10 Best PowerPoint Templates to Make Customer-Centric Marketing a Cakewalk

Flawless customer-centric marketing doesn’t happen overnight but is worth all the effort and every penny spent.

The traditional one-way marketing funnel is no longer a straightforward path to convert leads. Let alone excelling, marketers strive to get the brand noticed. A considerable number of brands shout out their features and offers to get the attention of prospective customers. Outshining the ferocious competition requires consistent efforts and well-proven strategies.

Social media has changed the marketing game and the way customers interact with brands. Nowadays, customers are more informed and encounter many multi-channel distractions, unlike in the past. This behavioral evolution of customers has compelled modern companies to shift their conventional product-centric view to a customer-centric approach or maintain a balance across the board to leverage the advantages.

To understand what we preach, let us start with a primer.

What is customer-centric marketing?

Customer-centric marketing is all about prioritizing the customers over any other influence on your promotional efforts. Revolving around the customer’s needs and demands, it involves advertising, selling, and promoting the brand to show clients how the product or services will solve their problem and improve their life.

Every touchpoint of the client journey, right from the Google search to the order placement, can be an exceptional experience with customer-centric marketing and also turn them into satisfied long-term clients. It focuses on offering the best solution, and the success is measured by customer retention. On the contrary, product-centric marketing emphasizes on providing the best product and measures success with revenue.

Tips for creating an effective customer-centric marketing strategy

  • Bring all hands on board

Company culture plays a great role in ensuring that all the teams or departments of the company are clear with the client’s needs. With a better understanding of the requirements, teams can perform well as they are clear with the objectives of a task and the deliverables expected by the client. Rotational one-on-one sessions of team leaders with customers can help the employees embrace the client-first mindset. Getting everyone involved also helps in encouraging innovation.

  • Collect and act on customer feedback

Learning about the client is one of the most effective methods to develop a result-oriented business strategy. Regular communication with the customers by email, SMS, surveys, polls, apps, message boards, and phone calls is a great way to connect with the prospects. Gather qualitative feedback regarding the client’s likes, dislikes, needs, issues they face, and expectations to improve the brand and build solutions. With this regular practice, the customer feels valued, which increases the chances to succeed.

  • Ease of accessibility

Make sure that the customer can reach out to the customer service team easily. Multiple social media platforms can be dedicated to resolve customer’s problems. E-mail address, phone number, social media communities, and live chats prove beneficial in helping the customers. An active customer service department can take a company a long way. The website’s ‘Contact Us’ page should be easily visible, accessible, and updated regularly.

  • Personalize

The power of personalization cannot be understated. Personalize the client experience to increase the retention rates. Targeted marketing using customer relationship management (CRM) software cuts the lag in addressing the client individually by categorizing customers into segments with similar preferences. Addressing the customers with their names helps foster a healthy bond with them in the long run.

10 Best Customer-centric Marketing Templates to Download

Template 1

Download Customer Centric Marketing Organization Structure Template

Discuss the organization structure with your teammates to have a smooth transition from product-centric to customer-centric marketing using this pre-designed PowerPoint template. As this complete deck is customizable, you can edit the details with just a few clicks, and you are good to go!

Template 2

Download Customer Based Brand Elements Template

Showcase the various elements of creating a customer-centric marketing plan with the help of our professionally-designed complete deck. Incorporate this template and conduct an effective brainstorming session with the team.

Template 3

Download Customer Based Brand Equity Template

Elucidate brand awareness and customer-based equity by employing our well-researched client-centric marketing template. You can also demonstrate the steps to position a brand by downloading this complete deck.

Template 4

Download Customer Centric Marketing Template

Have an organization chart that completely supports the customer-centric marketing approach of your company by employing this complete deck. Marketers can also present the comparative study of different marketing techniques and their corresponding results using this template.

Template 5

Download Customer Centric Marketing Techniques Template

Discuss the various techniques of client-focused marketing by downloading this illustrative template. As this template is editable, you can mention key findings of the project and use this PowerPoint template.

Template 6

Download Customer Centric Transformation Process Template

Incorporate this pre-designed customer-centric marketing template to highlight the transformation process in an organization. Explain the details of the marketing strategy by introducing this ready-made template.

Template 7

Download Multiple Phases Of Customer Centric Approach In Organisation Template

Highlight the phases of a marketing strategy with your colleagues with our attention-grabbing template. The focus point of each step can be discussed using this PowerPoint template.

Template 8

Download Achieving Consumer Centric Approach For Company Template

Introduce our visually appealing customer-centric marketing template and make an impression on the client. Explain the business plan with a step-wise approach by downloading this template.

Template 9

Download Key Stages Of Organizational Customer Centricity Maturity Model Template

Download this data-driven PowerPoint template to discuss the critical stages of client-centric marketing. This editable template is handy to study the comparison of the marketing strategy of two or more brands.

Template 10

Download Customer Centric Approach For Marketing Operations Template

Marketers can explain the marketing operations to the colleagues by downloading this pre-designed template. Using this PowerPoint template, you can discuss the key deliverables of each step to track the progress of the marketing plan.

Embrace the customer-centric marketing approach for your enterprise to maximize the client lifetime value. Back your marketing techniques with our proven tips and these 10 best customer-centric marketing templates. Download these comprehensively-researched templates and leave an everlasting impression on the client’s mind.



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SlideTeam is the world’s largest supplier of innovative, creative and highly effective PowerPoint collection. www.slideteam.net