10 Best Application Architecture Templates To Automate Your Business Functions

45.61 billion USD! Spotify is on the crest of a wave right now.

The leading audio streaming subscription service with a vast market cap ranks among the top 500 most valuable companies in the world. With 165 million paid subscribers and counting, the company has made inroads into 79 countries and is planning to enter many more regions.

Spotify has been riding high since it modernized the entire application at the end of 2018. Yes, the success of this company was never the same as today. It had to deal with controversies, challenges, competitors, losses, and more. Despite all that, the company has been able to make a killing, just with a few revamps of the application architecture.

For the uninitiated, application architecture is the right mix of software and modules supporting business processes with minimal redundancy. It ensures that all the software components and concepts are accurately isolated, resulting in a smooth business process.

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With such revamps, the company has made its own ‘Spotify model’ to maintain the heterogeneity of both business and user requirements.

So if you are an IT professional, you should adopt an application architecture framework and gain big numbers for your organization. Read on!

Top 10 Application Architecture Templates To Download and Utilize

Application architecture works as a blueprint for tech employees to know how the program will interact with servers within the domains of application layers. You can learn more about it by downloading our top 10 intuitively designed application architecture templates.

Technology professionals can utilize these templates and unleash the ways to promote good architecture designs that improve business performance in every aspect. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Template 1

Utilize this template and explain to the audience how application architecture can be used to complete business processes. With the aid of this slide, you can elucidate the number of business tasks that need to be automated. Grab the template and start personalizing it.

Download Application Architecture Guide

Template 2

Take advantage of our template to determine the scalability of various applications. By using this slide, you can present your content without any hassle. You can incorporate this template in your presentation and show the benefits of application structure to your employees.

Download Application Architecture Layer Guide With Business Layer

Template 3

Illustrate the features of software architecture with the help of our fully editable template. By utilizing this slide, you can emphasize on the merits of implementing application layout such as flexibility, reusability, scalability, etc.

Download Enterprise Application Architecture With Business And Data

Template 4

Employ this template and explain to your employees how to design functional applications. Use this slide to educate your employees about the various design patterns involved in application architecture. The template is handy and comes with various features to beautify your content. So grab it at your earliest convenience.

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Download Enterprise Application Architecture Layer Showing Database

Template 5

Use this template to state the functional concept of your application layout. The template is designed by our experts so that you can easily use it to fulfill your business requirements. Click on this application architecture template and plan strategies to increase the efficiency of your business.

Download Business Workflows Existing Application Architecture Support Delivery Services

Template 6

Take advantage of this template and show real-life examples of application architecture to your audience for inspiration. The slide includes high-grade icons that make your information more engaging and valuable.

Download Business Strategy Target Application Architecture Supply Chain Management

Template 7

Utilize this slide to project your company’s long-term goals and missions. With the help of this template, you can showcase the key principles of the application architecture that help organizations serve their customers more effectively.

Download Identify Future State Technical And Application Architecture Example Of PPT

Template 8

Take the help of this eye-catching template to cover myriad key activities involved in the software architecture process. You can use the landing page of this template in your presentation and introduce the viewers to advanced applications.

Download Enterprise Architecture Domains Business Data Application And Technology

Template 9

Portray the services of application architecture and show them to your viewers by using this engaging template. The slide comes with ample space wherein you can add your company’s logo to stick to your brand’s essence.

Download Enterprise Architecture Showing Business Perspective And Application Perspective

Template 10

Employ this template and let your employees know how to use applications that enhance business performance and productivity. Use our slide to explain how software architecture aligns with the business to serve various requirements completely.

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Download Technology Architecture PowerPoint Slide Influencers

Implementing a solid application architecture lays the foundation for agility, scalability, and reliability within your systems. So get access to our application architecture templates and grow your business on every parameter.

P.S: To leverage smart engineering in your company, check out our blog featuring DevOps templates here.



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