100 Most Stunning Resume Templates to Land Your Dream Job

We don’t need to tell you how important a professional resume is to survive in the job market. You may have all the experience and knowledge in the world but if it is presented as a bland, unorganized mumbo-jumbo of a document, your resume would be pushed to the bottom of the pile for a later look. And that later look never comes.

To stand out from the pile and increase your chances of getting hired, you need a stellar resume that speaks professionalism at the first look. And with the competition increasing and the desire for spotting and hiring the most creative talent, your resume can even experiment with creative layouts and colors to show your creative side.

So, if you were looking for the most stunning professional and creative resume templates, you’re in luck. We have curated 100 most stunning resume designs for you that’ll surely impress the HR professionals and employers. These resume template designs are:

  • 100% customizable — edit the font, text, image, icons, and tweak the layout for meeting your requirements
  • Designed and available in PPT format- PowerPoint being the most user-friendly tool, even more than MS Word
  • Easy to use by beginners and advanced users
  • Professionally designed with eye-catching colors and layout for maximum impact
  • Suited for all professions and industries

Let’s check out these amazing resume samples. Download the one you like and create your winning resume today:

100 Beautiful Resume Templates to Get Inspired:

Design #1- Elegant Resume Template for Great First Impression

A book shall always be judged first by its book cover. Your caliber too will be judged first by the look of your resume. If you want to look top of your class, go for this elegant resume template that shows off your professional worth. You can’t go wrong with a resume that looks like this. It is HR approved, industry approved and fully editable for your convenience!

Download the Resume Template

Design #2- Beautiful Resume Template for the Spotlight

To be in the spotlight and stand out from the pack, you need to look the best. While good dressing is important for face-to-face interviews, so is dressing up of your resume. Good design doesn’t mean superfluous decorations. It is about good function — easy on the eye, soothing, and conveying the information impactfully. This resume is designed by graphic designers to help you create the right first impression on your employers. All you need to do is replace the sample text with your own and confidently face the interview round!

Download the Resume

Design #3- Creative Resume Template for a Unique Look

More and more companies are looking for a candidate who looks at the world from a different lens. Groundbreaking ideas will come from the one who refuses to toe the line. If you feel you are one of “the crazy ones” as Steve Jobs quoted about, you might give your resume that unconventional look to show you play the game differently. But to show that you are a team player as well, do include all the details that the HR and employer need to get a basic understanding of your skills and qualification.

Download the Creative Resume Template

Design #4- Smart Resume for the Smart Professional

A smart, well-formatted job resume goes to the top of the pile. It also shows your organized approach. Resume with properly divided sections like profile, educational qualifications, work experience, skills, and contact details are scanned in seconds and you go one step further than your competitors in getting selected for the job.

Download the Resume

Design #5- Aesthetic Resume Template for Quick Customization

Blue is the most popular color in the corporate world. That’s no surprise as blue denotes professionalism, trust, and confidence. Use this color in your resume to evoke the same emotion in the viewer. The below template neatly summarizes all the important sections of a resume and at the same time maintains enough breathing space for your skills and details to stand out. Rock your resume and the interview confidently!

Download the Resume

Design #6- Professional CV Template for All

In this fast-paced world where decisions are made in fractions of a second, one has to be careful of their presentation, be it their attire or look of their resume. You can’t beat the competition by going with a mediocre resume. Go for the best resume template and confidently ace your next interview.

Download the Resume

Design #7- Resume Template for Any Industry & Profession

The resume template like the one below is just a sample resume. You can replace all the text placeholders with your own details. The Skills section has been creatively designed as a bar graph to show you the level of expertise and confidence in that tool. Slide that to the level you desire to and don’t forget to write a powerful profile summary that describes you and your strengths convincingly.

Download the Resume

Design #8- Compact Resume for Effective Communication

If you need a single pager that describes all your qualifications and experience in one quick read, then this is the resume template to go for. Add your own photo in the picture placeholder. Make sure your contact details are correct. Display the current job on top and the previous jobs later on. Drag the skills rectangular box forward or backward to show the expertise in your skills.

