, promoting more leads and traffic to your website. Thus help your business reach greater heights with this well-formatted layout.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Framework PowerPoint Images

Digital Marketing Strategy Planning Template 23)

This is a perfect supplement to all your digital needs and requirements. Capable of fostering discussion on some of the major aspects of digital marketing, this slide will help you create a comprehensive business presentation. Besides that, it will help you implement your digital marketing strategy in a way that facilitates the growth and expansion of your business on various online platforms.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Planning Diagram PowerPoint Slides

Customer Centric Marketing Brand Digital Strategy Template 24)

Gain more users and convert them into leads using this customer-centric digital marketing PPT slide. This PPT is an ideal presentation tool for optimizing your digital planning and make it customer-focused. Provide a visual aid to your audience and impress them with this well-structured PPT layout designed using interesting colors and graphics. Not only that you can also use this design to outline various strategies like brand strategy, digital strategies, marketing strategy and others that play an important role while carrying out various digital marketing activities to make your business grow online.

Download Customer Centric Marketing Brand Digital Strategy

Strategy Roadmap With Digital And Event Marketing Template 25)

This is an ideal fit for any user looking to make his online presence felt. You can incorporate this slide into your business operations to manage your digital marketing initiatives and implement them resourcefully. Outlining the entire process from start to finish, including stages like cause marketing, digital marketing, event marketing, etc. this slide will act as an important part of your business presentation. Also, the editable layout of this template helps you alter it as per your need and preference.

Download Strategy Roadmap With Digital And Event Marketing

Digital Marketing Optimization Strategy Plan Template 26)

Define your marketing optimization efforts with this fully editable slide. Showcase your marketing activities that help in brand promotion and lead generation in a very competitive environment. Since this PPT is designed keeping in mind the needs of the user, it is fully editable and customizable. Feel free to alter all its elements any which way.

Download Digital Marketing Optimization Strategy Plan Good PPT Example

Digital Transformation Strategy Plan Template 27)

Having an in-depth understanding of your customers’ intentions and motivation is critical for digital transformation. Include this framework in your business presentations to create a winning digital marketing strategy plan. Use this slide to boost your business and accelerate your transformation process with the help of new technologies. This template can also be used to portray various stages of your plan and communicate the same to your team members.

Download Digital Transformation Strategy Plan PowerPoint Images

Digital Products Strategy PPT Template 28)

This is an entirely customizable template that shows a mix of modern and traditional marketing approaches. Use it to delineate two opposite approaches and how they impact your digital marketing efforts. Also, this slide is very user-friendly so you can easily edit all its attributes with a single click, thereby making it a useful tool to conduct your digital marketing efforts proficiently.

Download Digital Products Strategy PPT Templates

Digital Strategy Framework 29)

Attract and convert buyers in this digital age by developing a competent digital marketing framework. Convey the steps of a great marketing plan to your team members with this pre-made slide. This PPT acts as a powerful tool for marketers, business owners, digital marketers amongst others looking to plan, optimize and present their plan impactfully. Not only this, you can take the assistance of this template to streamline your marketing efforts so that your company can grow and expand without any difficulty.

Download Digital Strategy Framework With Integration Planning Execution And Evaluation

Digital Marketing Strategy Sample Diagram Template 30)

Every professional associated with the field of marketing can benefit from this digital marketing strategy sample diagram. You can also use this template to train marketing executives on various techniques and aspects of online marketing such as SEO, branding, web design, email marketing, etc. Educators and experts can also take the assistance of this particular slide and include it in their presentations to give an in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

Download Digital Marketing Strategy Sample Diagram PowerPoint Presentation

Hopefully, these 30 pre-designed templates served as much-needed inspiration for your next digital marketing strategy planning. Let us know in the comment section.

Till then good luck and happy planning!

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