25 Business Icons For PowerPoint Every Presenter Must Have in Their Kitty

Thanks to the way our computer’s GUI (graphic user interface) and smartphones are designed, icons have become a part of our life.

Imagine if these tiny images are replaced by text on our screens! Ugly, right?

So is that the only reason icons are used in design — to make things look pretty? A big no. They do have an aesthetic value for sure but more importantly, they carry a functional value.

These tiny visual elements carry symbolic value and represent a concept, action or an idea. They may be tiny but they are powerful. Their power lies in their simplicity to convey ideas and meanings in such little space, without the use of a lot of words. Their powerful advantages such as enhancing usability, improving readability, increasing the aesthetic appeal of design, simplicity, ubiquitous nature have made icons a favorite among web designers.

Why should presentation design be left behind? We want our presentations to have all these qualities too.

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of 25 business icons for PowerPoint that are usually required in every business presentation. Make your own icon collection today to create better and powerful PowerPoint slides. The following list gives you a headstart in this task:

P.S. All icons are 100% editable in PowerPoint — change their color, size, orientation, etc. as per your requirements. That is the beauty of flat icons!

#1- Handshake Icon

Can be used to represent — New Partnership, Contract Agreement, Business Ties, Teamwork, Friendship, Loyalty, Trust, Deal, Exchange, Commitment, Settlement, Business Arrangement, Bond, Pledge

Download the Handshake Icon

#2- Vision-Mission-Goals Icon

Can be used to represent — Company Mission, Mission Statement, Company Vision, Future Plans, Company Goals, Objectives, Vision for Future, Perception, Business Insight, Reflection, Scope, Target, Milestones

Download Vision, Mission & Goals Icon

#3- SWOT Icons

Can be used to represent — Company Strengths, Competitive Advantage, Company Weaknesses, Weak Links in the Chain, Business Opportunities, Steps to Growth, Climb the Ladder of Success, Business Threats, Business Risks, Stability, Capability

Download SWOT Icons Flat PPT

#4- Product Launch Icon

Can be used to represent — New Product Launch, New Service Launch, Business Startup, Campaign Launch, Website Launch or any other launch, Accelerate, Elevate, Way Forward, Achieve, Target

Download the Launch Icon Flat PPT

#5- Gears Icon

Can be used to represent — Operations, Settings, Coordination, Teamwork, Machinery, Operational Framework, Process, Action, Management, Transactions, Services, Procedures, Performance, Functional Quality, Automation, Maintenance, Capabilities

Download the Gears Icon

#6- Target Icon (Arrow & Dartboard)

Can be used to represent — Business Target, Targets or Objectives to Achieve, Target Market, Target Audience, Company Mission, Business Goals, Ambition, Purpose, Direction

Download the Target Icon

#7- Idea Icon

Can be used to represent — Idea Generation, Innovation, Brainstorming for New Ideas, Imagination, Creativity, New Product, Startup, Solutions, Invention, Concept, Decision, Plan

Download the Bulb Icon

#8- Megaphone Icon

Can be used to represent — Marketing, Announcement, Advertising, Broadcast Message, Spread Awareness, Promotion Strategies, Promotional Offers, Broadcasting, Publicity

Download the Megaphone Icon

#9- Document Icon

Can be used to represent — Contract, Notes, Information, Letter, Memos, Handouts, Leaflets, Official Paperwork, Content Writing, Deed, Evidence, Script, Content Validity, Business Reports, Financial Outlook, Activities

Also get Stacks of Dollar Coins and Growth icon by downloading this slide:

Download the Document Icon Flat

#10- Leadership Icon & Business Meeting Icon

Can be used to represent — Leadership Concepts, Boardroom Meeting, Conference Meeting, Review Meeting, Administration, Critical Evaluator, Accountability, Face to Face Talk, Training

Download the Leadership Icon

#11- Calendar & Time Icon

Can be used to represent — Time Management, Project Management, Project Schedule, Project Deadline, Agenda, Project Status, Planning & Controlling, Goal Setting, Short Term & Long Term Goals

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Download the Clock Icon & Calendar Icon

#12- Feedback Icon

Can be used to represent — Comment, Client Feedback, Like, Thumbs Up, Social Engagement

Download the Feedback Icon Flat PPT

#13- Tool Icon

Can be used to represent — Maintenance, Equipment, Settings, Tools, Resources, Repair, Construction, Services

Download the Tool Icon

#14- Channels Icon

Can be used to represent — Promotion Channels, Business Services, Distribution Channels, Social Networking, Diversity, Applications, Sources, Business Synergies

Download the Channels Icon

#15- Strategy Icon

Can be used to represent — Business Strategy, Planning, Implementation Plan, Tactical Planning, Strategy Formulation, Benchmark Strategy, Action, Strategic Focus

Download the Strategy Icon

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#16- Deadline or Time Management

Can be used to represent — Time Management, Task Deadline, Work Pressure, Stress, Due Date, Timeline, Punctuality, Project Management, Project Failures, Overload

Download the Time Management Icon

#17- Sale Icon

Can be used to represent — Sales Promotion, Sale Offers, Sales Strategies, Advertising, Promotion Offers, Sales Tactics, Sales Strategies

Downloading the Sales Icon

#18- Globe Icon

Can be used to represent — Global Footprint, Global Expansion, International Market, Global Coverage, Location

Download the Globe Icon

#19- Growth & Decline Icon

Can be used to represent — Business Growth, Annual Sales, Decline in Growth, Business Performance, Data Mining, Big Data, Analytics & Insight Generation, Progressive, Enterprise Reporting, Financial Highlights, Sales Review, Performance Management, Market Positioning

Download the Growth Icon

#20- Hiring Icon

Can be used to represent — Interview, Human Resource Management, Hiring or Selection of Right Candidate, Recruitment, Leadership, Lead Generation

Download the Hiring Icon

#21- Lead Generation Icon

Can be used to represent — Leads, Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Conversion

Download the Lead Generation Icon

#22- Devices Icon (Laptop, Mobile Device, Desktop)

Can be used to represent — Responsive Web Design, Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications, IT Simplification, Data Handling, Application Consolidation, IT Management, Software Asset Management, Digital Analytics, Capabilities & Technology Solutions

Download Laptop, Computer & Mobile Devices

#23- Social Media Icons

Can be used to represent — Company’s Social Media Presence, Connect on Social Media, Advertising, Digital Marketing

Download Social Media Icons 1

Social Media Icons 2

#24- Accomplishments & Awards Icon

Can be used to represent — Business Achievements, Awards Won, Key Accomplishments, Reward Best Performers, Appraisal, Employee Recognition, Quality, Standards, Best of Breed, Accreditation

Download Accomplishments Icon Set

Download Winner Trophy Icon

#25- Contact Us & Location Icon

Can be used to represent — Company Contact Details, Get in Touch, Company’s Location

Download Contact Us Icon

Download Location Icon

Every business presentation has their mission, vision and goals slide, a slide on accomplishments, business targets, strengths, and finally their social media presence and contact us slide. Rather than downloading an icon each time or opening up old PPTs to find the icon used then, it is better to maintain your icon library which has all icons in that folder. It will save your time and energy.

The icons that we shared are basic icons that are readily used. If you are not using icons in your presentation, then start using this popular design element to add aesthetic appeal to your slides and reinforce your content visually. Although most of the icons we shared above are universally understood, it is advisable that you have a text label along with that icon so that there is no confusion whatsoever.

Is there any business icon for PowerPoint that you use a lot and should have found a mention in this list? Let us know in the comments section below.




SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection. www.slideteam.net

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SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection. www.slideteam.net

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