Download the Resume

Design #9- HR Approved Resume Template

Here’s another impressive resume for experienced professionals looking for a job change. The clean layout and flawless formatting helps you create a great first impression on your employer. Replace the sample text with your own and your beautiful resume is ready in minutes!

Download the Resume

Design #10- Attractive CV Template for Job Seekers

Get a crisp, one page CV template with front side and back side that describes your qualifications, skills, experience, and achievements impactfully. The mustard color is a fresh, warm color that immediately attracts the eye. Of course, it is fully customizable- the text, colors, font. You can add or delete any placeholders to make adjustments. Just fill in your information and you are ready with an attractive resume in minutes!

Download the Resume

Design #11- User Friendly Resume Template

The best advantage of creating a resume in PowerPoint is the user friendliness of the tool. It is so easy to add shapes, image, and structure the content as per your needs. But you do not need to fiddle with PowerPoint toolbars. We have done it for you! Simply download the resume and replace all text with your own. Focus more on brushing up your interview skills than spending time in creating a resume from scratch.

Download the Resume

Design 12- Business Resume Template

If you are applying for a senior-level position in a company, your resume has to match the professional standards. Go for a resume template like the one shared below which has been designed to the highest standards and meant to give a great start to your interview round.

Download the Resume

Design #13- Corporate Resume for a Dignified Look

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Go for this simple yet highly professional resume design to show off your cool and calm personality. The resume has all the important sections covered- from education to work experience to your skills. Adding references shows your confidence in your previous work and skills.

Download the Resume

Design #14- Resume to Ace the Next Interview

Confidence is the only key to win in an interview. You feel confident when you know you are the right fit for the job, are looking sharp, and have a professional resume that the employer will love to go through. That’s why, the resume template you choose is an important one. We have curated the best resume designs for you so that you do not have to worry about presenting a bland resume for your dream job.

Download the Resume

Design #15- Corporate Resume that Flaunts Your Character

As the quote goes, “Talent will get you in the door, but Character will keep you in the room.” Your character is judged by your body language, your communication, your dressing, etc. But before all that, when you have not presented yourself in person, your character is judged by your resume. So, be in the safe zone by opting for a professionally designed resume template like the one below.

Download the Resume

Design #16- Resume That Advertises Your Skills

Think of your resume as an advertisement and the audience as as your employer. If the advertisement is good, then the employer would like to give you a try and meet you in person to see how well you are suited for the job. If the ad (your resume) is bad, you will be mentally and physically shut out. Ensure that your resume looks best and attracts the eyeballs. A few dollars spent on a resume template can give you high returns and that means your dream job!

Download the Resume

Design #17- Resume Layout for the Perfect Presentation

To those who say “design doesn’t matter, content does” misunderstand the role of both. Design and content are not two opposing forces but complementary ones. Content precedes design. Good content is necessary but may get overlooked if presented in a shabby format. Good content plus good design is the perfect formula for success, be it in marketing, advertising, or resume. You provide the good content, we provide you the perfect resume design.

Download the Resume

Design #18- Intelligent Resume for the Intelligent You

If you are still asking why resume design is so important, then read the quote by author Alina Wheeler, “Design is intelligence made visible.” It mirrors the personality of the person. So, if you want to be perceived as a professional worker who brings something valuable to the table, then give a lot of thought to the design of your resume. First impressions are difficult to forget.

Download the Resume

Design #19- Customizable Curriculum Vitae

You need just one amazing resume layout that you can use for years ahead. Invest time in picking this template carefully. Choose a CV template that has all the important sections covered. Ensure there is enough breathing space to avoid a cluttered look. The template shared below takes care of all these points so that you can create your winning resume in minutes!

Download the Resume

Design #20- Resume that Awes

Your resume doesn’t have to be boring. You can add icons, vectors and play with the layout to turn a chore for an HR professional into an interesting reading exercise. Let your resume be the one that is shared by the HR team amongst themselves and others. Or might even be xeroxed and saved for inspiration. The resume template shared here is one such example to be the center of everyone’s attraction.

Download the Resume

Design #21- Curriculum Vitae Sample for Job Seekers

If you need a sample to get a head start in creating your own resume, then the below template is perfect for you. Ensure that you have mentioned the skills you possess related to your profession and have written a convincing profile summary that describes your achievements and strengths in the shortest space. The beauty of a visual resume is that it forces you to cut all the extra information and focus on telling the most important information. This template keeps you on track and in focus.

