11 Must Use Financial Analysis PowerPoint Slides to Show Your Company’s Financial Position

Managing balance sheet, financial projections, cash flow statements are hell of a tasks. To reduce the work load for the analysts and sales managers, we have come up with a thoroughly researched Financial Analysis deck. You will get all the necessary slides you would need to present to your seniors.

Whether you get a sudden call from your senior sales manager or having a planned meeting ahead in few weeks, have this well researched Financial Analysis Module by your side and send away your meeting blues.

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We will show you some of the slides here from the deck to give you an idea of the presentation on Financial Analysis.

1) Income Statement–KPIs:

This slide gives an overview of the business’s income, operating income and cost of goods sold (COGS). This particular KPI metric can help you calculate your business’s net profit. Put the numbers in the slide in each segment and you are good to showcase those numbers to your boss.

2) Income Statement–KPIs (Tabular Form):

Now this slide is a detailed version of what you saw above. It is the exhaustive form of Income Statement KPIs. It covers important details such as financing cost, total material consumed, net sales and much more. So you get the option to choose from these two slides. Have any of it and you are set.

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3) Balance Sheet–KPIs:

Show your company’s current and non-current assets with this amazingly designed bar graph chart. Flaunt the total assets figures through this slide. Not just these, balance sheet also talks about the current and non-current liabilities. We have covered that all in one balance sheet to ease the work load.

4) Balance Sheet–KPIs ( Tabular Form):

Again, we have the comprehensive version of the above slide. In case, your manager asks you to get into the details of the financial aspects of the company, pick this slide. Discuss what your company owns and what your company owes through this elaborated Balance Sheet slide.

5) Cash Flow Statement–KPIs:

Describe the sources by which cash enters and leaves the company with Cash Flow Statement KPI metric. Cash Flow statement is studied in almost every quarter. Hence it becomes crucial for the businesses. Cash Flow Statement gives an insight of a company’s ability to pay creditors.

6) Cash Flow Statement–KPIs (Tabular Form):

Since it is important for management to discuss the cash flow of the company quarterly, here is the complete description of the Cash Flow Statement.

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7) Key Financial Ratios 1:

This slide broadly covers key ratios which are helpful in determining the financial health of a company in a single slide. These ratios analyze the company’s strengths and weaknesses. To know where your company stands in the market, determine key financial ratios which includes Price to Earnings, Debt to Equity, Return on Assets and more. This particular slide gives an overview what key financial ratio is and what all should be determined in order to know whether the company is in the profit or not. Below is again the detailed version of this slide.

8) Key Financial Ratios 2:

In this detailed version, Key Financial ratios have been categorized in to following three categories:

  • Liquidity Ratios and Solvency Ratios:

Liquidity Ratios is used to measure the company ability to meet its short term obligations.

On the other hand Solvency ratios are used to find out the firm’s ability to meet its long term obligations. Both the ratios are important to the company to find out whether it is indebted or not.

  • Profitability Ratios:

To know company’s return, Profitability ratios are analyzed. These include margin ratios such as gross and operating net profit margins. You have well prepared bar graph to measure the firm’s margins. This slide can be customized. Put the numbers and discuss them easily.

  • Activity Ratios:

Activity Ratios lets you determine how effectively company utilizes its assets. It gives you brief about the overall performance of the firm. Fill in the necessary details in the slide and know at what rate company is turning its liabilities into the assets.

9) Income Statement Overview:

This slide demonstrates not just the overview of the income statement in a graphical format but also presents the historical growth rates with the help of line chart. It showcases company’s net income, operating income and CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate). If you are not fond of going into the details, grab this slide.

10) Funding Updates Debt:

This slide provides an overview of the debt that has been raised by the company through a consortium of banks. Bank debt has been classified in FBWCL (Fund based working capital limit) and NFBWCL (Non Fund based working capital limit). Through this slide, one can easily analyze the amount and type of debt raised from each bank.

12) Funding Updates Equity:

This slide will help in analyzing the shareholding pattern of a company which is crucial for every stakeholder associated with the company. So, use this slide to identify the major shareholders of your company.

Forget all the worries and frustrations you gather while preparing for Financial Analysis Report. Half of your work is already done by including these professionally designed slides.

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Good luck.

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