Download the Resume

Design #22- Powerful Resume for a Powerful Effect

Displaying your initials shows your confidence in yourself as a brand. Start on a powerful note by going for this sleek resume design layout. As the resume clearly states, write a powerful performance summary under the Profile section. Based on your industry and profile skills, edit the resume and replace the sample text with your own. Each template is adaptable for any profession and industry.

Download the Resume

Design #23- Attractive Resume with Vibrant Color Schemes

When you are sending over a visual resume via email, you don’t have to worry about colors and font. Since it will be a PDF, you can rest free that it will be rendered perfectly on any other system too. Choose vibrant color schemes which attract the eye and look professional at the same time. We have chosen one such color palette for your resume. You are free to edit it if you want. Colors reflect your personality. Warm colors show your energetic personality while cool colors show the calmness in you. Don’t create a color riot on your resume but at the same time don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to your usual grey resume.

Download the Resume PowerPoint Slide

Design #24- PowerPoint Resume for Quick Formatting

Many users tend to create a resume from scratch in Microsoft Word and that can be quite a laborious task. If you tend to move things in a Word document, you end up spoiling everything. That’s why our professional designers have created the best resume designs in PowerPoint so that even if you need to make small changes, you can easily do so without the fear of messing up everything. Try customizing one and you’ll know how easy it is.

Download the Resume PPT Template

Design #25- Marketing Resume Template

Market yourself well and showcase your marketing skills with a professional, polished marketing resume. Marketing professionals, like sales reps, have to display their appreciation for aesthetics and visual presentation at all times, especially when they are applying for a job. A shabby resume will put a big question mark on your credibility. Go for a template like the one below to make your message stand out and stick in the minds of the receiver.

Download the Resume

Design #26- Sales Resume Template

A sales professional has to be at the top of his game when it comes to convincing others. He has to first start by making a convincing resume. If the resume does not create a good impression, then it’s a bad start. Of course, the number of years of experience and the number of deals won is the most important section of your resume. Make that stand out. Go for a professional sales CV template like the one below that helps you put the best foot forward.

Download the Sales CV Template PPT

Design #27- Be Social!

Build a strong rapport with your recruiter without personally meeting them with a beautifully designed resume. Designed by professional graphic designers, the CV helps you sell your skills and advertise your awards and achievements. Highlight your personal interests and language proficiency to show your all-round personality. Add your social media profiles to show your personal, creative and fun side to your employer. Your linguistic proficiency adds more weight to your resume as you can collaborate with clients from different nations and bring them onboard. Quickly create a polished resume by going for this aesthetic resume!

Download the Resume Presentation Sample

Design #28- Beautiful Resume Design for Out of the Box Touch

Little tweaks can make a big difference to your resume. The addition of an icon, a shape, a line, color, gradient can make a lot of difference to the look and feel of your resume. It also gives a positive impression to the employer that you take care of the little things and not lose sight of the big picture at the same time. The difference between an average resume and a winning resume is the attention paid to little details. We have taken care of this for you in the resume below; just replace the sample text with your own and apply for your favorite job!

Download the Visual Resume

Design #29- Resume Template with Aesthetic Touch

Perfect formatting, well laid out structure, and professional color scheme makes for a crushing resume. If you are looking for a new job opportunity, then leave no chances to luck. Prepare a solid resume starting with this template. Take information from that old resume, brush it up by tuning it to the needs of the profile and add the same in these placeholders. In minutes, you will be ready to take a step forward to your next career path.

Download the Resume

Design #30- Attention Grabbing Resume Design

A resume full of gray text can look quite dreary. You cannot make it look very colorful in the fear of being cast as unprofessional. But a little dash of color adds dynamism to the resume, makes it exciting, provides relief to the eye and most importantly breaks the monotony of gray matter. This helps the information stand out by providing sufficient contrast which is a necessary ingredient of a good design. Here we bring you a template that attracts the eye with a beautiful color scheme making your resume a lot better than others.

Download the Resume

Design #31- Gradient Background for Ultra-Modern Touch

An eye-catching gradient is in trend in the design world. Show you are in tune with the latest design trends by adopting the below resume template for your CV. Visual resumes that are to be showcased on your website or read online can experiment with new designs and colors to add that extra wow factor to your professional expertise.

Download the Resume

Design #32- Best Resume Design for Job Seekers

Creating a resume from scratch can be a daunting task. Making headings, subheading, bullet points and sub-bullet points and arranging so much text can make one literally bang their head against the wall. Avoid such headaches by simply downloading a professionally designed resume template that has taken care of all nitty-gritty of formatting and arrangement of sections. Simply plug in your information in the placeholders and you are ready to go!

Download the Resume

Design #33- Beautiful Resume Design

Showcase your creative abilities and overall work experience taking the assistance of the below visual resume design. Highlight your key accomplishments and other awards that will help you get an edge over other job candidates. Mention the tools and technologies that you have expertise in. Lay out your career progression and success stories and make any changes you want to the fully customizable template designed by professionals for your convenience.

Download the Resume

Design #34- Polished, Sleek Resume for the 21st Century Worker

Start on a high note in your next interview by going for a polished CV like the one shared below. Tell about your current work profile and your contribution towards your previous organizations. Share the roles and responsibilities you performed and if you can quantify these achievements, nothing better than that. With the help of this resume template, you can focus on your resume content and not worry about the structure and layout of the document. Getting hired for that dream job becomes easier once you clear the first round of HR approval to your resume. Our professionally designed resume templates guarantee that.

Download the Resume

Design #35- Eye-Catching Design to Get Noticed

Laziness has no place in the corporate world. You have to look sharp and a go-getter. That begins with your resume. A loose, rambling document of educational background and previous experience won’t get you in the door. Go for a professional CV template that sorts everything and keeps you focused on sharing your unique story. Work on your profile summary that tells the recruiter what you are offering to their company. The resume sample shared below helps you look groomed and ready to enter the corporate world. There’s a lot of competition for every good opening. Stay in the lead with an attractive, professional resume.

Download the Resume

Design #36- Neat Resume Design for Soothing Effect

If your work experience has been quite long and you have a lot of accomplishments to share, then go for this two-page resume template that gives you ample space to list out all your work experiences. Work hard on building a powerful professional summary that describes why you are uniquely suited for the said job position. Focus on your skills and qualifications, awards won if any, industry experience, and professional credentials. The clean layout of the resume makes it very easy for the recruiters to absorb all your information in seconds!

Download the Resume

Design #37- One-of-a-kind Resume Look

Go for a creative resume layout to capture the employer’s attention. Rather than going the traditional way, go for a dynamic design that changes the reading pattern of the viewer. The timeline resume format shared below is a great way to showcase your educational and career timeline. The design is a visual relief for the eye and so easy to read.

Download the Resume

Design #38- Resume with the Perfect Shape!

Mention your career highlights and professional goals impressively taking the aid of the below CV PowerPoint template. You will thank our designers for choosing the PowerPoint software for designing this beautiful resume as you can make changes without any hassle. It’s 100x easier than designing in Microsoft Word.

Download the Resume

Design #39- Visual Resumes are the Best!

Entice your recruiter to delve into your resume and professional experience using an eye-catching resume design like the one shared below. Make sure your CV lands on the top of the stack. Once it is picked up, you are one step closer to reaching your goal. The resume has all the sections clearly laid out such as profile, educational qualifications, job experience, awards, skills, languages, and references to mention each and every detail and impress the recruiters.

Download the Resume

Design #40- Easy-to-Scan Resume Design

A balanced resume design helps the recruiter to digest all your information in seconds. If it looks disorganized and all over the place, it makes reading your qualifications and experience a chore. HR professionals and managers are hard pressed for time to read each and every resume. Make sure the resume passes the first test of quick scanning for selection. Always go for a professionally designed resume design that ensures that you are not discarded at the first stage itself.

Download the Resume

Design #41- Authoritative Resume Look

Job winners take good care of presenting their best foot forward through a polished resume that stands apart from the pack. Showcase your qualifications, key achievements and your work journey impactfully. Let the employers understand you better by knowing your hobbies, personal interests, and expertise in various languages. These details might help you strike a chord with the manager who might share similar interests. Share your future goals and your mission which shows you are a motivated and an ambitious candidate.

Download the Resume

Design #42- Perfect Resume for Personal Branding

Your CV or resume is an extension of your personal brand. It shows your ability to communicate effectively, organize information, and presentation skills. The font you choose, color, words you write on your resume all reveal your personality traits. If you are a cheerful person, you can go for a creative layout with icons and creative words that put a smile on the reader’s face. If you are a serious and no-nonsense person, your resume can be strictly traditional and professional with fonts like Arial or Helvetica. Choose a resume that best matches your personality.

Download the Resume Format Here

Design #43- Eye-Pleasing CV Format

Give a clear snapshot of your career goals, skills, work history, and qualifications with a polished resume look. Make your information easy on the eye and a pleasant experience for the recruiter. Push the HR professional to give you a call or connect with you on the contact details provided by you.

Download the Resume Design

Design #44- Corporate Resume at its Best!

Recruiters often ask the reason behind job change. Show your career advancements and how the current position will help you unleash your potential and advance the career ladder. Show how you are uniquely qualified to help the company reach greater heights. First step first. Create an impressive biodata that makes the employer want to pick up your resume and give it a quick reading. Half the battle is won once you have managed to capture their attention. This resume template is designed to hook the employer to your CV.

Download the Creative Resume Design

Design #45- Resume with a Personality!

For the perfectionists who love to be flawless at everything, here is a perfect resume PowerPoint template that neatly summarizes all the details needed for a winning job CV. Simply replace the name, picture and other text placeholders with your information. Amaze the employer with the list of awards you have won. Describe your working skills and personal skills to show your all-round personality. Mention the references to get the stamp of authority and get ready to excel in the face-to-face interview!

Download the CV Here

Design #46- Aesthetic CV Design

Show your love for white space — one of the most important elements of design — by going for this neat resume format with a creative top fold design. Your name and profile stands out in this template. Use this section to show your creative strengths, your experience, and a powerful summary of your professional achievements. The back page lists out your interests, achievements, and experience further cementing your professional expertise. You can customize the color depending on your preferences and personality.

Download the Creative CV Here

Design #47- This Design Works!

You might remember Steve Job’s quote, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” That’s why the resumes that we are showing you are not just pretty looking documents but effective communication tools to share your qualifications, skills and work experience with employers. They look well but even more importantly work well in conveying your strengths to your employer and in taking you one step closer to reaching your goal.

Download the Job Resume Sample Here

Design #48- Absolutely Authentic Resume

Since the resume reaches the employers’ table even before the candidate, make sure that you make a good start with a sleek resume. Engage your recruiter with your career growth by sharing your work experience impactfully. List out your professional achievements, personal and working skills convincingly. Mentioning references from the previous employers adds authenticity to your resume. Go for this uber professional CV example to set the ball rolling!

Download the Resume

Design #49- Advertise Yourself!

The job responsibilities are more or less the same amongst candidates sharing a particular profession. What differs is how you present the same. With creative doughnut charts and that too fully customizable, it is something that employers would have never seen before. Step up your presentation game with a stunning resume design like one below!

Download the Resume

Design #50- Just Perfect!

Impress the recruiter with your career aspirations and ambitions by showcasing them impressively with this powerful resume design. Write a powerful summary of your qualifications, achievements, and goals in the Profile Summary section. Highlight your educational background, technical skills, and work experience concisely. The certifications received add strength to your resume and your passion for learning. Leave no stone unturned to bag your dream job, even if it costs a few dollars to get a professional resume template.

Download the Resume

Design #51

Look sharp and a go-getter with an impressive visual resume that flaunts your work experience, achievements, awards, and certifications in the best possible manner. Ensure your resume is noticed and read by the prospective employer. The layout is perfect for any senior position, be it in sales, marketing or other industry.

Download the Resume

Design #52

Help the employer get a complete picture of your skills, expertise and work background in seconds with this well-formatted resume. To be a job winner, you need to put your best foot forward and here’s a customizable template that makes the job easier for you!

Download the Resume

Design #53

The old, gray resume lying on your desktop won’t fetch you your cherished job. Stay on par with the changing times by going for a visual resume that appeals to the eyes of the employers. Once you have grabbed their attention, your solid work experience and skills will do the rest of the convincing!

Download the Resume

Design #54

One kind of a resume is not enough in today’s competitive times. Some organizations prefer creativity over experience, some prefer the opposite. Customize your resume according to the requirements of the employer. You can have two to three professional resumes and send out the one after analyzing the company and work profile.

Download the Resume

Design #55

Aesthetic sense is a valuable professional skill in today’s times. Show you have a creative eye and good presentation skills by going for a top-notch resume design like the one below.

Download the Resume

Design #56

Visual communication is more powerful than any other in the 21st century. Your resume visually communicates your job profile. Show that you are at the top of this game by going for an eye-catching resume design. You have plenty of options to choose from.

Download the Resume

Design #57

Updating your resume last minute for a big position can be a harrowing task. No matter how many adjectives you add, it still looks stale. Give a fresh overpaint to your resume by going for a creative design like the one shown below!

Download the Resume

Design #58

Differentiate your personal skills and technical skills to show you are the best person for the job, technically as well as otherwise. Let them know you better by displaying your social media profiles. It shows your confidence in your personality. Your interests paint a better picture of you and help the employer gauge how well you can fit in the diverse corporate culture. The below resume format is for the confident candidate who is ready to scale the corporate ladder and land the prized job!

Download the Resume

Design #59

Visually inspire your recruiters to go through the impressive record of your academic and professional accomplishments, skills, and certifications by leveraging this beautiful design. The professional colors and formatting make reading a long resume an easy affair for any reader.

Download the Resume

Design #60

A small design error — misaligned text, inconsistent white spaces and columns, too loose text or condensed- can kill your professional reputation in seconds! Avoid any embarrassment or chance for rejection. Avail the professional design below and start getting interview calls!

Download the Resume

Design #61

Creating sections and borders while designing a resume in a Word document can be a very frustrating task. And once created, moving it and wrapping text around it is even more harrowing. That’s why, our designers have created this beautiful design in PowerPoint so that customizing it is a cakewalk for you.

Download the Resume

Design #62

Showcase your trajectory of career growth and skills advancement impressively with this unique curriculum vitae. List all the important details such as education, interests, references, and job responsibilities easily in the 100% editable layout.

Download the Resume

Design #63

Give your traditional resume a corporate makeover with a professional layout. Explore new job opportunities confidently and get noticed with an interesting CV. A polished resume gives you confidence to take on the competitive world of business and job application.

Download the Resume

Design #64

Show your professional worthiness with a well-formatted resume. Making a top-notch resume creates hours, perhaps more than a day. Our designers have done the hard work for you so that you can quickly present your professional expertise and showcase it impressively in mere minutes!

Download the Resume

Design #65

Some resumes go to the bottom of the stack, some go in the hands of the recruiter. Make sure yours belongs to the latter. Grab the professional resume design shared below and simply copy paste your information in the placeholders. In a minute or two, your winning resume is ready!

Download the Resume

Design #66

Professional designers are expert at choosing the right color scheme for your presentation. They know which colors complement each other and create the perfect look. They also add shapes and other elements to give a unique branded look to your resume. Here’s one such template that has the extra wow factor to help you get noticed by the recruiter!

Download the Resume

Design #67

Awards you have won or specific career achievements are a feather in your cap. Make sure they stand out in your resume. Use this professional curriculum vitae to highlight your skills and awards. Make the employers aware of your expertise in various software and other strengths. Describe in detail your educational background and work experience. The template below gives you ample space to share all the important information in a visually aesthetic way.

Download the Resume

Design #68

Job search market can be quite fierce with thousands applying for the same job. Only a few out of these get selected for the interview round. Ensure you make that cut with a winning resume that has perfectly aligned sections, colors, and an eye-grabbing layout.

Download the Resume

Design #69

Instead of chasing for your dream job, let jobs chase you. Send out a resume that forces HR professionals to get in touch with you and appear for the interview. Tell your unique story with an attractive layout. Flaunt your career achievements and your unique selling proposition. Advertise your strengths and win over the confidence of the next employer.

Download the Resume

Design #70

Modern resumes are like infographics — they present information in visually captivating format that makes the viewer excited to know more. Our templates have been crafted by professional designers to make your resume read like a story. Being fully customizable, they are tailored to fit your profession. Add or delete and move around placeholders as per your needs.

Download the Resume

Design #71

Your resume plays a very important role in guiding your career journey. Make sure it is an unbeatable one. A bland resume will only lead to a dead-end. Invest a few dollars in getting a professionally designed resume. It will yield high returns in terms of good job offers and hopefully your dream one.

Download the Resume

Design #72

Add dynamism to your CV look with a professional color palette that instantly attracts the eye. Visual resumes sent as PDF or PPT do not have to worry about color rendering. The clean layout and easy customization makes the arduous effort of creating a resume an easy affair.

Download the Resume

Design #73

Do not take risks with your resume design. An amateur resume will put a big question mark on your credibility and kill your chances at the big job. Instead, increase your chances of getting called for the interview by opting for a professionally designed resume.

Download the Resume

Design #74

Show you are comfortable with data and data visualization. Let your resume flaunt creative data visualizations to showcase you are comfortable with graphs and charts and data. Data visualization is a much valued skill that is in demand in the competitive job market. Stay updated and show your skills, rather than just tell them with the creative resume design shared below.

Download the Resume

Design #75

Look dapper with a crisp and neat resume like the one below. Make your resume a reflection of your style statement and extension of your corporate personal brand. Ensure that everything presented about you — education, skills, work experience- is flawless by opting for this professional CV template.

Download the Resume

Design #76- Perfectly Formatted Resume Layout

A small mistake in your resume gets noticed in seconds. If two text boxes are out of alignment, it will create a bad impression on the employer. It will appear you did not make much effort in submitting your resume and are not very serious in the position you are applying for. That’s why, always go for a perfectly formatted resume that speaks professionalism at the first look. Here’s one such resume designed with the minutest care for your convenience.

Download the Resume

Design #77

Adding a picture of yours to the resume gives a personalized touch. The resume then appears to be a life story rather than a mere document of education and work experience. So, ensure you get a high resolution image of yours and add to your resume for a personal touch. Download the professional resume with easy to customize sections. The picture placeholder and all text placeholders are fully customizable.

Download the CV Template

Design #78

Secure your chances of being called for a face-to-face interview with an impressive resume design. The right resume format highlights your skills and abilities for a great first impression. Designed by professional designers with years of experience in crafting winning resumes and marketing collateral, they know what clicks with the audience — your employer in this case.

Download the CV Template

Design #79

Visual resumes have replaced the old, text-heavy documents. With attention spans decreasing and competition rising, one has to stand out from the clutter. A visually-stunning resume helps you achieve that. Ensure that your work experience and skills get noticed right away by the HR and employer with an eye-catching resume template like the one below.

Download the CV Template

Design #80

Here’s a truly impressive, one-of-a-kind resume layout that is sure to impress any recruiter. The first page impressively showcases your profile summary, education, professional experience, and contact details. The second page, which is the back side of your resume, summarizes your certifications, work experience, personal skills, and interests. It’s the perfect template for creating an all-round resume!

Download the CV Template

Design #81

Here’s another outstanding corporate resume template that is ideal to summarize the entire professional journey in two pages. The impressive header immediately draws the attention of the viewer. Build an authority around your skills and expertise with this resume!

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Design #82

To spoil you for choice, here’s a professional resume layout that is designed to perfection. The impressive header and unique placement of section headings make the CV stand out. Display your experience, skills, awards, and references impactfully with this resume.

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Design #83

To show that you are aware of the latest developments in web design and presentation design, go for this gradient resume template. The visual resume looks like a brochure or an infographic poster that visually arrests the viewer. If you want to change background colors, you can easily do so as it is fully customizable.

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Design #84

Show you are full of energy and passion by going for the resume design shown below. The red and gray color combination shows your energy and professionalism at the same time. Working skills and personal skills have been differentiated to show your overall personality. Impress the recruiter with your awards and long work experience.

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Design #85

Profile summary is a very important section of your resume. The CV design below makes that stand out so that you can put your best foot forward before the employer and impress them with your experience and career aspirations. Choose your words carefully so that you communicate the most in this space.

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Design #86

Icons add visual appeal to any presentation, including resume. Showcase your hobbies with these little visual representations. The perfect formatting of the resume makes all the text easy to digest for the recruiter. Add your image in the picture placeholder to add a personal touch to the professional resume.

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Design #87

Here’s an interesting curriculum vitae that exudes confidence. Replace the sample name with yours and initials with yours. The initials of your name make you a personal brand and an authority of your niche. Show your skills as percentages to impress employers who love data. The neatness and precision of the resume makes it a job winner. Make it yours by downloading it today!

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Design #88

Mustard and gray is one of the most favorite color choices of designers. The eye-catching warm mustard and professional gray complement to create a visually enriching experience. Icons embellish the resume and draw the reader’s eye to each detail.

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Design #89

The most energetic color in the universe — Red — and the creative design of the resume below makes it the showstopper amongst all resumes. Make sure that your resume lands on top of the pile and is read with enthusiasm by the recruiter. Use of charts for the Skills section makes you the master of data visualization. Hit all the right notes with this beautiful resume sample.

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Design #90

An impressive header and footer makes any design a sight to behold. However, creating a professional header and footer is not an easy task. Don’t bother yourself with hours of design work. Work on the content of your resume and leave the design to professionals. They have done all the hard work for you!

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Design #91

Change the job application game by going for a one-of-a-kind resume. Most CVs usually flow down from top to bottom. The layout below follows a unique reading pattern in the form of a timeline. The information in your resume is suddenly turned into a story of events that is bound to engage every employer. Your chances of getting called for a face-to-face interview is increased 100 times with this creative resume.

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Design #92

Get an impressive resume banner that pitches your profile and contact details besides flaunting your skills and accomplishments. The perfect formatting and alignment of the layout makes your resume shine and takes you one step closer to landing your dream job.

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Design #93

Telling your entire professional story in a page or two can be a difficult task. To make the task easier for you, our professional graphic designers have studied the best resumes in the world and created templates that share the essence of your expertise. Check out the resume below that has covered all the important sections without looking cluttered. Employers can know all the important details in a minute by reading your resume effortlessly.

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Design #94

Highlight your professional skills creatively with a slider that can be adjusted to show your confidence with each software. Mention your best qualities that make you an asset for the organization. The uber professional resume design below promises that your message is received impactfully.

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Design #95

Demonstrate your professional skills and expertise with an attention-grabbing resume format like the one below. Customize the colors and font as per your preferences. Add or delete placeholders effortlessly as each element is fully editable. Designed in PowerPoint, the resume is the most user-friendly document one could have hoped for.

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Design #96

Instead of going for a lifeless document, go for a dynamic CV template that speaks professionalism and vibrancy. The circular shapes add an infographic touch and feel to the resume making it more appealing and easier to read and absorb. Change the color of shapes with just the click of a button!

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Design #97

Increase your chances of getting noticed and hired by top organizations with a stellar resume. Replace the sample content with yours and sell your skills and experience convincingly. The CV shared below is worthy of applying at Fortune 500 companies.

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Design #98

Each resume in the list is better than the other. The template shared below is perfect from all angles — visual as well as content. The authoritative and creative design boosts your personality and professionalism. Employers cannot say no to a resume like this.

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Design #99

A polished design speaks a lot about your personality. Since the resume is seen by the employers before meeting you face to face, it is imperative that you start on a good note with a striking design. The most important takeaways from your resume are beautifully laid out and with absolute precision.

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Design #100

The 100th design has to be a special one. Have a close look at the design — the line below each section title, adjacent icons encompassed within a shape, the filled circles, and color harmony. Each element adds up to create a winning resume that hits the bullseye — winning the trust of the employer.

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Choosing one from these awesome professional resume templates is not easy. Each resume has a special value. So, go for the one that attracted you the most. And do not worry about formatting. Each template is so easy to customize that you will be ready with your perfect resume in minutes! The template is for yours to keep and adapt forever.

If you still need to get in touch with a professional resume designer to make a powerful, unique resume design for your next big job, then get in touch our design services team at design@slideteam.net . Take the next big career leap today!




SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection. www.slideteam.net

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SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection. www.slideteam.net

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